Skill gap in educated unemployed

Skill gap in educated unemployed

In nations where a significant proportion of individuals possess the means to sustain their financial obligations and actively contribute to the advancement of their respective countries, the populace assumes the role of a productive workforce. In nations where a significant section of the labour force is without employment, an excessive population is regarded as a … Read more

Bengali youths are finding innovative ways to tackle global challenges

Bengali youth finding innovative ways to tackle global challenges

Introduction: The young people of Bangladesh are finding innovative ways to tackle global challenges and create opportunities for themselves. They are determined and resilient, with limitless ambitions and unwavering aspirations. As they work towards success, they inspire us with their ability to shape a future full of endless possibilities. From Struggle to Success of Some … Read more

Choose friends carefully

Choose friends carefully.

The Greek philosopher and political scientist Aristotle defined friendship as “confidence.” Friendship consists of two bodies and one consciousness. Henry Ford once said that your greatest friend is the one who can bring out your best qualities. According to some, friendship is the dawn of existence. Another person noted that friendship is harmony. It isn’t easy to … Read more

Essential Tips for New Young Entrepreneurs

Business development to success and growing growth concept. Businessman pointing arrow graph corporate future growth plan and increase percentage

Every day, more and more young people are becoming entrepreneurs in the digital age. However, starting a business at a young age is no easy feat. It requires experience and funding, and young entrepreneurs often face many obstacles and make mistakes. Despite these challenges, with perseverance and dedication, young entrepreneurs can be successful. Here are … Read more

pitfalls of dating Apps

A guy talks to a girl on a dating app. After talking for a while, the conversation became quite intense. Then there is the plan to meet. So far, so good. But after meeting, the girl takes the boy to a room. After some time, two people went there. They said that they had received … Read more

Higher Education Abroad

Half a million country students go abroad for higher education every year. Most of them complete the admission process and visa processing in foreign universities through various ‘consultancy firms. Depending on the field, firms take from 50 thousand to 25 lakhs from each person. There are two thousand such institutions in the country. But unfortunately, … Read more

Students helping local businesses

Dhaka University English major Arif Hossain started an internet business this year to help pay for school and his studies and has already expanded into online sales. (e-commerce). He claims that Facebook, rather than classroom instruction, drives this enterprise. A career in this field can be established after two to five years of labour. The … Read more

Pressure on youth

Pressure on youth

It’s not easy to answer that question, mostly due to the fact that we are unsure of the specifics of what the life conflict of the future will entail. Nonetheless, we are able to sketch out at least a portion of the future based on the shifts that we are currently observing in both technology … Read more

Safeguard Your Teens

How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe

Parenting is an art; frankly, it’s tough to master. After all, parenting teenagers isn’t easy. However, a child cannot be accused of its rebellious use. Because it can be a result of the physical and mental changes that children go through. Adolescence is a time when the human race undergoes profound changes, according to various … Read more

Our youths are innovative

Our youth are advancing in innovation

By: MD. ANWAR HOSSAIN Mystic, a polymorphic robot, will participate in rescue activities in locations impacted by the tragedy. The word “Ridimik” is written in Bangla on a cell phone. “Happy Watch” is a wearable device that monitors your health. Price of the Tricycle Go. In addition to Shahjalal’s unmanned drone “flying aircraft,” all of … Read more

A Bangladeshi student on BBC’s 100 list

Bangladeshi student on BBC

Sanjida started her study at Nandil Pilot Govt Girls School Mymensingh and later joined Gurudoyal Govt College. The BBC’s list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 2022 includes Bangladeshi student Sanjida Islam Choya because of her work to end child marriage. According to the BBC, Sanjida has assisted stopping at least … Read more

Liberation war and young generation

Liberation war and young generation

What one generation achieves, the next cannot match. Over time, it evolves into a new kind of information. It can be expressed in a variety of languages. The war for our liberty was not a one-and-done occurrence. It’s worthy of being called epic. There was a terrible history of the liberation struggle. The brave protest … Read more

A youth football league with many loopholes

Sheikh Jamal DC clinched the title after posting seven wins, one draw and just one loss in nine games. But there is a loophole in their success story. Instead of carrying out arduous open trials to find players, they opted to rent in the services of one of the most renowned football academies in the country to play on behalf of the team. The Dhanmondi Club fielded the youth team of Jashore's Shams Ul Huda Football Academy and even roped in the academy's coach ahead of the league. By doing that, they had already gained the upper hand as the players from the academy, unlike the players roped in through open trials in other clubs, were well-drilled in a footballing, professional environment that provided them with proper facilities and had been playing together for about two years. Quite expectedly, they used that quality and experience to become champions. "The players have been together for nearly two years, training two sessions a day by availing modern facilities at the academy in Jashore. As a result, they have been improving daily and have a good understanding of each other," said Sheikh Jamal's U-18 team coach Kazi Maruf Hossain. Sheikh Jamal's triumph, or to be more specific, Shams Ul Huda Football Academy's success, has shown that if clubs take the initiative of facilitating round-the-year youth teams into their club structure, then favourable outcomes for youth football will follow, not only for the clubs but also for Bangladesh football in a broader perspective. Despite the glimpses of talent and potential seen amongst some, the league wasn't allowed to maximise their potential owing to a lack of training and preparation for th

Bangladesh Football Federation completed the inaugural season of the BFF U-18 Football League last Monday, where more than 200 budding footballers got a new platform to showcase their talent on a competitive stage. The BFF U-18 Football League is the top tier of the Bangladeshi football league system for under 18 players, where the youth … Read more

Equality in smoking: Views of society

Equality in smoking: Views of society

When I was young, I saw that at least one house in the village used to sell bidis (local smoking goods- called BIRRI) made of banyan leaves. Due to the market’s distance and the communication system’s difficulty, this domestic market selling bidis was not doing badly. Besides, there was another reason: some of these banyan … Read more

Building Stronger Relationships with Students

student relationship

Recently, we have seen a few traumatic instances of toxic relationships between teachers and students in which the teachers portrayed themselves as the students’ adversaries. In many cases, their aggressive behaviour toward students and threats to ruin their careers cause them to harm themselves or engage in self-destructive behaviour. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, trauma, … Read more

Lack of employment opportunities in Bangladesh

Lack of employment

Even though the economy has grown faster in the last ten years, the chances of creating new jobs have decreased. Even though the gross domestic product (GDP) growth has been fast during this time, employment has been decreasing. The rate at which new jobs opened up in different fields a decade ago is not the … Read more

Youth Crime: Is it a Major Issue?

Youth Crime

As industrialisation progresses, Bangladesh is becoming one of the emerging countries of South Asia. But throughout this movement process, it faces many problems, one of which is juvenile delinquency. Increasingly high rates of juvenile delinquency have become a major problem in modern society. The reason is that not all children have the privilege of living … Read more

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