Panthumai waterfall, Sylhet

Experience the breathtaking view of the Panthumai Waterfall as aggressive watercourses descend from the towering mountains. Take a moment to appreciate the natural environment surrounding you. Panthumai Jharna, also known as the “Panthumai” fountain, is a beautiful village in the West Jaflong Union of Goainghat Upazila in the Sylhet district, at the border region of … Read more

Raw jackfruit recipe

Jackfruit is delicious whether it is raw or ripe. During the warmer months, jackfruit is eaten raw and prepared like a kanda or chord vegetable. Some people prefer to eat jackfruit nuts raw, while others prefer to prepare them in a curry. Long-term storage in a controlled environment is a significant plus. Commonly, the cells … Read more

Coriander leaves Bora

Coriander leaves can be kept in an Iftar arrangement. It is very tasty and takes very little time to prepare. Those who love eating a little salty and crunchy food can make it home. It can be easily made with various materials available at home. Let’s know the recipe for making Coriander Bara- Recipe: Coriander … Read more

Prawn Piyaju for Iftar

                                  Piyaju absolutely has to be on the Iftar plate. If you want to give this taste a new twist, shrimp Piyaju is the way to go. Because of this, there won’t be a need for any more materials. At home, whipping up a batch of this flavorful Piyaju requires only a few simple ingredients … Read more

Ayer Fish Broth – Sehri

Having a heavy meal at Sahri can lead to discomfort throughout the day. So try to eat light food during this time. Eat food that will not cause discomfort and will keep your stomach full for a long time. You can eat different types of fish broth with hot rice in Sehri. Today let’s find … Read more

Visit Sylhet Utmashara

Happy Eid has come. Thinking of spending the Eid holidays with family and friends? Go to Sylhet. Leave the mechanical noise of bricks and stones and get lost in the murmur of water fountains. The natural beauty of Sylhet tourism is at your fingertips.  Jaflong, known as the queen of Sylhet’s natural forms, Bedikandi of … Read more

Traditional Aloo Ghati of Bogra

Traditional Aloo Ghati of Bogra

The typical dish of Bogra is Aalur Ghati. After new potatoes have matured, they are cooked and consumed by all. Although being a regional delicacy, its popularity has steadily grown across the nation. This delectable meal is prepared at home using rice, salmon, and potatoes. Bogra is a city steeped in culture and history. However, … Read more

Stunning Bichnakandi

Stunning Bichnakandi

It is safe to say that Sylhet is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known tourist destinations. There are numerous points of interest dotted all across the city of Sylhet. Bichnakandi is considered to be one of them. Even if you only have one day, you can see everything Bichnakandi offers. In addition, you will be awestruck … Read more

The kingdom of clouds Nilgiris

Nilgiris, the kingdom of clouds

Kingdom located in the clouds The Nilgiris is a beautiful destination for people who appreciate nature’s splendour. Nevertheless, mother nature has staged all of her splendour for the benefit of tourists. Because of this, if you want to satisfy your need to reach out and touch the shadows cast by the mountain’s peaks, you will … Read more

Pabna: Date juice Khir

pabna date juice khir 2 pages

Winter’s chief attractions are date juice and date molasses. However, when preparing winter pitha puli, dates and molasses are not combined. Therefore, preparations for date molasses begin in rural Bengal at the start of Hemant. During this period, gachirs (individuals who collect sap by cutting palm palms) travel from home to home to study the … Read more

The Majestic Madhab kunda Waterfall

The Majestic Madhabkunda Waterfall – A Must-Visit Spot in Moulvibazar District

A Must-Visit Spot in Moulvibazar District Are you feeling adventurous and looking for an unforgettable experience? Then explore the hidden gem of the Madhabkunda Waterfall in Moulvibazar District, Bangladesh. This breathtaking natural wonder will take your breath away with its towering cascading waters surrounded by lush greenery. So take a plunge and swim beneath one … Read more

Winter Pitha Puli

Winter Pitha Puli (Cake)

Khirsa Malai Patisapata Materials Polava rice powder one cup, flour half a cup, powdered milk two tablespoons, sugar half a cup, semolina one quarter cup, ghee one tablespoon, salt one pinch, water one and a half cups, khirsa one and a half cups. Mix all the ingredients together and make pita. There will be 18-20 … Read more

Visit Sylhet’s Jaintapur Shapla Bill

Visit Sylhet's Jaintapur Shapla Bill

Jaintapur Shapla Bill in Sylhet is a travel destination surrounded by extraordinary beauty, locally known as DB Haor. Sylhet is a beautiful travel destination. Among them, Sylhet’s Shapler Bill has crawled in a new colour. Along with other tourist centres, Jaintapur Upazila of Sylhet has also become very popular for tourism. This DB Haor has … Read more

Historical  Chhota Sona Mosque

sona mosque

Chhota Sona Mosque sometimes referred to as a “jewel of Sultanate architecture,” is located approximately 3 kilometres south of Kotwal Darwaza and half a kilometre southeast of the Tahkhana complex in the Firuzpur Quarters of Gaur-Lakhnauti, the capital of the Bengal Sultanate. It occupies the western end of a large tank’s southern bank. Several years … Read more

Traditional Nakshi Pitha of Bhairav

Traditional Nakshi Pitha of Bhairav

Pitha-puli (baked cake) covers a vast part of Bengali history. The tradition still survives in villages. In the winter, cities and villages turn into a festival of eating pitha-puli. Nationwide pitha festival begins. Pitha is on the list of food preferences of everyone, young and old. Different types of pita also vary in shape and … Read more

Tajhat Zamindar Bari: Heritage of Rangpur


Bengalis, the wanderlust, take every opportunity to travel. There are numerous places to visit in our immediate vicinity! Tajhat Landlord House is a historic structure in the heart of Rangpur. You can also go to this traditional location if you want. The ancient regime of ‘Landlord regime’ was also prevalent in Bangladesh. There were several … Read more

Hazrat Shah Jalal

A Mystical Tale of an Enlightened Soul You know, there is reverence and respect for saints among all Muslims worldwide. They are our role models, our guides, and our inspiration. One of the most revered saints in Islam is Hazrat Shah Jalal. It is said that the life of a great saint is nothing short … Read more

Traditional Chanar Polao recipe of Jamalpur

chanchar polao

In Jamalpur, the dish known as Chanar Polao is served at an exceptionally high percentage of all events. The practice has been passed down from generation to generation. There are other locations where Chanar Polao is practised besides Jamalpur. The dish known as Chanar Polao has also made its way into the menus of restaurants … Read more

Nihari: A Tradition of Mughal

Nihari A Tradition of Mughal

Nihari is a smooth, tasty stew made with flour, slow-cooked mutton, and a variety of spices. The cooking time for this mutton nihari recipe is about 4 hours, but it’s simple to put together. The mutton is cooked on a very low fire for up to four hours to achieve the greatest flavour. Traditionally, Nihari … Read more

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