King’s invitation

Invitation to Kings Garden Party

The invitation to the King’s Garden Party is a highly prestigious and sought-after experience that promises an unforgettable afternoon of royal splendor. The event is renowned for its magnificent horticultural exhibits, deeply rooted in tradition and refinement. These exhibits provide a captivating showcase of the most exquisite and meticulously curated gardens, demonstrating the highest standards … Read more

London Mahotsav

London Mahotsav 2024

London Mahotsav 2024: A Resplendent Celebration of Bengali Culture on the Global Front A two-day long cultural extravaganza held in the heart of London to celebrate the shared heritage of both sides of Bengal SAYANTAN DAS ADHIKARI London, April 23, 2024: London Mahotsav 2024, a distinguished celebration of Indian culture, concluded with resounding success, leaving … Read more

Mayor’s civic activities

Mayor civic engagement

Glimpses of Redbridge Mayor Cllr. Jyotsna Islam’s civic engagement in March, 2024. Mayoral engagement meeting with Indian delegates Doctors & Scholars who are doingamazing life saving work globally. Mayoral engagement celebrations of international women’s day organised British Bangladeshi Women’s Forum Mayoral engagement celebration of International Mother Tongue Day, organised by Bangladesh High Commissioner in London. … Read more

‘570’ gets censor nod

‘570’ gets censor nod

The long-awaited feature film ‘570’ has been released after considerable anticipation. This film depicts the events that occurred in the 36 hours following the death of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, and most of his family members on August 15, 1975. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman lived in house number 10 on Road … Read more

Sylhet Utshab

Sylhet Utshab in Kolkata

The thirty Sylhet Utshab took place on the 27th and 28th of January 2024 in the southern part of Kolkata. The event was made possible with the support of KPC Group, which played a crucial role in hosting it. The event brought together a diverse group of individuals, including members of the East Bengal community … Read more

Our 2nd jubilee

Our 2nd jubilee

The Cinebuzz Times Magazine was established on December 1, 2021, with the guiding philosophy of “Connect Bengali Globally.” The inception of this endeavour was driven by the objective and aspiration of uniting the Bengali community on a unified platform to engage in discourse on their viewpoints and insights on social, cultural, and economic domains. Highlight … Read more

Who am I?

Who am I

The burden of societal expectations weighs heavily on women as they navigate the intricate web of roles defined by their familial ties. From birth, societal norms conspire to define women by their relationships—the child’s mom, Minhaz’s wife, and Abul’s daughter. Her accomplishments, dreams, and struggles are obscured by the roles she fulfills. In the pursuit … Read more

Cybercrime against women

Cybercrime against women

The utilisation of information technology in the nation is presently on the rise. Its benefits are, without a doubt, revolutionary. Nevertheless, its misuse is inflicting injury on individuals. One of these is the harassment of women and girls on the Internet. Despite variations in nature and severity, the vast majority of these incidents can be … Read more

The inauguration of the Mayor

On the morning of Sunday, September 17th, Councillor Jyotsna Islam, recently appointed mayor of the London Borough of Redbridge Council, became the first individual of Bangladeshi heritage to assume this position. The official swearing-in ceremony took place at the Newbury Park Mosque. Her friends and relatives attended the ceremony. The swearing-in ceremony was attended by … Read more

Dengue: Why epidemic?

Dengue Why epidemic

By: Dr. AZIZUR RAHMAN At the year’s onset, experts had issued warnings regarding the dengue condition. However, the issue of dengue control was given insufficient attention. Presently, the dengue virus has manifested perilously. In July, a staggering number of 304 individuals succumbed to the effects of dengue, surpassing all previous mortality figures. Amidst the prevailing circumstances, … Read more

Dengue fever: Symptoms and treatments

Dengue fever symptoms, remedies and treatment

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN Dengue fever is known to be an extremely painful illness. Those who suffer from it often experience weakness, and the fever can linger in the body for a long time. However, it’s important to remember that dengue is not usually fatal. Proper rest and adherence to treatment guidelines make it possible … Read more

British-Bangladeshi Fast Citizen Alliance

British-Bangladeshi Fast Citizen Alliance

A great assembly of British-Bangladeshi Fast Citizens, comprising former and current mayors and speakers residing in the United Kingdom, was convened in London. The gathering evolved into a convivial assembly with the attendance of incumbent and past municipal leaders and presenters and former presenters hailing from various urban centres. It was decided to establish a group named the British-Bangladeshi … Read more

King Charles III crowned

King Charless

King Charles III was crowned last 6 May Saturday in Britain’s biggest ceremonial event for seven decades, a sumptuous display of pageantry dating back 1,000 years. In front of a congregation of about 100 world leaders and a television audience of millions, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church, slowly placed … Read more

Protect Farmers’ Rights

May Day is significant for the working class as it celebrates their liberties. However, some workers do not show much enthusiasm for this day as it feels like another typical workday. May 1 is a national holiday, but unfortunately, farmers do not get to enjoy this day off. This day is meant to recognize their … Read more

Heritage and Customs Boishakh

Bengali New Year Payala Baisakh or Pahela Baisakh (1st day of Baisakh, the first month of the Bengali calendar) is the first day of the Bengali New Year. The day is celebrated with special festivals such as New Year in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Bengalis living in Tripura also participate in this festival; … Read more

Women In Liberation War

Women In Liberation War

The men and women of this country fought together for a flag in 1971 and liberated the country. Participating in guerilla operations, sharing news, cultural promotion, collection of money-medicine-food-clothes, medical and service work, food and shelter, etc., all women’s work played a role in achieving success in the liberation war. A war has been won … Read more



The native language is the primary factor that determines a country’s national identity. After birth, a kid typically starts by babbling in their mother’s native language. Our first language is Bengali, which reflects our ethnic background. The 21st  of February is a day we remember with pride, awareness, and motivation since it is the day … Read more


The Cinebuzz Production Film “570,” directed by Ashraf Shishir (winner of Bangladesh’s national film award) and produced by Jyotsna and Sham Islam, is expected to be released on the 16th of December 2022. Additionally, there will be two premiere showings before the big day: one in Dhaka on the 10th of December and another in … Read more

Alaur Rahman, a leading singer and role model for younger generation in UK


Alaur Rahman, a successful leading singer, became renowned in the Bengali community and a role model for the younger generation in the UK. Alaur Rahman is a unique, talented from a grassroots community in deprived East London; due to his determination, dedication, and commitment, he became a renowned multi-tented and multi-language singer in the UK. … Read more

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