Panthumai waterfall, Sylhet

Experience the breathtaking view of the Panthumai Waterfall as aggressive watercourses descend from the towering mountains. Take a moment to appreciate the natural environment surrounding you.

Panthumai Jharna, also known as the “Panthumai” fountain, is a beautiful village in the West Jaflong Union of Goainghat Upazila in the Sylhet district, at the border region of Bangladesh and India. This village is located at the foot of the Meghalaya Hills and is considered one of the most picturesque towns in Bangladesh. In addition, the village is home to the breathtaking Panthumai Waterfall, which is situated at the confluence of the Meghalaya Hills and the Piane River. The waterfall known as Panthumai Jharna has several names given by locals. It is sometimes called ‘Fatachari Jharna’ or ‘Barahil Jharna,’ and other times referred to as ‘Mayavati.’!

Even though the main location is in India, you can go to Jharna by renting a small dinghy boat for 100 rupees. According to the local boatmen, you can see the beauty of this waterfall from a safe distance and take pictures and videos. And if you want, you can dip in the water coming down from the waterfall from the Bangladesh part.

Best time to visit Panthumai waterfall:

You can visit Panthumai Waterfall anytime. But monsoon season is the ideal time to travel. Then there is a lot of water flow all around.

How to visit waterfall Jharna:

It is good to say that usually, all travellers visit Bichnakandi, Panthumai waterfall and Lakshmanchara together on this route. However, if you want to see only Panthumai waterfall, you can visit all three places together for the same amount. So it is best to plan to visit these three places together.

No matter where you are in Bangladesh, you must first come to Sylhet district city on this trip. And you can go to Sylhet by bus, train and plane from Dhaka.

Ways to go from Dhaka to Sylhet:

Several air-conditioned bus companies, such as Green Line, Shyamli, Saudia, S Alam, and Ena Paribahan, offer transportation from Dhaka to Kalyanpur, Fakirapool, and Syedabad. The cost for an individual to ride on an AC bus ranges from 1200 to 1400 taka. Additionally, non-AC bus options provided by Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, or Ena Paribahan for travel to Sylhet cost between 550 and 570 takas per passenger.

From Dhaka to Sylhet by train, you can choose Upaban, Jayantika, Parabat or Kalni Express train from Biman Bandar railway station to Kamalapur as your travel companion. It will take 6 to 7 hours to travel by train.

And you can travel by air from Dhaka to Sylhet quickly. From Shahjalal International Airport, Biman Bangladesh, Novo Air, and US Bangla Airlines flights depart for Sylhet daily. The ticket price per person is Tk 3,500 to Tk 10,000, depending on the class.

Ways to go from Chittagong to Sylhet:

Sylhet can be reached by bus or train from Chittagong. If you want to go by train from Chittagong, two trains, Paharika and Udayan Express, run six days a week.

How to reach Panthumai waterfall from Sylhet:

From Sylhet’s Ambarkhana CNG station, one must take local CNG for 140 to 160 taka per person to come to Hadarpar. Taking CNG reserve for the whole day will cost 1000 to 1500 taka. Arrange a boat from Hadarpar boat jetty to visit Bishatkandi, Panthumai Jharna and Lakshmanchara by negotiating with the boatman. Renting a boat can cost 800 to 1500 taka. Renting a big trawler can cost up to Rs 2,500 in some cases. In winter and at the beginning of monsoon, when the water in the river is low, one can go from Hadarpar to Bichnakandi on foot. Then motorbikes ply on this route at a fare of 50 to 60 taka.

Bargain for any fare. And if the season and tourist presence are high, the rent may be lower or higher.

Where you stay:

You can choose Sylhet City for your stay due to less travel time. Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Darga Gate, Surma, Kaikobad etc. hotels can stay according to your needs and capacity. Besides, there are many quality rest houses at low rent in the Lala Bazar area and Darga Road, Where you will get different types of rooms for 400 to 1000 taka.

where to eat:

There are some temporary food hotels in Bichnakandi. In those hotels, it will cost 120 to 150 taka to eat unlimited rice and dal with a curry and shutki bharta. Besides, you can take some dry food, and water, if necessary. For example, you can eat Gani Mia’s Bhuna Khichuri in Hadarpar Bazar.

Besides, Sylhet City has various quality restaurants, and you will get everything according to your needs. You can eat local food like Pansi, Panch Bhai or Palki restaurants in the Zindabazar area of Sylhet. These restaurants offer a wide variety of bhorta bhaji at affordable prices.

Travel tips and warnings

Travel in groups to reduce costs.

Bargain for boat and CNG hire.

Be careful when entering the water.

Be aware that small water currents are swift during monsoons.

Many rocks are in the water at Bishtakandi, so be extra careful while walking.

Please do not do anything that harms the environment and nature.

Be polite to the locals.

Return to Sylhet city before evening.

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