pitfalls of dating Apps

A guy talks to a girl on a dating app. After talking for a while, the conversation became quite intense. Then there is the plan to meet. So far, so good. But after meeting, the girl takes the boy to a room. After some time, two people went there.

They said that they had received a call from a source. They were informed on the phone that something terrible was happening with a girl in that room. After that, the gang stole 27,000 takas from the boy to keep the matter a secret.

Such incidents happen often. The incidence of sextortion is also increasing day by day. Fraudsters also pretend to be fake police officers. There are many traps in dating apps. Security is very low. There is almost no privacy.

 Often, boys and girls are accused of making offensive videos, blackmailing them. The threat of rape also comes. So there are some things to be careful about while using dating apps.

What is sextortion?

Sextortion is blackmailing someone by showing them nude pictures or videos, forcing them to have sex, or even blackmailing them for money based on call recordings of intimate moments.

How to save yourself from the trap:

Only those whose profiles have been verified by the dating app should only be talked to.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble have profile verification facilities. Although verified profiles do not guarantee security, verified profiles show that the image on the screen is of the person sitting on the other side of the screen.

 Also, meet someone whom the app user knows personally or is known by someone they know. So social media profiles should be checked well in advance. The idea of right and wrong can be found a lot from this.

 Chats should not be deleted from the dating app after exchanging WhatsApp numbers with the person being talked to. All records must be kept. However, if the person on the opposite side deletes the app user from the dating app, then contact with him should be stopped.

  One should not have intimate conversations with strangers. It is also not okay to send nude or offensive pictures or videos of yourself. Likewise, talking on video calls should not be offensive.

 Choose a populated area to meet the person you want to talk to on a dating app. At the place fixed by them, it is not allowed to go to their house, and also, it is not allowed to call one’s own house.

  It would be best to ask the person you are talking to on the dating app about his work, background and family. They should also be cross-checked. If any information is found to be wrong, it should be blocked.

  Dating apps also have the option to report fake profiles. So that no one else gets scammed, say it and take action. We can’t see who’s on the other side of the screen in the dating app! That is why it is important to always keep your eyes and ears open.

Catfishing :

In this scam, a user creates a fake profile using someone else’s picture and personal details. Building trust may take weeks or months before asking for money or individual photos. To gain the victim’s confidence and sympathy, the user may present himself as a much better person, which he is not.

Photo Scam :

In this type of fraud, victims are asked for their contact details or intimate photos in exchange for money. Then if a user gives them to him, the scammer demands money and blackmails him with his picture and personal information.

Malware Scams:

 Malware scams are most common on any dating site. Malware is software that scammers use to create various links. If you click on that link as soon as you are provided with that link, all your personal information is shared with them. Unfortunately, catching malware scams is not an easy task.

Protect yourself from dating app fraud with these tips :

Use a dating app that has good security features. Always download apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If it seems like someone is sending a fake message, be wary, especially if they ask for money or personal details if you suspect someone is a scammer. Report his profile to the dating app and block the person immediately. Keep a secure password for your dating app account, and don’t reuse passwords from other websites. Avoid using your mobile number and date of birth as your password.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from dating app scams. Always remember not to share personal photos, videos or personal information with strangers.

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