Youth Crime: Is it a Major Issue?

As industrialisation progresses, Bangladesh is becoming one of the emerging countries of South Asia. But throughout this movement process, it faces many problems, one of which is juvenile delinquency. Increasingly high rates of juvenile delinquency have become a major problem in modern society. The reason is that not all children have the privilege of living a comfortable life without sadness or suffering. Due to the terrible situation, some of these children commit crimes and are punished by national law.

 Juvenile delinquency can be seen as an inconsistent activity of children that is not recognised by society and a violation of the law by the Second United Nations Conference. According to classical criminology, juvenile delinquency, like other forms of crime, remains personal. Yet, it’s a nasty subject with its own complexity.

The Tiktok `sensation` called Ofu Bai seems on display every so often, addressing Sunny Leone, wiping his footwear on someone’s collar for teasing his girlfriend, dancing and perilous his Tiktok adversaries. His hair is every so often gold, every so often green.

 Ofu Bai`s actual call is Yasin Arafat Opu. On three August, he was arrested in Uttara of, the capital town, for beating up an engineer.

 In January 2017 in Uttara, the developing threat of sweet sixteen crook gangs within the town first got to the light with the homicide of Adnan, a Class eight scholar of Trust School and College. In the modern-day incident, clashes among juvenile gangs in Kamrangirchar left one useless with stab injuries.

 The regulation enforcement groups have stated that the crook inclinations of those younger boys have now no longer lessened. On the contrary, they’re developing in strength. They are even the usage of the Tiktok app to create new gangs. A case was filed in Bhatara in opposition to such gang contributors for raping a younger lady after luring her with guarantees of creating her a Tiktok star. These younger gangs have become concerned with militancy too.

Why are those younger ones clashing with the law? Is the state, the society or maybe the households there for those younger teenagers? Jagannath University’s professor Sabrina Sharmin mentioned the problem during a period in her studies titled `Dynamics of Juvenile Delinquency and its Implication, An Anthropological Study (2017).

 She stated that family, society, faith and buddies could hold juveniles far from a crime. This is known as social manipulation. This manipulation has been destroyed. In the beyond, if younger ones had been visible smoking in public, the elders of the locality could admonish them. Now the elders are fearful of them.

 She mentioned that the mother and father frequently falter in maintaining up with generation and globalisation. They haven’t any concept of how their youngsters spend their time and how they use their virtual devices. Also, even though there may be designated studies on why those juveniles are becoming concerned in crime, the government’s imposing groups haven’t any hobby in this. So no matter the proper legal guidelines and policies, those aren’t 7implemented.

Back in the year 1960. Salahuddin Ahmed, a researcher at the College of Social Welfare’s studies centre, did a study for the police called “Studies in Juvenile Delinquency and Crime in East Pakistan.” Since then, about 70 more studies have been done on the same problem. At that time, stealing and picking pockets were the most common crimes committed by young people in what was then called East Pakistan. However, research shows that more and more people are worried about drugs, murder, rape, and fighting these days.

According to the Bangladesh Penal Code 1860’s article 82, no act of a toddler under the age of nine may be considered a crime. In the Majority Act 1875, all of us under the age of 18 is referred to as a juvenile. By deciphering sections 82-eighty three of the Penal Code and Children Act, juvenile offenders might be 12 to sixteen years antique.

After the murder of 17-year-old Mohsin Ali in the capital’s Mohammadpur neighbourhood on September 4, 2019, “gangs” in Uttara have been making eerie copies of the gruesome killing of 14-year-old schoolboy Adnan Kabir in 2017. This has brought attention to the rise in youth gang violence in Dhaka. In the past year, every time two youth gangs fought in Kamrangirchar, one person was stabbed to death in every other fight.

According to UNICEF, there are 36 million teens in Bangladesh. Since 2012, the police headquarters has had data on adolescent crime. In 2012, 751 kids and teens were accused in 484 cases. In the primary six months of 2020, 1,191 have been arrested in 821 cases. Sources within the social welfare directorate stated that most of those teens have been arrested for the case of drugs, homicide, and rape and despatched to the correctional centres.

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, around forty million kids are between five and 17 years of age. Among them, approximately 1. three million kids are worried about unsafe jobs, wherein 70% interact in crook sports due to poverty. Hundred years of social technology studies have shown that poverty is the sizeable issue influencing delinquency.

 Experts say that most juvenile delinquents are road kids who get initiated into the crime arena via drug abuse. While Bangladesh observes National Child Rights Week 2016 from September 29 to October 05; in Bangladesh, road kids are worried about drug peddling around 44%, 35% are engaged in picketing, 12% in a mugging, 11% in human trafficking, and 21% in different crook sports, says the assets on the Ministry of Home Affairs.

 By society and state-identified norms and regulations, juvenile delinquency desires to be regulated. Juvenile delinquency is accountable for: mental imbalances, poverty, threat and disasters, loss of right counselling, bodily disorders, and social disorders. Plus, severe dependency on cell and the internet, loss of playground, the shame of social values, the terrible effect of social media, city mechanical life, deterioration of the connection among kids and parents, and absence of own circle of relatives focus and natural amusement additionally performs a sizeable function at the back of juvenile delinquency.

If juvenile delinquency roots aren’t uprooted soon, then it’ll take a horrible shape. For example, young adults are much more likely to emerge as criminals if they constantly see fights and abnormalities within their own circle of relatives. Juveniles often fall into depressing groups and expand awful behaviour because of loss of interest and communication, cultural aggression, neediness, negligence, and their own vulnerable circle of relatives bonding. Teenagers are pushed with the aid of using emotion in place of wisdom. The interest and electricity of juveniles have to be channelled in a wonderful direction.

Some green steps want to be taken to save juvenile delinquency. Parents need to spend time and speak to them about their children’s mental improvement. They additionally want to be aware of the small wishes of their children. Educational establishments have a large function in developing values and ethics amongst children. It is vital to make ethical schooling obligatory and offer counselling in each instructional institution. Nevertheless, the well-being of the youths doesn’t always depend on others like parents, teachers, and society, but additionally themselves. They have to be steadfast and sincere and try for an official approach to achievement.

 In this way, the rise of youth crime in Bangladesh is making it harder for the U.S. to get better. It’s time for the government to pay more attention to this problem because of what the future holds for the children of the U.S. Then, we’ll be able to take one more step toward the top of progress.

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