Mayor Gala Event

Mayor Gala Event

The Redbridge Mayor, Cllr. Jyotsna Islam, hosted a fundraising event on November 21st to support two chosen charities: London’s Air Ambulance and ELHAP. The event took place at a beautiful banqueting hall in the Mayfair venue. It was organised in collaboration with Pride of Asia, who ensured that a delicious five-star supper was provided. Many … Read more

Mayor’s civic activity

Redbridge mayor’s civic activities

Glimpses of Redbridge Mayor Cllr. Jyotsna Islam’s civic engagement in the month of October Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Poppy Appeal Launch @ Mayor’s Parlour on 17/10/23. Celebrating Durga Puja organised by Shonaton Group Mayfair Venue on 20/10/23 Celebrating Durga Puja organised by Jaganath Hall Group Barkingside on 20/10/23 Attending Havering Mayor Stephanie Nunn’s Civic Service on … Read more

The Rural Warriors

The Rural Warriors

Traditionally, rural Bengali women were restricted to the realm of the home, where they were responsible for running houses and caring for their families. It appeared impossible to disprove the stereotype that the fields of agriculture and road construction were solely the purview of men. Nevertheless, these ladies saw possibilities where others saw roadblocks. In … Read more

Mayor’s civic activities

Redbridge Mayor’s Civic Activities

Mayoral engagement attending Barkingside Classic Car Race seeing them off to Southend, amazing experience enclosed some clips. The mayor’s participation in reopening Chestnut Manor residential care home, where Tara and Sunil have created a cutting-edge facility, sought to help people transition from their homes. The building has a library, surround cinema, salon and special occasion … Read more

It was mayor to mayor reception

It was Mayor to Mayor Reception (1)

Mayor Cllr. Jyotsna Islam of Redbridge and her Consort Cllr. Sham Islam hosted a get-together in her parlour on 25th July. The newly elected Mayor, Anuwar Chowdhury of Sylhet City Corporation, was also invited, along with Bengali councillors, Leader of the council Cllr. Jas Athwal, and community leaders and activists. According to Mayor Jyotsna Islam … Read more

Essential Tips for New Young Entrepreneurs

Business development to success and growing growth concept. Businessman pointing arrow graph corporate future growth plan and increase percentage

Every day, more and more young people are becoming entrepreneurs in the digital age. However, starting a business at a young age is no easy feat. It requires experience and funding, and young entrepreneurs often face many obstacles and make mistakes. Despite these challenges, with perseverance and dedication, young entrepreneurs can be successful. Here are … Read more

The New Mayor of Redbridge Jyotsna Islam

Joytsna Islam

A Bengali woman’s achievement has helped integrate multicultural and multinational Britain into mainstream politics. Bengalis have shown they can be elected as public officials and perform their duties excellently. Jyotsna Islam, a former deputy mayor and current councillor, has been named Mayor of the London Borough of Redbridge, and the local residents are pleased with … Read more

Panthumai waterfall, Sylhet

Experience the breathtaking view of the Panthumai Waterfall as aggressive watercourses descend from the towering mountains. Take a moment to appreciate the natural environment surrounding you. Panthumai Jharna, also known as the “Panthumai” fountain, is a beautiful village in the West Jaflong Union of Goainghat Upazila in the Sylhet district, at the border region of … Read more

Redbridge Boishakhi Mela

The Redbridge Boishakhi Mela Trust finally convened a board meeting to decide when the mela will take place after nearly three years. Cllr. Sham Islam, the trust chairperson, mentioned that many locals had asked for the mela to be held this year. They do understand the facts that our principal is to host the mela … Read more

King, Queen Consort visit Brick Lane


By: ANSAR AHMED ULLAH Their Majesties, The King and The Queen Consort, made a historic visit to the heart of the British Bengali community in Brick Lane, Banglatown, on Wednesday, 8 February. Their Majesties, The King and The Queen Consort, visited the heart of the British Bengali community in Brick Lane, meeting charities and businesses. … Read more



Symptoms – diagnosis – prevention Most individuals know that the kidneys’ primary role is to eliminate waste and excess fluid from the body. The urine eliminates these wastes and extra fluid. Highly intricate excretion and reabsorption processes are involved in the generation of urine. This procedure is required to maintain a stable chemical equilibrium in … Read more

Messi weeps tears of joy

Messi Word cup

There was no sign of Roberto Chias anywhere. Instead, he arrived at the legendary Lucile Stadium by helicopter, having travelled from Argentina. Following Argentina’s victory in the 1986 World Cup final, Chias carried Diego Maradona on his shoulder at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. That photograph has gained widespread recognition all around the world. … Read more


cinebuzz editorial

The celebrations of Victory, Independence, or the 21st of February become a platform for a long list of so-called activist lectures, repeating the exact lines and listening to the same tunes till the following year. I genuinely hope that when we mark these days, we will pause to consider a particular question. Are we conveying … Read more

Hazrat Shah Jalal

A Mystical Tale of an Enlightened Soul You know, there is reverence and respect for saints among all Muslims worldwide. They are our role models, our guides, and our inspiration. One of the most revered saints in Islam is Hazrat Shah Jalal. It is said that the life of a great saint is nothing short … Read more

Motijheel Police has arrested two of the 1978 heroes of the anti-racist fighters of East London, plus five other British-Bengali citizens.

Now the UK Bengali community are furious and concerned about NRBs getting second-class treatment by the law  enforcement agencies of Bangladesh and demanding that the government must carry out a full independent investigation on the issues of NRBs. The arrested are Jamal Miah and his brother Kamal Miah; both of them were involved in fighting … Read more

Exploring the Splendors of Bangladesh – A Guide to Fascinating Tourism Destinations in a Mysterious and Exotic Land

my bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful and unique country in the northeast of the Indian subcontinent. It shares borders with India to the west, north, and east. India has borders on all four sides except for a small border with Burma in the southeast and the Bay of Bengal in the south. Bangladesh is a small country, … Read more

Tales of Bengalis in Britain

By: ANSAR AHMED ULLAH In 2005 the Swadhinata Trust embarked on an oral history project, Tales of Three Generation of Bengalis in Britain, which voiced three generations’ experience of being Bengali in multicultural Britain. The project consisted of a collection of fifty-eight oral histories with a focus on three specific themes: ‘roots and memory’ (dialogue … Read more

FIFA World Cup Trophy in Bangladesh

FIFA World Cup trophy

Cinebuzz times desk The FIFA World Cup trophy travelled to Bangladesh on a 36-hour journey. The trophy arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka at 11:20 am on the 8th of June via a chartered flight from Pakistan. A FIFA seven-member delegation, including 1998 World Cup-winning French football star Christian Carambus, arrived with the … Read more

My Bangladesh: Part Two

My Roots | My Identity Arts And Culture Of Bangladesh Bangladesh’s art and culture blend the various civilisations that once inhabited the country. A Bangladeshi artist’s work reflects the country’s history, values, and cultural diversity. From Hindu temples like the Shona to Islamic architecture like the Jama Masjid, Asia’s largest mosque, the arts include many … Read more

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