The Reality of Forced Marriage

The-Reality-of-Forced-Marriage_-A-Violation-That-Needs-to-Be-Stopped (1)

A Violation That Needs to Be Stopped Rapid population growth and dwindling resources are forcing people in some parts of the world to marry early. This traditional practice is often called “forced marriage.” Rural families facing extreme poverty may pressure their daughters into marrying much older men for money, land, or other resources. Sometimes girls … Read more

The role of women in the war of liberation

The role of women in the war of liberation

The Liberation Fight of 1971 was a war of the people. Everyone, regardless of gender, participated equally in this total conflict. After the 25th of March, the Pakistani army began taking control of the whole nation of Bangladesh. At the time, demonstrators and liberation fighters, especially in Dhaka, attempted to oppose them. Khansena murdered a … Read more

Politics and human rights in women’s Dress

Politics and human rights in women's clothing

The killing of Mahsa Amini in police custody has sparked hijab-wearing protests in Iran. The streets were filled with thousands of men and women. Women wearing compulsory hijab are burning on the streets. Several days resulted in the deaths of at least 200 civilians. Amini, age 22, was arrested because she was not wearing a … Read more

What Challenges Do Women Face in Public Transport?

public transport

The number of public buses in Dhaka City is insufficient, and they are frequently overcrowded, making them unusable for many people, especially the elderly, the disabled, and women. Early in the 1980s, Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) offered services for a “women only” bus (also known as a “women bus”) in consideration of the travel … Read more

Rajshahi Silk: The Silk of Bengal.

Since the Middle Ages, silk has been a sophisticated material. Along with sparkling gold and priceless stones, kings and queens have decked themselves with this attire and considered it one of their most prized possessions. Silk has a reputation to live up to after being referenced in so much poetry and serving as the romantics’ … Read more

Rainy Season Skin Care

As rain falls during the rainy season, day length also increases. As a result, the sun stays for a long time. In this mixed climate, various diseases nest in the body. Various skin problems are also seen.So carelessness towards the skin in monsoons will not be right at all. But in this case proper care … Read more

Women Entrepreneurship Through Social Media

]] In the past, Farida Parvin Shako managed a spa and a gym in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. But, after the coronavirus outbreak rocked the nation earlier this year, her business suffered greatly. Despite her best efforts, it was difficult for the 45-year-old single mother to obtain work. “After receiving numerous job rejections, I … Read more

A woman | a dreamer | a vessel | a warrior

Maymuna Fariha Sumayia

I am the might” with this slogan, a dreamy young woman Maymuna Fariha Sumayia started her journey and founded Shopnotori Foundation at Bancharampur, B. Bariya, in 2016. She is working tirelessly for women’s self-defence and women’s empowerment in the remote areas of the villager. For the women’s self-defence, she teaches Judo to the village girls. … Read more

Working parents

parent employee

Many couples are both working. They spend most of the day outside the house for work or livelihood. In this case, the parents whose children are younger are worried. In most cases, women have to leave their jobs and stay home. After becoming mothers, mothers get paid maternity leave from work. After that, you can … Read more

Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women's entrepreneurship

Women’s entrepreneurship is currently a rapidly rising socio-economic phenomenon in emerging countries. As part of their national development objectives, developing countries emphasise women’s entrepreneurship development. Today, it is widely acknowledged that women’s entrepreneurship may contribute significantly to the economic well-being of families and communities by creating jobs, reducing poverty, and ensuring women’s rights. Bangladesh is … Read more

Women are becoming self-sufficient in grassroots


The life story of Sharifa Shabnam is a little bit different from the norm. My spouse, Abir Hossain, formerly worked for a private company, and the compensation he received there was very satisfactory. They were known for being a really happy family. But on December 5, 2016, her life was thrown into disarray when the … Read more

Women’s self-reliance through social media

Women's self-reliance

Online business has grown in popularity recently. Consequently, many housewives have gotten interested in this industry. It does not require a substantial investment or a large showroom. Through social networking, many people have launched enterprises with little capital and become successful entrepreneurs. Online is now a popular medium of business. That is the sale of … Read more

Hand-foot care in eight steps

Hand-foot care

Manicure and pedicure are important not only for beauty but also for the cleanliness of hands and feet. Regular manicures and pedicures are important to remove dead cells and make the skin soft and radiant. In addition, if there is a tendency to smell in the hands or feet, it is also reduced with regular … Read more

What Women Need To Know About Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis, which means “porous bone,” is a disease in which the structure inside bones thins to the point where a slight fall or bump against a car door or piece of furniture can result in a fracture. A break can occur anywhere on your skeleton, although wrist, hip, and spine fractures are the most common. … Read more

What Are the Biggest Problems Women Face in Society Today?

Man hitting the woman, silhouette vector

Women participate in all aspects of society, yet some issues have a greater impact on women. Let’s look at some of the biggest concerns that modern women confront, from the strength of the female vote to reproductive rights and wage disparities. Bangladeshi women have long fought for equality in the home, community, and state. However, … Read more

Women Empowerment in Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is a necessary precondition for eradicating global poverty and safeguarding human rights, especially at the individual level, where it aids in the formation of a foundation for societal change. Women make up nearly half of Bangladesh’s population, with 80 percent living in rural regions (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics). However, on the basis of … Read more

Women Oppression in Bangladesh

Women Oppression in Bangladesh

Rehana Tuhin Assistant Teacher, Ideal Svhool and College, Motijheel, Dhaka In today’s society, inequality and social inequality are major issues. The current social system exists and will continue to exist in the same manner that it has in the past. Men and women have a social class divide. The practice of undervaluing women in comparison … Read more

Do Husbands suffer from Inferiority Complex while 

inferiority complex

Do wives earn more?  “We had a love marriage, and I always earned more than him before marriage. But, unfortunately, the man who loved me most started feeling insecure just after marriage. Because he makes less than me, he also faces criticism from his family and society for this reason. While my in-laws are pretty … Read more

Why do women need to be financially independent?

financial independ women

Financial independence means making enough money to cover your living expenditures. Therefore, it is critical for all people, men and women alike, to be financially self-sufficient in today’s world. Many Bangladeshi women are good housewives, but when they become mothers, or their household’s domestic needs become more important, their careers often have to take a … Read more

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