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Half a million country students go abroad for higher education every year. Most of them complete the admission process and visa processing in foreign universities through various ‘consultancy firms. Depending on the field, firms take from 50 thousand to 25 lakhs from each person. There are two thousand such institutions in the country. But unfortunately, as it is highly profitable, a few circles have created a vicious fraud trap in the name of ‘consultancy firms’ around this sector.

In the last decade, the gangs have stolen at least 1.5 billion rupees from seven thousand students by cheating them by sending them abroad for studies. The sources of investigation and law enforcement have revealed this information.

There are mainly two types of scams that dishonest agencies use through flashy campaigns. One. By embezzling money from students, keeping the university admission process incomplete and not sending them abroad. They are not giving the promised facilities by sending visas abroad. As the number of students wanting to go overseas for higher education has increased, fraud circles are rampant. Law enforcement agencies call it a new area of human trafficking and money laundering.

Meanwhile, the country has no solid law for punitive measures against such crimes. There is also no mechanism to monitor the activities of consultancy firms. Organisations operate only with a trade license or company as a ‘consultant’. As a result, fraudsters associated with the firm are getting away with stealing vast sums of money. On the contrary, the student and his family are the only ones.

Today, the demand of the times, the diminishing job market in the country, and the desire for higher education have increased the propensity for students to study abroad. In such situations, higher education or research is merely a stick. Many individuals intend to move overseas and acquire citizenship there. The majority of firms emphasise this campaign. And as a result of this, many individuals protested the agencies. However, it is the responsibility of the government to secure these students. Placement of the agencies under a ministry is necessary so they cannot deceive. The legal loopholes must be closed, the fraud cases must be investigated, and perpetrators must be punished. Additionally, pupils who wish to study abroad should be informed about this type of fraud.

Now is the age of information technology. The world is at hand. So you can apply for higher education by yourself. Those who want to go to graduation

Those who want to go abroad for higher education after passing higher secondary must first decide which subject they want to study. Then, after selecting the topic as per your wish, please look at the demand for it in the job market. After that, about selecting the country to study in and inquiring about the subject in which university is taught well. After collecting all the information, you can travel abroad according to your strength and ability.

Those who want to go for master’s and post-graduation

Again, those who have already completed their graduation choose the subjects. But in the case of masters, it is seen that the issue of graduation is not available when studying abroad. Therefore, if you study any subject according to your career, your career will be brighter. You have to know and think about it. Those who want to study abroad should inquire about it from the 4th year of graduation. Knowing what documents and qualifications will be required to visit a country.

What are the qualifications for which?

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for engineering majors who wish to study in the United States. And there is the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for those who want to study business or humanities. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is for those who want to go abroad after passing higher secondary or to get admission to a college abroad. European countries do not require the American GRE or GMAT. GRE or GMAT is valid for five years. However, if it is more than 2-3 years, the professors suggest sitting for the exam again.

Which is required in English proficiency?

IELTS or TOEFL is required for proof of English language proficiency. These two tests are accepted in almost all countries. IELTS is a language proficiency test based in the UK and Australia. Therefore, IELTS is more prevalent in Australia and European countries. And TOEFL is more important for American language tests. So according to one’s chosen destination, one should give either exam. The duration of both these exams is two years. However, apart from these two exams, you can get admission to the universities of many countries. So it is not the case that only these two exams are needed for higher education abroad.

Documents required

Biodata, statement of purpose, mark sheet, IELTS/TOEFL results, and bank solvency certificate will be required at the beginning of application for higher education abroad. After starting the application with these documents, enrollment confirmation will be available from the university. Apply for a visa along with other necessary documents like National Identity Card, Marriage Certificate (if married), Birth Certificate, Tax Certificate, etc. If all documents are correct

There will be opportunities for higher education abroad.

Which country will you study in?

The most important thing for studying abroad is to know which country, university, and subject to study. But many people get into trouble with the election of nearby countries because each country’s verification is different. Then, again, the manners, lifestyle, weather, scholarship opportunities, and opportunities to enter work alongside studying or after studying are not the same in all countries. So consider all aspects and then make a decision. So one should always prepare at least one year in advance. It is better not to rush here.

Among the countries that Bangladeshi students put on their wish list are – the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Britain, China, Malaysia and others. Among these countries, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have more opportunities to get citizenship after education.

Which universities to choose?

After selecting the country, you have to select the university. You can take the help of world ranking in selecting a university. For example, which university provides scholarships and how bright the portfolio will be after studying at that university should also be kept in mind. Click here to learn about the university.

Popular Scholarships

Higher education abroad is generally expensive. So it is very difficult for many people to bear this cost. In this case, students who are going to study abroad are mainly looking for scholarships. Check out popular scholarship programs at a glance-

1. UK Commonwealth Scholarships and Chevening Scholarships

2. Humber International Entrance Scholarship in Canada

2. Japan’s Monbusho Scholarship and Monbukagakusho Scholarship

3. United States Fulbright Foreign Students Program

4. MHTT Scholarship Program

5. Germany’s DAAD

6. Australia Development Scholarship

Self Funding

Apart from scholarships, each university has its funding system. There will be an opportunity if the professor takes refuge in this matter. Those who can afford these expenses need not bother with the scholarship. You can study in any university under self-funding.

Certificate of financial ability or solvency

After selecting the country and university, you will need proof of financial ability or solvency when you get the visa. For example, if you receive a Full Bright Scholarship, you must provide proof of funds to cover travel, health insurance and other necessary expenses. And if you are getting a self-funding or partial scholarship, you must provide proof of financial ability to cover all expenses, including university expenses. On the other hand, if you bear the expenses of your close relatives, such as your father, mother, brother, or sister, you must provide their consent letter and proof of their financial solvency. In addition, a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Bank Solvency Certificate are important documents to prove your financial ability.

How to send documents to the university

Before sending the documents to the university, you must know whether these are needed there. Many universities only require online applications. However, many universities also require hard copies of documents and online applications. You can send these documents to FedEx or DHL as an international courier. You can also take the EMS service of Bangladesh Government Post Office. Bangladesh Post Department will deliver to your desired destination at a low cost.

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