Naru: Bengali traditional food with unmatched taste!


This country of ours is a country of thirteen festivals in twelve months. During most of the year, the festival is full of joy. Bengaliana has unique characteristics and thousands of years of cultural heritage found in various cuisines. In our country’s rural fairs, Paush Sankranti festival, Baisakhi fair, Sonargaon craft fair, Eid festival, Durgotsav, … Read more

Kotka Sea Beach, Sundarbans

Located within the expansive Sundarbans, the world’s most extensive mangrove forest, sits a remarkable destination that has consistently enchanted travellers across decades – the esteemed Kotka Sea Beach. This unspoiled coastal area, encompassed by abundant vegetation and diverse fauna, is a distinctive opportunity for individuals in search of both excitement and serenity. This post will explain … Read more

Enjoy picturesque topography at Chimbuk, third largest mountain

Enjoy picturesque topography at Chimbuk, third largest mountain

When considering preferences for natural environments, individuals often contemplate whether they prefer mountains or the sea. Which of these two natural scenic beauties is preferred? It may be difficult for enthusiasts of tourism to definitively assert. However, numerous individuals in romantic relationships may consider purchasing a hill as a symbolic gesture of affection towards their significant other. Chimbuk … Read more

Bangladesh exhibits substantial opportunities for tourism

Bangladesh exhibits substantial opportunities for tourism

The tourism industry is widely recognised as a significant economic sector on a global scale. The tourism industry is widely recognised as a primary driver of socio-economic growth in contemporary society. Bangladesh has substantial prospects within the tourism sector. The country’s natural richness is distinct and unparalleled compared to other nations globally. Bangladesh exhibits substantial opportunities … Read more

Visit Madhabpur Lake this monsoon

Visit Madhavpur Lake in Srimangal this monsoon

Now the rainy season is going on. Sylhet’s Madhavpur Lake can be a favourite place to visit this monsoon. Small and big hills surround Madhavpur Lake. And there is a beautiful tea garden on the mountain. Madhavpur Lake is located in Section 11 of Madhavpur Tea Estate, owned by the National Tea Company. White and … Read more

Traditional Food of Kushtia kumro bori

Traditional Food of Kushtia kumro bori

Kushtia, the traditional district of Khulna Division of Bangladesh, has a long history. The existence of the Kushtia district has been observed from very ancient times. In the second century AD, Ptolemy made a map showing several islands in the Ganges basin. It is believed that this small island is Kushtia. The traditional food of … Read more

Tanguare Haor: Heavenly Aquatic Beauty

Tanguare Haor Heavenly Aquatic Beauty

Tanguar Haor is called the native fish reservoir or ‘Mother Fisheries’. It is the second-largest freshwater lake in Bangladesh, which is rich in biodiversity. A sanctuary for migratory birds and native fish, the Haor is Bangladesh’s second internationally recognized ‘Ramsar site’ after the Sundarbans. Tanguar haor is composed of about 120 small and big haors … Read more

Chicken Mosallam

Eid Recipe Chicken Mosallam

There are various items of chicken meat on the list of Eid food. Chicken roast or korma is eaten. If you want to make something special, you can cook whole chicken mosallam. It has to be made a little carefully. Or there is a fear of breaking or being raw inside. Let’s know the recipe … Read more

Eid Recipe: Mutton Glassy

Eid Recipe Mutton Glassy

There are various types of meat in Eid cooking. There are various delicious dishes of beef and Khasi, along with polao, khichuri, and biryani. One such interesting term is mutton glassy. It is the traditional food of old Dhaka. This dish is cooked by mixing different spices with Khasi meat. Let’s know the recipe for … Read more

Eid Recipe: Butter Chicken Recipe

Eid Recipe Butter Chicken Recipe

You can keep butter chicken in the preparation of Eid food. This dish of chicken is mouth-watering. Butter chicken can be easily made with chicken, butter and a few household ingredients. To cook this delicious dish, you need to know the right recipe. Let’s know the recipe for Butter Chicken- What it takes to make … Read more

Lovacora Tea Gardens

lavora tea garden

The Khasia-Jainta Hill can be found in the northeastern border region of Bangladesh, specifically in the Kanaighat Upazila of Sylhet. The hill has several sandy rivers with pure water flowing at its base, including the Lobachhara River and the Lova River, which boasts verdant hills and amazingly clear water. Visitors who experience the beauty of … Read more

Panthumai waterfall, Sylhet

Experience the breathtaking view of the Panthumai Waterfall as aggressive watercourses descend from the towering mountains. Take a moment to appreciate the natural environment surrounding you. Panthumai Jharna, also known as the “Panthumai” fountain, is a beautiful village in the West Jaflong Union of Goainghat Upazila in the Sylhet district, at the border region of … Read more

Raw jackfruit recipe

Jackfruit is delicious whether it is raw or ripe. During the warmer months, jackfruit is eaten raw and prepared like a kanda or chord vegetable. Some people prefer to eat jackfruit nuts raw, while others prefer to prepare them in a curry. Long-term storage in a controlled environment is a significant plus. Commonly, the cells … Read more

Coriander leaves Bora

Coriander leaves can be kept in an Iftar arrangement. It is very tasty and takes very little time to prepare. Those who love eating a little salty and crunchy food can make it home. It can be easily made with various materials available at home. Let’s know the recipe for making Coriander Bara- Recipe: Coriander … Read more

Prawn Piyaju for Iftar

                                  Piyaju absolutely has to be on the Iftar plate. If you want to give this taste a new twist, shrimp Piyaju is the way to go. Because of this, there won’t be a need for any more materials. At home, whipping up a batch of this flavorful Piyaju requires only a few simple ingredients … Read more

Ayer Fish Broth – Sehri

Having a heavy meal at Sahri can lead to discomfort throughout the day. So try to eat light food during this time. Eat food that will not cause discomfort and will keep your stomach full for a long time. You can eat different types of fish broth with hot rice in Sehri. Today let’s find … Read more

Visit Sylhet Utmashara

Happy Eid has come. Thinking of spending the Eid holidays with family and friends? Go to Sylhet. Leave the mechanical noise of bricks and stones and get lost in the murmur of water fountains. The natural beauty of Sylhet tourism is at your fingertips.  Jaflong, known as the queen of Sylhet’s natural forms, Bedikandi of … Read more

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