Do not mind studying? How to control your mind

The exam is ahead, but you don’t feel like studying right now? During the exam, the mind goes to the other side! As soon as you sit down to read, all the other thoughts in your head and sleep do not want to leave! Ugh, what a fire, father! What, you must also face this problem. Hey, you are not alone. Many people have this problem. But the exam is ahead, and you have to focus on studying. So today I am telling you some ways how to control your mind. find out

1. Make up your mind

The mind needs to be prepared before reading. So before reading, decide what you will read, why you will read it, and how long you will read a chapter. Keep all the reading materials close at hand so that you don’t have to get up again and again. If you want to get up, this will destroy the mental connection. Bring water and some light food if necessary. Eat if you are hungry. Drink water, too, because the throat becomes dry after reading. And you drink water again and again.

2. This time, the phone is not at all

Turn off the phone five minutes before reading because the phone is very distracting. So turn off the phone. But if you absolutely need to be alone, leave the phone in another room. In general, there should be no phone in the room where you sit to read. Hey don’t worry, I’m not saying cut all ties with your phone. Just forget the phone while reading.

3. Not just textbooks

To get good results, don’t just stick to textbooks. Keep track of what’s happening around you. Also, use digital media occasionally for reading. Now the internet is a very good medium of learning. Use the internet. You will get many new points there. You can watch YouTube videos on the subject. It will remember more because the brain can remember audio-visual media more. And can easily understand. And learning can never be learned from textbooks alone. You have to learn from society and life.

4. Understand first

It is very important to understand what you are reading first. First, take a good look and understand the essence of what you are wearing. What does it really mean? Actually, what to read from here. What to know reading will be remembered only when the main point enters the head. And the mind will sit in teaching. And if you just start memorizing without understanding the subject, the mind will not sit at all. Nothing will come to mind. As a result, you will forget very quickly. So understand well first.

5. Teach someone else

It’s great if you can teach someone else what you’re reading. It’s a very good way to focus on reading. Also, by teaching someone else, you will see how you are revising yourself. And how do you remember the readings?

6. right place

It is very important to choose a proper place to focus on studying first. Definitely don’t sit to read in a place where there is a lot of noise or music playing. Without a quiet place, you can’t concentrate on reading. So fix the place first. It is very important where you sit to study so that you can study well.

7. timetable

To focus on studying, a timetable is definitely needed. Never read anything. How many chapters will you read? How long is the break between? Make a routine from morning to night. Read this routine a few days before the exam. Be sure to take a break. Do whatever you want with the brakes. Then the mind will be good. And if the mind is good, only then will the mind sit in the study. And eat well sometimes. And, of course, rest. If you don’t sleep well, you will get sleep while reading.

So keep these points in mind before reading from now on. And read with pleasure. Only then will the mind settle. No need to force yourself to read when you don’t want to. It won’t bother you at all. So it is very important to keep the mind happy. So keep them in mind and keep reading. The mind will settle. And yes, best of luck with the exam.

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