Arthritis Treatment and Remedies

Arthritis Treatment and Remedies

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN Pain is an age-old affliction. Since birth, human beings have experienced pain in their bodies. According to historical records, an ancient Greek goddess was associated with this disease. The name ‘Poin’ caused the pain. However, this concept pertains to Greek mythology. Thanks to scientific advancements, we now have a comprehensive understanding … Read more

Breast cancer signs and treatment

Breast cancer signs and treatment

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN This particular ailment is currently prevalent as one of the most frequently occurring forms of cancer. The prevalence of this condition is observed in 1 out of every 15 women in our nation. Therefore, it is of utmost significance to engage in a discussion regarding this matter. In several instances, many … Read more

Child Leukemias: Causes, symptoms, treatment

Child Leukemias: Causes, symptoms, treatment

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN Leukemia is a type of cancer that can be life-threatening. Leukemia can cause serious symptoms not only in adults but also in children. What is leukemia? Leukaemia is another term for blood cancer. This condition begins with the growth of cancer cells in the bone marrow, then in the blood. As … Read more

Snake nuisance & public panic

By: BAPPY KHAN When people hear about snakes, they tremble with fear of the unknown. Many people try to kill the snake on sight. Many assert their power and strength by killing snakes. Ignorance about snakes, lack of proper scientific knowledge, and belief in superstitions are the main reasons. According to snake experts and researchers, … Read more

Dengue: Why epidemic?

Dengue Why epidemic

By: Dr. AZIZUR RAHMAN At the year’s onset, experts had issued warnings regarding the dengue condition. However, the issue of dengue control was given insufficient attention. Presently, the dengue virus has manifested perilously. In July, a staggering number of 304 individuals succumbed to the effects of dengue, surpassing all previous mortality figures. Amidst the prevailing circumstances, … Read more

Dengue fever: Symptoms and treatments

Dengue fever symptoms, remedies and treatment

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN Dengue fever is known to be an extremely painful illness. Those who suffer from it often experience weakness, and the fever can linger in the body for a long time. However, it’s important to remember that dengue is not usually fatal. Proper rest and adherence to treatment guidelines make it possible … Read more

Hepatitis B: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hepatitis B Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN A person faces many types of diseases throughout his life. Some of these diseases are very common and improve within two to four days. Again there are some diseases whose involvement is life and even death. One such very dangerous and deadly disease is Hepatitis B. Considering the severity of this … Read more

Monsoon Skin Care

Monsoon Skin Care

During the monsoon season, various types of skin problems, such as acne and rash, occur. Especially those with susceptible skin need to be more careful. Especially the problem of acne on the face increases during this time. Many people also suffer from skin allergies. Such skin problems are widespread in this monsoon. But because of … Read more

Brain tumour symptoms and treatment

brain tumar

By: Dr. Azizur Rahman Brain tumours can occur at any age. However, some tumours originate in the brain. These are called primary brain tumours. Brain Tumor Day is celebrated worldwide on June 8. In 1998, a charity called the German Brain Tumor Association was formed. Since 2000, Brain Tumor Day has been celebrated globally under … Read more

Preventing breast cancer

By: Dr. Azizur Rahman Today, breast cancer or breast cancer is a source of dread. Nowadays, breast cancer is prevalent. The percentage of women affected by breast cancer is 98%, but some males are also affected. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, more than 13,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually … Read more

Heat stroke risk in summer

By: Dr. Azizur Rahman The scorching heat of summer poses a threat to our health. Increased temperature, dehydration, food poisoning, sunburn, typhoid, etc., can lead to diseases, physical complications, and heat stroke. What is heat stroke? Before learning about heatstroke, we must familiarize ourselves with the term hyperthermia. In medical terms, hyperthermia refers to some … Read more

Stomach ulcer symptoms and treatment

Stomach ulcer symptoms and treatment

By: DR AZIZUR RAHMAN A stomach or gastric ulcer is a type of sore or wound in the stomach lining. Such ulcers can occur in other parts of the digestive system besides the stomach. For example, An ulcer in the first part of the intestine that starts after the stomach is called a duodenal ulcer. … Read more



Symptoms – diagnosis – prevention Most individuals know that the kidneys’ primary role is to eliminate waste and excess fluid from the body. The urine eliminates these wastes and extra fluid. Highly intricate excretion and reabsorption processes are involved in the generation of urine. This procedure is required to maintain a stable chemical equilibrium in … Read more

Winter Disease Pneumonia: Symptoms &Treatment

Winter Disease Pneumonia Symptoms & Treatment (1)

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN The mood of winter is enjoyable and exciting. But for many, it is also a source of pain. Because winter brings with it many cold-related diseases. Especially children and elderly people have more diseases during this time. Cold increases children’s risk of life-threatening pneumonia. Like every other time, hospitals see a … Read more

Winter diseases, symptoms and remedies

Winter diseases, symptoms and remedies

By: DR. AZIZUR RAHMAN Various types of diseases make their home in the human body during winter. A little carelessness can cause serious risks. Let’s know what diseases can occur in winter and their remedies. Virus/Viral fever: The onset of viral fever in response to changes in the weather is a well-known concern. Even throughout … Read more



                                              By: DR. SHUVASHISH ROY  WHAT IS CONJUNCTIVITIS? Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is when your eye gets inflamed, making the whites of your eyes bloodshot or pink in colour. Pink eye is quite common and highly contagious. CAUSES AND TYPES OF CONJUNCTIVITIS There are many causes for pink eye, either through an allergic … Read more

How true is it that consumption of Kabiraji medicine cures jaundice?


                                                                          OR                                           People’s misconceptions about jaundice INTRODUCTION: Jaundice is a word familiar to everyone. Almost everyone knows about this disease. If it is not treated in time, the disease can become complicated and even cause death. It causes the skin and eyes to appear yellow due to the increase in the yellow pigment called … Read more

Dengue Symptoms, Remedies and Actions


Now rainy season. Dengue is now the name of fear. Because every day patients are being admitted to various hospitals with symptoms of this disease. For whatever reason, mosquito control programs have not met with success this time. The general symptoms of dengue are similar to those of other viral diseases. Many have taken treatment … Read more

Cataract and phaco surgery

DR. MD. SHARFUDDIN AHMED The cornea and lens of the eye are very necessary for human vision. If the transparent lens of the eye is opaque due to age or any other reason, vision is reduced, and normal functioning is disrupted. Cataracts are the opaque lenses of the eyes. With age, if there is an … Read more

Reproductive health care and safe maternity rights

Reproductive health refers to the overall well-being of the reproductive system. A pregnant woman must have the right to receive reproductive health care during pregnancy, all delivery services for safe motherhood, and postpartum services. It is a constitutional and fundamental right of pregnant women.The process of conceiving and giving birth to a child 3 is … Read more

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