Summer clothing style

Nature is currently experiencing a heat wave, causing daily temperatures to rise. Therefore, we must be mindful of what we wear during this time and choose appropriate attire to stay comfortable and safe. During the summer season, it is recommended by the fashion industry to wear lightweight and comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. … Read more

Make-up in high heat

In extreme heat, the face sweats more than other body parts. This problem happens to almost everyone. Due to excessive sweating, the skin accumulates a lot of dirt and looks oily. And due to the oily skin, it can be seen that it is very difficult to apply face make-up. Even if you can wear … Read more

Preventing breast cancer

By: Dr. Azizur Rahman Today, breast cancer or breast cancer is a source of dread. Nowadays, breast cancer is prevalent. The percentage of women affected by breast cancer is 98%, but some males are also affected. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, more than 13,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually … Read more

Boishakhi touch in youth fashion

On this day, everyone wishes to dress up in traditional Bengali clothing. The message’s arrival for the Bengali New Year is known as Boishakh, occurring after the previous year. And the Bengali celebration is known as Boishakh. Individuals of all ages excitedly meet celebrations for the first day of the Bengali year. Boishakh dress for … Read more

Students helping local businesses

Dhaka University English major Arif Hossain started an internet business this year to help pay for school and his studies and has already expanded into online sales. (e-commerce). He claims that Facebook, rather than classroom instruction, drives this enterprise. A career in this field can be established after two to five years of labour. The … Read more

RBMT Independence and Iftar Celebration

On Sunday, the 26th of March, the Redbridge Boishakhi Mela Trust held a celebration in honour of Bangladesh Independence Day as well as an Ifter Party in the Tiptree Community Hall. Participants brought a wide variety of home-cooked dishes for the Ifter, which were enthusiastically greeted by the participants of the event, who were members … Read more

Traditional Chakma clothing

Traditional Chakma clothing

Chakma, often spelt Changma, are a tribal people native to Bangladesh. Inside their own community, the Chakmas refer to each other as Changma. The Chakmara are a subgroup of Mongols. The Daingnet are an ethnic group found in modern-day Arakan, Burma. They are thought to be a subset of the Chakmas. They also largely adhere … Read more

Stunning Bichnakandi

Stunning Bichnakandi

It is safe to say that Sylhet is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known tourist destinations. There are numerous points of interest dotted all across the city of Sylhet. Bichnakandi is considered to be one of them. Even if you only have one day, you can see everything Bichnakandi offers. In addition, you will be awestruck … Read more

Imranur gold medal

Imranur gold medel

England-based Bangladeshi sprinter Imranur Rahman created history on Saturday by becoming the first Bangladeshi to win a gold medal at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championship. The 29-year-old sprinter clocked his best timing, of 6.59 seconds, in the 60-metre event to win the gold medal in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, last 11 February. Imranur, the … Read more

Safeguard Your Teens

How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe

Parenting is an art; frankly, it’s tough to master. After all, parenting teenagers isn’t easy. However, a child cannot be accused of its rebellious use. Because it can be a result of the physical and mental changes that children go through. Adolescence is a time when the human race undergoes profound changes, according to various … Read more

UKGSC irregularities

UKGSC irregularities

They were protesting the irregularities of the UK Greater Sylhet Council and demanding the cancellation of the illegal election schedule. Jasmine Mansoor, In this press conference organised to protest the financial irregularities, arbitrariness, and violation of the constitution of the officials of the Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council in the UK (GSC), the largest … Read more

Celebrity’s books at Boi Mela 2023

Celebrities who will publish their books at Ekushey Boi Mela 2023

In preparation for this year’s Ekushey Boi Mela, authors are gathering during the February Book Fair. Some well-known people are also involved in the annual ritual of publishing and publicising new books. Actor Abul Hayat, a winner of the Ekushey Padak, has been releasing new novels at the fair every year since 1991. The acclaimed … Read more

The Majestic Madhab kunda Waterfall

The Majestic Madhabkunda Waterfall – A Must-Visit Spot in Moulvibazar District

A Must-Visit Spot in Moulvibazar District Are you feeling adventurous and looking for an unforgettable experience? Then explore the hidden gem of the Madhabkunda Waterfall in Moulvibazar District, Bangladesh. This breathtaking natural wonder will take your breath away with its towering cascading waters surrounded by lush greenery. So take a plunge and swim beneath one … Read more

Our youths are innovative

Our youth are advancing in innovation

By: MD. ANWAR HOSSAIN Mystic, a polymorphic robot, will participate in rescue activities in locations impacted by the tragedy. The word “Ridimik” is written in Bangla on a cell phone. “Happy Watch” is a wearable device that monitors your health. Price of the Tricycle Go. In addition to Shahjalal’s unmanned drone “flying aircraft,” all of … Read more

The Reality of Forced Marriage

The-Reality-of-Forced-Marriage_-A-Violation-That-Needs-to-Be-Stopped (1)

A Violation That Needs to Be Stopped Rapid population growth and dwindling resources are forcing people in some parts of the world to marry early. This traditional practice is often called “forced marriage.” Rural families facing extreme poverty may pressure their daughters into marrying much older men for money, land, or other resources. Sometimes girls … Read more

Historical  Chhota Sona Mosque

sona mosque

Chhota Sona Mosque sometimes referred to as a “jewel of Sultanate architecture,” is located approximately 3 kilometres south of Kotwal Darwaza and half a kilometre southeast of the Tahkhana complex in the Firuzpur Quarters of Gaur-Lakhnauti, the capital of the Bengal Sultanate. It occupies the western end of a large tank’s southern bank. Several years … Read more

The Most Breathtaking Tea Gardens in Sylhet

Tea gardens in Sylhet are some of the most beautiful and serene places in Bangladesh. Here are some of our favourites! Bangladesh is a country that is rich in natural beauty. There is much to explore, from its soaring mountains to its pristine beaches. Within Bangladesh, the northeast region is especially stunning and home to … Read more

Skin care in winter

Skin care in winter

The colder months bring about a number of changes to the skin. As a consequence of this, conscientious men and women, as well as regular people, need to carve out some time in the midst of their hectic lives to take care of their skin. We are all aware that exfoliation is essential for healthy … Read more


editorial cinebuzz times

Rishi Sunak is poised to become the new leader of the governing Conservative Party after Conservative M.P.s voted against Liz Truss over her self-inflicted economic catastrophe and the following poll ratings fall. In electing Sunak, the Conservatives are making an extraordinary U-turn: just weeks ago, he was soundly defeated by Truss in the contest for … Read more

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