Eid: Fresh feeling makeover

Eid Fresh feeling makeover

Eid celebrations are not complete without costumes. People usually travel to different places to meet their loved ones on this day. New clothes and outfits are a common sight, and colourful attires add to the vibrancy of the occasion. How you dress for Eid depends on the region, climate, and culture you are in. Some … Read more

Rainy Season Makeover

Rainy season makeover

The rainy season is going on. Seeing the sky was clear, on the way out of the house and entering the main road, it suddenly became dark and started raining. What is the matter in the rainy season? This game of nature is happening every day. So girls have to make extra plans for clothes … Read more

Eid –Ul-Adha Fashion

eid ul adha fashion

Even though the whole day of Eid-ul-Azha is busy, the evening of Eid and the next two days, invitations and wandering cannot be left out. But wearing light and comfortable clothes for this season’s festivals is better. In fact, the time gap between these two festivals of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, is very short. And the … Read more

Summer clothing style

Nature is currently experiencing a heat wave, causing daily temperatures to rise. Therefore, we must be mindful of what we wear during this time and choose appropriate attire to stay comfortable and safe. During the summer season, it is recommended by the fashion industry to wear lightweight and comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. … Read more

Make-up in high heat

In extreme heat, the face sweats more than other body parts. This problem happens to almost everyone. Due to excessive sweating, the skin accumulates a lot of dirt and looks oily. And due to the oily skin, it can be seen that it is very difficult to apply face make-up. Even if you can wear … Read more

Eid makeover

Holy Eid-ul-Fitr. Everyone has different plans around this one day. If you sit down to follow this plan, you don’t want it to end. Now is the month of Baisakh. very hot If you go out, you have to sweat and be alone. Among all this, there is a sudden rain attack. So along with … Read more

Pahela Boishakh Makeover

On Pahela Baisakh, the day is very suitable for getting close to loved ones and chatting with friends and acquaintances. So there may be a little difference in dress. At the beginning of the dress, you must take care that the first Baisakh festival is going through intense heat. So on such a day, heavy … Read more

Boishakhi touch in youth fashion

On this day, everyone wishes to dress up in traditional Bengali clothing. The message’s arrival for the Bengali New Year is known as Boishakh, occurring after the previous year. And the Bengali celebration is known as Boishakh. Individuals of all ages excitedly meet celebrations for the first day of the Bengali year. Boishakh dress for … Read more

Skin Care in Summer

Skin Care in Summer 3 pages

Just as the skin gets dry in winter, the skin loses moisture in the heat of summer. Moreover, the problem of sunburn, acne, rash etc., also increases during this time. Retain skin moisture The summer heat causes a significant amount of water to be lost through the skin. Hence, the skin is also subject to … Read more

Independence Day in Fashion

Independence Day in Fashion

Every young man is always alert to demonstrate his ardent patriotism for his country. They are generously contributing their skills and work to the nation’s growth. Aside from working, every young person is keen to observe every historical and culturally significant holiday. They feel that a loving nation implies a loving family. During holidays and … Read more

Ekushe Fashion

Ekushe Fashion 3 pages_compressed

Jaime Black, a Canadian Aboriginal artist, arranged a red-clothed exhibition at the University of Winnipeg in Canada. He planned it to remember Canadian Aboriginal women who were murdered or went missing. Later, it spread to multiple nations, including the United States. Respect, memory, and protest started to be signified by wearing red apparel. In the … Read more

Outfits of Pohela Fagun

Outfits of Pohela Fagun 1

Every woman wants to become beautiful to welcome the spring season. Colourful sarees, and floral dresses, walk around like butterflies. But it is not enough to wear beautiful clothes. Also, the outfit should be appropriate. For example, what kind of makeup is appropriate at this time, what colour lipstick will be more suitable, whether to … Read more

Winter Country Fashion

Winter Country Fashion A touch of the old in a new look

A bit of the old in a fresh look Cool air all around. The severity of winter is a warning ahead. Sitting at home or before going to work, there is no need to wear a shawl, sweater, or muffler in the winter! This winter seems to have given rise to boredom with clothes and … Read more

Wedding makeover will be eye-catching

The wedding makeover will be eye-catching

Because the bride is the focal point of the ceremony, her attire on her wedding day should be attention-grabbing. The newlywed bride makes an appearance and expresses curiosity. Therefore, the bride ought to take care of attracting attention to herself. An excessive amount of bridal attire should not obscure the bride’s natural beauty. Maintaining a … Read more

Fashion houses are decorated with the colors of victory

Fashion houses are decorated with the colors of victory

December is the victorious month. On 16th December 1971, a map of a new nation known as Bangladesh appeared on the planet. Victory’s delight Each year, we remember this day with profound respect and love. The country’s fashion houses are attired in victorious colours to commemorate this day Vijay 16th December has added a new dimension … Read more

Skin care in winter

Skin care in winter

The colder months bring about a number of changes to the skin. As a consequence of this, conscientious men and women, as well as regular people, need to carve out some time in the midst of their hectic lives to take care of their skin. We are all aware that exfoliation is essential for healthy … Read more

New fashion in Puja festival

New fashion in Puja festival

Durga Puja, one of the biggest festivals of Hinduism, is just a few days away. Goddess Durga is coming. Therefore, the festival’s mood is going on among all who belong to the Sanatan religion. At the same time, the shopping spree is going on. Shopping complexes and fashion houses have already started seeing an influx … Read more

Durga Puja makeover suits with dresses

Durga Puja makeover suits with dresses

During the four days of Puja, everyone wants to make themselves attractive. And for that, it is not enough to wear clothes. It also needs matching makeup. So if you keep a few things in mind, you will become attractive in the Puja. And so it is necessary to know what clothes and type of … Read more

Autumn skin care

autumn fashion

Kashful is seen in the autumn air in the play of clouds and sun. White clouds are floating in the blue sky with the movement of white clouds. The color of the form is so autumnal. But this sudden change of autumn brings changes not only in nature but also in our skin. So in … Read more

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