Traditional: Weaving Lungi in Fashion

Lungi is widely worn as men’s loungewear. Many individuals wear it outdoors. However, it is uncommon in urban life in general. Many individuals have also highlighted this traditional Bangladeshi garment by donning lungis outside the home. The increasing demand for lungi both domestically and internationally indicates its secure position. For cricketer Mashrafe, the lungi is the … Read more

Tribal Bawm: History and Culture

Tribal Bawm History and Culture

By: Rashid Ahmed Bawm is a small village located in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, where the Bamra people reside. The Bamras are similar in looks to the Dhakmas and Marmas. The word “bom” means a bond, and in this community, all daily activities, such as hunting, dancing, eating, and offering sacrifices to their gods, happen … Read more

Kalabati sarees

For the first time in the country, Manipuri made yarn from the pulp of the banana tree. The sari was woven by the weaving artist Radhavati Devi of Moulvibazar Kamalganj. This saree went to Bandarban at the request of the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban  SHE weaved. Administrator Yachmin Parveen Tibriji christened the saree ‘Kalabati’ after … Read more

Bangladesh’s Lusai community

The Lusai tribe is a small group of people who live in the eastern regions of Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar. They are descendants of the Mongolian people and are known for their jump training in the highlands. They are named after the Lusaids’ Lusai Hills and are referred to as “Kugi” by the Chakmaras, “Langi” … Read more

Protect Farmers’ Rights

May Day is significant for the working class as it celebrates their liberties. However, some workers do not show much enthusiasm for this day as it feels like another typical workday. May 1 is a national holiday, but unfortunately, farmers do not get to enjoy this day off. This day is meant to recognize their … Read more

Baisabi: Hill Tribe New Year

Baisabi festival starts with saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year. This festival is called ‘Baisu Chakmara’ by the Tripuras, ‘Bisu’ by the Biju Tanchangyas and ‘Sangrai’ by the Marmaras. Combining the names of these four sects (Vai+Sa+B) this festival is now called Vaisabi. Biju is associated with the religious sentiments … Read more

Youthful Eid fashion

It is commonly believed that youths are fashion-conscious. They are primarily interested in the latest fashion trends. Upon visiting the Eid market, it was seen that there was a vast assortment of clothing developed specifically for them. This Eid, the majority of fashion houses have designed and coloured their clothing in accordance with the themes … Read more

Heritage and Customs Boishakh

Bengali New Year Payala Baisakh or Pahela Baisakh (1st day of Baisakh, the first month of the Bengali calendar) is the first day of the Bengali New Year. The day is celebrated with special festivals such as New Year in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Bengalis living in Tripura also participate in this festival; … Read more

‘Radio’ to release soon

‘Radio’ to release soon 2

The movie “Radio,” directed by Anonno Mamun, has at long last been cleared by the Censor Board to be shown in its entirety, and its release date has been determined. The film, the first movie ever created on the topic of the momentous address given by Bangobhondhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman on March 7th, is the … Read more

Traditional Chakma clothing

Traditional Chakma clothing

Chakma, often spelt Changma, are a tribal people native to Bangladesh. Inside their own community, the Chakmas refer to each other as Changma. The Chakmara are a subgroup of Mongols. The Daingnet are an ethnic group found in modern-day Arakan, Burma. They are thought to be a subset of the Chakmas. They also largely adhere … Read more

Women In Liberation War

Women In Liberation War

The men and women of this country fought together for a flag in 1971 and liberated the country. Participating in guerilla operations, sharing news, cultural promotion, collection of money-medicine-food-clothes, medical and service work, food and shelter, etc., all women’s work played a role in achieving success in the liberation war. A war has been won … Read more

Rozina’s directorial debut

Rozina_s directorial debut

Rozina will, at long last, make her directorial debut with the film “Phirey Dekha” after having an incredible career in Dhallywood that has spanned almost four decades. According to current projections, the movie will start playing in theatres on March 3. The actress will not only direct the project but also play an important part … Read more



The native language is the primary factor that determines a country’s national identity. After birth, a kid typically starts by babbling in their mother’s native language. Our first language is Bengali, which reflects our ethnic background. The 21st  of February is a day we remember with pride, awareness, and motivation since it is the day … Read more

Lalakhal is the beauty land of Sylhet

Lalakhal is the beauty land of Sylhet (1)

A land with its own unique charm is Sylhet. For various reasons, Sylhet is the most popular destination among travellers. One of the many attractions that Sylhet offers, Lalakhal, may be found there. It takes 35 kilometres to get to the Jaipur Upazila from the city. In India, the region of Lalakhal may be found … Read more

Campaign to encourage Bangladeshi wedding wear

Campaign to encourage Bangladeshi wedding wear

By: ANSAR AHMED ULLAH A campaign called “Bangalir Biyete Bangladeshi Poshak” to encourage wedding wear from Bangladesh was announced at a press conference held on 13 December at the London Bangla Press Club. Campaigner, and cultural activist Cllr Syeda Choudhury of SyedaC, said, “I am here to share with my Bangladeshi community living in Britain … Read more

The Most Breathtaking Tea Gardens in Sylhet

Tea gardens in Sylhet are some of the most beautiful and serene places in Bangladesh. Here are some of our favourites! Bangladesh is a country that is rich in natural beauty. There is much to explore, from its soaring mountains to its pristine beaches. Within Bangladesh, the northeast region is especially stunning and home to … Read more


monipuri saree

A Paradigm of Global Fashion from Sylhet Hand woven textiles have long been an important part of Bangladesh’s heritage. Each tribe or community in Bangladesh’s northeast has its own distinct designs and motifs. Manipur has a unique position among our country’s textile zones. Weaving is a traditional skill practised by women in Manipur. Since time … Read more

Hazrat Shah Jalal

A Mystical Tale of an Enlightened Soul You know, there is reverence and respect for saints among all Muslims worldwide. They are our role models, our guides, and our inspiration. One of the most revered saints in Islam is Hazrat Shah Jalal. It is said that the life of a great saint is nothing short … Read more

Durga Puja: Bengali Universal Festival

Durga Puja is the most important Hindu holiday in Bengal. No longer just one religious group has access to it. Everyone now celebrates Durga Puja, no matter what caste, religion, or caste they belong to. Not just in a religious way. From a sociocultural point of view, this festival is also very important. During initiation, … Read more

It’s Time To Explore Chittagong Division – Best Places To Visit In Bangladesh:

My Bangladesh

Are you looking for a place to relax and unwind? Or are you an adventure seeker looking for some thrill and excitement? Then look no further than the Chittagong Division in Bangladesh! The Chittagong Division is a fascinating place with something to offer everyone. From stunning natural scenery to historical sites, there is something for … Read more

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