Equality in smoking: Views of society

Equality in smoking: Views of society

When I was young, I saw that at least one house in the village used to sell bidis (local smoking goods- called BIRRI) made of banyan leaves. Due to the market’s distance and the communication system’s difficulty, this domestic market selling bidis was not doing badly. Besides, there was another reason: some of these banyan … Read more

Building Stronger Relationships with Students

student relationship

Recently, we have seen a few traumatic instances of toxic relationships between teachers and students in which the teachers portrayed themselves as the students’ adversaries. In many cases, their aggressive behaviour toward students and threats to ruin their careers cause them to harm themselves or engage in self-destructive behaviour. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, trauma, … Read more

Lack of employment opportunities in Bangladesh

Lack of employment

Even though the economy has grown faster in the last ten years, the chances of creating new jobs have decreased. Even though the gross domestic product (GDP) growth has been fast during this time, employment has been decreasing. The rate at which new jobs opened up in different fields a decade ago is not the … Read more

Youth Crime: Is it a Major Issue?

Youth Crime

As industrialisation progresses, Bangladesh is becoming one of the emerging countries of South Asia. But throughout this movement process, it faces many problems, one of which is juvenile delinquency. Increasingly high rates of juvenile delinquency have become a major problem in modern society. The reason is that not all children have the privilege of living … Read more

Youth in The pressures of materialism in Bangladesh

In today’s world, everyone is running after materials to fulfil their desires. As a result, people lose the sense of what they really need and what they don’t. They are following herd behaviour to satisfy their desires. This article will discuss “youth in the pressures of materialism in Bangladesh” and how youngers can avoid materialism. … Read more

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

Recently, there has been much talk about empowerment, whether female empowerment, worker empowerment, or youth empowerment. But the essential question is, what does empowerment mean? And how it impacts young people. Before analysing the significance of youth empowerment in the twenty-first century, it is vital to define the term. Therefore, although empowerment is a vast … Read more

Teachers’ Dissatisfaction, Impediment to Development: Bangladesh Perspective


What is job satisfaction?Job satisfaction is a feeling of fulfilment or enjoyment that a person derives from their job. It is an unquantifiable metric, which may be defined as a positive emotional response you experience when doing your job or when you are present at work (Chiradeep BasuMallick, 2021). Wikipedia mentioned that job satisfaction or … Read more

The etiquette of using a smartphone

using a smartphone

HASANUL JOY Mobile phones are a common method of keeping in touch today. People can now use this mobile phone. People use their mobile phones to communicate, trade, buy and sell goods, and learn new things. However, when it comes to religious and ethical considerations, cell phone users have a number of guidelines that they … Read more

Domestic Violence In Bangladesh

domestic violent

Domestic violence is defined as violence perpetrated by someone in the victim’s immediate family. Partners and ex-partners, close family members, extended relatives, and family friends are included.When the offender and the victim have a close relationship, “domestic violence” is used. They frequently have a power imbalance. As a result, the victim is reliant on the … Read more

Do Social Media Harm Young Adult’s Mental Health?

Do Social Media Harm Young Adult

Social networking is a technology with several advantages. It allows users to interact and exchange knowledge and meet new people. However, there are drawbacks, particularly for college-aged young people who have grown up in a screen-dominated environment. Humans are social creatures by nature. To prosper in life, we require the company of others, and the … Read more

Youth & Road Safety

Youth & Road Safety

The majority of young people who die in car accidents are under 25. Every day, approximately 1,000 young people are killed or injured on the world’s highways. For people between the ages of 15 and 25, this global health problem is the leading cause of death among those in this age group. Young people are … Read more



Ingredients: Methodology First, we have to blend the Sour yoghurt, Coriander leaves & Mint Leave. After that, we have to chop an apple very well. Then we have to take apple chopped, cucumber, cherry and tomato in a pot and mix very gently with rock salt & sugar. Now we have to blend all these … Read more

Suicidal Tendency among Young Generation

Suicidal Tendency

Suicide occurs more frequently in older people than in younger people, but it remains one of the leading causes of death in late childhood and adolescence worldwide. This results in the loss of many young lives, but it also has disruptive psychosocial and socioeconomic consequences. Suicide among young people is a major issue in public … Read more

Youth As A Job Struggler

Job Struggler

Mohd. Tahsin Islam Job Struggler: “After completing my postgraduate, I began to hunt for a job in my city, but I couldn’t find any. After some time, I became frustrated because I was going for interviews. My family, relatives & my friends also started taunting me for not getting a job. I was not able … Read more

Lack of quality teachers in Bangladesh and what to do

quality teachers

Quality teachers Teaching is one of the most complex activities in the world. Teacher quality is said to be the most crucial factor influencing learner outcomes. So, teachers must have extraordinary qualifications to ensure quality education. Definitions of quality teaching have changed and will continue to change over time as society’s values change. Berliner (2005) … Read more

Building good relationship with your children

childhood trauma

From the very beginning, we are taught responsibilities towards parents and many other things on how to treat our parents in every stage of life. Still, we never get something detailed about parenting and the responsibilities toward children which causes childhood trauma. Parents are the most influential people in children’s lives. The following are ten … Read more

Netizens’ frustration is a hindrance to SDG


Muhammad Mofizur Rahman PhD Fellow, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. Assistant professor, BCS (general education) Frustration is a typical emotional response to opposition, related to anger, annoyance and disappointment. It is the feeling of being upset or annoyed due to being unable to change or achieve something. According to Oxford University Dictionary, … Read more

Changing the Way, You Think

Changing the Way, You Think

The quality of our lives is determined by the character of our thoughts, which can be sad, happy, or contented. Comfortable, optimistic, and positive people have a zing in their bodies, making their blood flow freely and their hearts beat joyfully. While shifting one’s perspective is not easy, having an open and optimistic mindset is … Read more

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