The Bearer of Bangladeshi Tradition: Saree


For Bengali women, the saree is more than just a piece of clothing; it represents an investment. And almost always, there’s a history surrounding how they received their first saree. In most cases, the story wrapped in each saree can only be comprehended through the sentiment created early in their teenage years. Perhaps that was … Read more

Shakib’s American heroine Courtney Coffeyy

Shakib Khan's

Shakib Khan’s first trip to America was when American heroin was discovered. Shakib Khan is a film producer based in the United States. Rajkumar is his given name. Then, on March 29, the film’s heroine was revealed. The ceremony took place in New York at a convention centre. Finally, Courtney Coffey, a newcomer, made her … Read more

Youth As A Job Struggler

Job Struggler

Mohd. Tahsin Islam Job Struggler: “After completing my postgraduate, I began to hunt for a job in my city, but I couldn’t find any. After some time, I became frustrated because I was going for interviews. My family, relatives & my friends also started taunting me for not getting a job. I was not able … Read more

Women Oppression in Bangladesh

Women Oppression in Bangladesh

Rehana Tuhin Assistant Teacher, Ideal Svhool and College, Motijheel, Dhaka In today’s society, inequality and social inequality are major issues. The current social system exists and will continue to exist in the same manner that it has in the past. Men and women have a social class divide. The practice of undervaluing women in comparison … Read more

Bangladesh’s Independence Day

bangladesh independent day

Celebrated by the Bengali Workers Association. The Bengali Workers Association organised a celebration of Bangladesh Independence Day in London. On the 26th of March, an event was held at the Surma Center to commemorate 51 years of independence and the Golden Jubilee. On the occasion of Independence Day, a discussion meeting was held. The invited … Read more

Ramadan 2022: What to Eat and What to Avoid 

Ramadan 2022

Dr. Shuvashish Roy Ramadan 2022 Ramadan 2022: Most Muslims are required to forgo food and drink between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan as it is an opportunity to break the chains of bad eating habits, but most people are not reaping the full benefits of this month. It is somewhat challenging to have the proper … Read more

Lack of quality teachers in Bangladesh and what to do

quality teachers

Quality teachers Teaching is one of the most complex activities in the world. Teacher quality is said to be the most crucial factor influencing learner outcomes. So, teachers must have extraordinary qualifications to ensure quality education. Definitions of quality teaching have changed and will continue to change over time as society’s values change. Berliner (2005) … Read more

Election of Producers-Distributors Association on May 21.

Election of Producers

The Producers and Distributors Association is the film’s “Mother Organization.” However, this organization has not been governed by an elected committee for the past ten decades. Due to election-related lawsuits, the association’s activities have been carried out through the appointment of administrators since 2012. On July 26, 2019, the appointed committee arrived. Several initiatives were … Read more

Oscars 2022: Full list of Academy Award winners

Oscars 2022 Full list of Academy Award winners

The 94th Academy Awards was held in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on March 27, with deaf family drama “CODA” winning best picture honours, handing Hollywood’s top award to a streaming service for the first time. From Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife to a film from Apple … Read more

The Grand Finale NTV Cooking Queen Season 3

ntv grand final

NTV’s cooking show “Cooking Queen Season 3” grand finale was held in the UK on 17th March 2022, with the top 6th finalist. From all the contestants of Cooking Queen season 3, they awarded the top 3 finalists for this season. These top 6 finalists competed in the final episode on the tough challenges given … Read more

GSC Southeast Region

GSC Southeast Region

bi-annual general meeting and election. The Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council (GSC), a social organisation of expatriate Bangladeshis in the United Kingdom, recently held its biennial conference and election in the United Kingdom’s Southeast Region. On 28 February, the event was held at the Banqueting Hall “Atrium” in London. People from various professions and … Read more

National Genocide Day Celebrated

National Genocide Day 2022

National Genocide Day 2022 has been celebrated on the initiative of the UK branch of the Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee. It has asked for international recognition of the Bangladesh genocide and the death penalty for intellectual killer Chowdhury Mainuddin. The programme began with the lighting of 16 lamps in memory of Chowdhury Mainuddin’s 16 most-martyred … Read more

Bangladesh’s Independence Day at Cardiff Castle in Wales.

Bangladesh's Independence Day in london

On March 26, Cardiff Castle, Walsh’s capital city, was packed with celebrities, politicians, journalists, and members of the Bangladesh community to commemorate Bangladesh Independence Day. The anthem and flag were raised to commemorate Bangladesh’s golden jubilee and 51st anniversary of independence. Distinguished visitors The celebrations focused on the country’s history of independence. During the liberation … Read more

Building good relationship with your children

childhood trauma

From the very beginning, we are taught responsibilities towards parents and many other things on how to treat our parents in every stage of life. Still, we never get something detailed about parenting and the responsibilities toward children which causes childhood trauma. Parents are the most influential people in children’s lives. The following are ten … Read more

Tigers pull off a historic series win in South Africa

victory in south africa

The story changed from the beginning. In the first ODI, Bangladesh wrote the story of victory on South African soil. But who knew that would write the story of the first series! Taskin-Tamims have built incredible feats. The South African media is also praising this. They also acknowledge that this is not the Bangladesh that … Read more

Badminton Fun Day with people over the age of fifty

Badminton fun day

The golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence has been celebrated at various events at home and abroad. For example, London Sportif, a group of young Bangladeshis living in the UK, has held a badminton tournament for people over 50. This is a very special event. The event was held at the London Enterprise Academy Sports Hall … Read more

Pohela Boishakh 2022 In Time to Shed Our Banglahihood

Pohela Boishakh 2022

There’s Baishakhi decor, Manda-Mithai, and a Baishakhi fair inside. The spirit of the New Year Pohela Boishakh 2022 pervades the festival atmosphere. Everyone’s attention is drawn to the new year’s first day, marked by brightly coloured clothing. Bengalis feel at ease wearing red and white to celebrate Baishakh. It’s not an exception this time. Other … Read more

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