Redbridge Mayor’s Civic Activities

Mayor civic activities

Glimpses of Redbridge Mayor Cllr. Jyotsna Islam’s civic engagement in November: Mayoral engagement laying wreath display for those man & women who sacrificed their lives to protect us. Found raising event for a local hospital Asian curry awards at Mayfair venue Redbridge Mayor posing photo with guests at Mayor’s Gala Evening 2023 At Durga puja … Read more

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Mayor Gala Event

Mayor Gala Event

The Redbridge Mayor, Cllr. Jyotsna Islam, hosted a fundraising event on November 21st to support two chosen charities: London’s Air Ambulance and ELHAP. The event took place at a beautiful banqueting hall in the Mayfair venue. It was organised in collaboration with Pride of Asia, who ensured that a delicious five-star supper was provided. Many … Read more

Mayor’s civic activity

Redbridge mayor’s civic activities

Glimpses of Redbridge Mayor Cllr. Jyotsna Islam’s civic engagement in the month of October Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Poppy Appeal Launch @ Mayor’s Parlour on 17/10/23. Celebrating Durga Puja organised by Shonaton Group Mayfair Venue on 20/10/23 Celebrating Durga Puja organised by Jaganath Hall Group Barkingside on 20/10/23 Attending Havering Mayor Stephanie Nunn’s Civic Service on … Read more

The inauguration of the Mayor

On the morning of Sunday, September 17th, Councillor Jyotsna Islam, recently appointed mayor of the London Borough of Redbridge Council, became the first individual of Bangladeshi heritage to assume this position. The official swearing-in ceremony took place at the Newbury Park Mosque. Her friends and relatives attended the ceremony. The swearing-in ceremony was attended by … Read more

Mayor’s civic activities

Redbridge Mayor’s Civic Activities

Mayoral engagement attending Barkingside Classic Car Race seeing them off to Southend, amazing experience enclosed some clips. The mayor’s participation in reopening Chestnut Manor residential care home, where Tara and Sunil have created a cutting-edge facility, sought to help people transition from their homes. The building has a library, surround cinema, salon and special occasion … Read more

It was mayor to mayor reception

It was Mayor to Mayor Reception (1)

Mayor Cllr. Jyotsna Islam of Redbridge and her Consort Cllr. Sham Islam hosted a get-together in her parlour on 25th July. The newly elected Mayor, Anuwar Chowdhury of Sylhet City Corporation, was also invited, along with Bengali councillors, Leader of the council Cllr. Jas Athwal, and community leaders and activists. According to Mayor Jyotsna Islam … Read more

Cinebuzz Editor Ansar Ahmed Ullah honoured with UKBRU Award

Cinebuzz editor Ansar Ahmed Ullah honoured with UKBRU Award 2022

Cinebuzz Times UK & Europe editor was honoured with UK Bangla Reporters Unity UKBRU Award 2023 for making an outstanding contribution to journalism in a ceremony held on 28 July at an East London venue. Apart from Cinebuzz Times editor Ansar Ahmed Ullah is also the UK Correspondent for Bangladesh’s Daily Star, Special Correspondent for … Read more

British-Bangladeshi Fast Citizen Alliance

British-Bangladeshi Fast Citizen Alliance

A great assembly of British-Bangladeshi Fast Citizens, comprising former and current mayors and speakers residing in the United Kingdom, was convened in London. The gathering evolved into a convivial assembly with the attendance of incumbent and past municipal leaders and presenters and former presenters hailing from various urban centres. It was decided to establish a group named the British-Bangladeshi … Read more

King Charles III crowned

King Charless

King Charles III was crowned last 6 May Saturday in Britain’s biggest ceremonial event for seven decades, a sumptuous display of pageantry dating back 1,000 years. In front of a congregation of about 100 world leaders and a television audience of millions, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church, slowly placed … Read more

The New Mayor of Redbridge Jyotsna Islam

Joytsna Islam

A Bengali woman’s achievement has helped integrate multicultural and multinational Britain into mainstream politics. Bengalis have shown they can be elected as public officials and perform their duties excellently. Jyotsna Islam, a former deputy mayor and current councillor, has been named Mayor of the London Borough of Redbridge, and the local residents are pleased with … Read more

A remarkable lady

Jyotsna Islam

Jyotsna Islam, a trailblazer of Bengali heritage, has made history by being appointed as the Mayor of the London Borough of Redbridge Council. Her appointment is a monumental moment for the borough, as it signifies a significant breakthrough for individuals of Bengali origin. As Councillor Islam takes on this new role, she is unwavering in … Read more

Ramadan lights for first time

The West End has been covered in lights to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan for the first time. Coventry Street, which joins Piccadilly and Leicester Square, is now illuminated with the message “Happy Ramadan” after a woman single-handedly campaigned to get the month-long Muslim festival recognised in central London. The Mayor of London said he … Read more

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Me and My Brick Lane: Part 11

Part ELEVEN, the reflection of memory continues. Disadvantage Bengali Struggle, the Nightmare, fighting with our family. Furthermore, Race and we attacked. However, almost every day, hearing the word “Paki go back to your own country,” the Anti-Racist Movement was the turning point that changed lives in a land of opportunity and hopes both politically and economically; those who came to the … Read more

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Redbridge Boishakhi Mela

The Redbridge Boishakhi Mela Trust finally convened a board meeting to decide when the mela will take place after nearly three years. Cllr. Sham Islam, the trust chairperson, mentioned that many locals had asked for the mela to be held this year. They do understand the facts that our principal is to host the mela … Read more

RBMT Independence and Iftar Celebration

On Sunday, the 26th of March, the Redbridge Boishakhi Mela Trust held a celebration in honour of Bangladesh Independence Day as well as an Ifter Party in the Tiptree Community Hall. Participants brought a wide variety of home-cooked dishes for the Ifter, which were enthusiastically greeted by the participants of the event, who were members … Read more

Report praising Bangladesh’s development published

Report praising Bangladesh

A new report titled ‘Bangladesh: The Journey of Indomitable Development’ was launched on 22 February at the UK House of Lords by Study Circle, a London-based Bengali research organisation. The launch was held in the Attlee and Reid Room and presided by its Chairperson, Syed Mozammel Ali. Syed Mozzamel Ali, in his opening remarks, said … Read more

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King, Queen Consort visit Brick Lane


By: ANSAR AHMED ULLAH Their Majesties, The King and The Queen Consort, made a historic visit to the heart of the British Bengali community in Brick Lane, Banglatown, on Wednesday, 8 February. Their Majesties, The King and The Queen Consort, visited the heart of the British Bengali community in Brick Lane, meeting charities and businesses. … Read more

NRB’s justice delayed, and justice denied.

NRB_s Justice delayed with

The NRB peoples contribute significantly to the nation’s foreign currency reserve, where the economy is growing faster than many nations. However, NRB people face obstacles and difficulties from their families, relatives, neighbours, and government agencies. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina keeps repeating that all NRB peoples are envoys of her government and the nation. The accused … Read more

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Nadhim Zahawi’s dismissal


The firing of Zahawi might be Sunak’s “John Major moment.” Being a Conservative MP at this point is extremely risky, not just because of the party’s 20-point deficit in the polls and the impending general election. We will not be seeing Tory chairman Nadhim Zahawi’s glistening pate and tight suit on the front pages for … Read more

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