Baisakhi Eid in clothes

The attire enhances the festive atmosphere of Eid. The shopping spree continues before Eid. As Baisakh and Eid draw near, Bengalis’ level of happiness shifts. Domestic fashion brand designers have created clothing with consideration for the two festivals.

A significant number of ladies in the nation exhibit a preference for vibrant attire throughout diverse festivities. According to Biplab Saha, the head and designer of Vishwarang, the typical approach to clothing creation involves prioritising the season and considering the family. As is customary, Vishwarang has once again presented a selection of appealing garments suitable for individuals of all ages. In the past, vibrant and lustrous garments held greater significance in global hues. Currently, vibrant shades and musical tones are observed in garments.

Girls are currently more likely to wear single kameez blouses. Each individual possesses a unique assortment of salwars and veils inside their households. By purchasing a kameez, individuals can effortlessly do it through matching. This is a cost-effective single kameez option for young women.

Given the current high temperatures in nature, Biswarang has used textiles such as cotton, Dhupian silk, Tasar silk, linen, katan, and jacquard to ensure the suitability of Eid clothing in hot weather conditions. The working medium encompasses techniques such as screen print, block printing, digital printing, machine embroidery, computer embroidery, hand embroidery, manipulation, and mixed media, including nakshi kantha zardozi.

Each individual maintains a distinct budget for purchasing Eid attire. Considering the convenience for diverse consumers, Biswarang has recently implemented promotional offers on their clothing products. The cost of an individual kameez is estimated to range from 1500 to 3000 rupees. Additional Selwar kameez are available, with prices ranging from 1500 to 7,000 taka. Depending on the design, customers can purchase sarees of various colours and styles, ranging from 1,400 to 40,000 thousand, in addition to the hand-made sarees created by weavers. Comfortable sarees are suitable for wearing during Baisakh or Eid. Shop at Biswarang to purchase comfy garments for morning and evening wear during Eid. The night party will feature attire in various global colours to accommodate the prevailing weather conditions.

Bishwarang has two subsidiary brands, ‘Rang’ and ‘Shraddha’. Both brands consistently offer fashionable clothing for both young and mature individuals.

The book ‘Shraddha’ encompasses a variety of garments, including Punjabi, Fatwa, Shawl, Uttariya, and other related attire. The price range for Punjabi is between 1000 and 10,000 taka. What is the rationale behind refraining from wearing complementary jewellery when wearing a salwar kameez or saree? Bengali is trapped in the realm of jewellery. Bishwarang jewellery has significant popularity as well. In addition to gold, silver, and diamonds, women are increasingly adorning themselves with fabric jewellery, clay, and cut jewels regularly. A wide range of vibrant jewellery designs can be found. During Baisakh or Eid, jewellery can be effortlessly paired with attire in any setting.

The fashion business La Rive has introduced diverse collections catering to various demographics, including women, men, children, mother-daughter, father-son, teenagers, and a unique Nargiss collection for the Eid celebration. Each fashion season, we engage in the exploration of novel concepts. The topic of this Eid collection is titled “Release.” Following an extended period of starvation, we can warmly embrace and commemorate. Anxiety has been alleviated, and tranquilly, or inner tranquilly, has resurfaced in our thoughts. The colour palette of this collection has been carefully chosen to convey happiness, calm, and the delight of recovering from the festival.

La Rive dresses are available in a variety of colours, including vibrant orange or juicy orange, vibrant green, azure and dark blue, red, brown, orange, yellow, black, maroon, olive green, purple, teal, onion, blush pink, and pastel hues.

La Rive has also emphasised the joyful atmosphere of Eid in fashion. The Eid 2023 collection incorporates a variety of textile materials, including silk, half-silk, muslin, organza, crepe, satin, jacquard, mercerized cotton, viscose, indie, and premium-quality cotton.

Numerous themes and printed narratives organize Eid attire. The concept of Crafted Kitch encompasses a collection of intricate manipulation, embroidery, and handwork techniques. A scrolling graphic story comprises vibrant painterly visuals, floral scrolls, and cross-stitch prints, among other elements. Speckle Blast Printstory showcases the presence of animal prints and geometric spotprints. Applying pigment and ombre crushing is characterised by vibrant dye effects, complemented by a blend of subdued and vibrant colour blocks. Additionally, there are captivating print narratives such as flowery pop prints adorned with pop-style flowers, check and square box prints, child-like charm, and optimistic messages.

The saree holds significant appeal for women. La Rive has developed a remarkable saree collection for the festival of Eid, with zari-katana, kasavu-kota, and a combination of patterned half-silk and muslin fabrics. Additionally, salwar kameez sets, single kameez, long and midi tunics, gowns, blouses, shirts, and abaya sets are available. The assortment of bottoms encompasses a range of styles, including palazzos, culottes, leggings, skirts, and pants. The premium collection, Nargissus, by La Rive, showcases sophisticated and captivating designs. Shear-layering is the prominent characteristic of this year’s Nargissus collection.

This collection showcases a range of high-end designs, including skirt-kameez sets, sharara-kameez sets, four-piece salwar kameez suits, shrug-style designs, long tunics, shrugs, shirts, retro-ruffle gowns, and angrakha pattern pieces.

The Eid collection for men encompasses a range of fashionable options, such as well-fitted, semi-fitted, and regular-fit Punjabi shirts, formal and casual shirts, Kabli sets, comfort shirts, and polo shirts, as well as tees and T-shirts. The selection of bottoms encompasses pant pyjamas with different fits, denim and chinos trousers, and lungi styles. La Rive offers an extensive assortment of coordinating headwear suitable for men of all ages.

The Eid collection offered by La Rive encompasses a diverse range of garments designed to enhance the festive experience for children. The Mini-Me collection offers matching Eid attire for both fathers and sons and mothers and daughters. Girls have been designed with various garments, including a tunic, dress, oven set, salwar kameez, ghagra choli set, and comfort leggings. Punjabi attire, including polo shirts, t-shirts, casual shirts, pants, and pyjamas, is tailored explicitly to males. Special Eid arrangements are also available for infants.

The La Rive home decor and accessories division has just introduced a range of visually appealing products to celebrate the Eid holiday. The home décor area encompasses many items, such as bed coverings, curtains, flower vases, photo frames, candles, and floor rugs. The accessories category will encompass a range of footwear options, including heels, slippers, sandals, shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, and hair accessories.

La Riva will also provide outfits in vibrant hues throughout this period. Therefore, embark on a shopping spree to enhance your appearance during Baisakh or Eid. May you celebrate this Baisakhi Eid in vibrant attire.

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