Political mistrust among young

Bangladesh is known for its fertility and rich history of movements and struggles. While the brutality of English rule for two hundred years is often read about or discussed, the ongoing battle is less frequently addressed.

All the rulers were unwilling to let the next generation become aware of the immense struggle.

Amid the war, the path towards liberation for all individuals became clear. The younger generation is increasingly losing their sense of understanding and gravitating towards fundamentalist thought.

Drug addiction is a serious issue that affects many individuals. It is characterised by a compulsive and uncontrollable desire to use drugs; despite the negative consequences it may have on one, I would like to discuss the topic of suicide.

Today’s society is the outcome of the relentless struggle of our ancestors. Amidst the intensity of that struggle, the future will be constructed, giving rise to new challenges for the succeeding generation. Therefore, religion is the religion of human life.

Who will recount the chronicles of immense adversity, relentless perseverance, and profound acts of selflessness? The solution to the inquiry is straightforward. However, given the current circumstances, his response is exceedingly challenging. Due to individuals’ need for versatility and variety, they aspire to engage in many activities. I aspire to secure a promising future for my child, assume the responsibility of caring for my elderly parents, and engage in philanthropic endeavours.

However, what is required is the implementation of political actions that individuals would prefer to undertake. The human body contains the lungs. We may continuously respire through these lungs now if anyone believes that I can respire without the presence of lungs. It is merely the product of a mind lacking creativity. Politics is an essential and integral part of society. There is no alternative means of evading him.

The trajectory of politics must be ascertained through contention and conflict. However, what is the reason behind the need for more interest among the present generation in engaging with crucial subjects like politics? There are primarily two causes for this. Initially, let us consider the ramifications of neoliberalization. Due to the impact of neo-liberalisation, the imperialist powers engaged in various nefarious activities to deter people from participating in the battle.

 Multiple institutions, including educational, religious, and artistic ones, aim to promote the concept of initiation in the name of paternal authority, provided that one is alive. Visual perception is obstructed in commercial video games and movies.

They are pursuing the young woman with enthusiasm for achieving fame. They observe the game on the television display while facing a predicament in their recreational area. He completely disregards any consideration of resolving the problem.

Furthermore, the impact of politics. In the context of a society, politics follows two distinct courses. Despite their proximity, neither is mutually complementary. Completely distinct. On the one hand, there exists patriotism, which encompasses equality, the notion of individuals being accountable to one another, and a deep understanding of the nation and its historical context.

Conversely, there exists the act of striking people on the head with broken sticks, which encompasses terrorism, extortion, corruption, and nepotism. When one path advances, another path regresses. Currently, the second path has advanced smoothly.

The younger generation opposes politics, which is characterised by hatred, derogation, humiliation, and misery. Parents’ level of encouragement has decreased compared to the past. Engage in political activities! How is this walk so spacious?

The fundamental, widespread, and accurate explanation is in the inherent organisational vulnerabilities of individuals engaged in patriotic politics and serving the public. The citizens of this nation have consistently backed these organisations driven by the principles of nationalism and accountability to the populace through diverse means.

He anticipates that providing financial resources, time, offspring, nourishment, and programme involvement will expedite their progress. However, they have consistently felt betrayed and distant from human work. They have experienced a decline in both organisational and ideological aspects from the inside. However, the external appearance displays aesthetic appeal.

Consequently, despite acquiring affection from individuals, they could not retain it. Despite the discussions and presentations in meetings and seminars about the solidarity of individuals, their historical narrative is characterised by a distressing pattern of failure and discord. Thus, this political situation fails to instill hope in individuals. He needed to gain their support and loyalty to establish the influence of young people in the organisation.

Humans possess an innate inclination towards combat. He is unable to voice his opposition when confronted with injustice, yet he experiences profound emotional distress. Prevention occurs when two or more things are integrated.

However, when young individuals or their potential influence are directed away from politics, are they also being directed away from the fight or conflict? The events of the past few decades did not occur. Young people are against political organisations but not against struggle. They engage in conflict but need more coordination. Adversity fosters the development of structure and order.

However, their idealism has limited scope. I aspire to achieve success in my endeavours. While a few movements succeeded, the oppressive practices of the ruling class prevented the majority from doing so. However, they engage in combat and recite slogans: if you experience fear, you will be defeated, but if you take a stance, you will be identified as a citizen of Bangladesh.

 The name Bangladesh is intricately connected. Young individuals should have that in mind. The reflection of resistance is observed within Bangladesh itself. There is widespread scepticism over the future of these movements. Indeed, they are systematically laying the groundwork for the future.

Historical evidence demonstrates that political organisations did not develop significant resistance movements against British authority, nor were these movements of a political nature. Examples include the Fakir Revolt, the Revolt, the Revolt, and the Youth Revolt.

The majority of the movements did not achieve success. However, the heat of a revolution has caused the rulers to be burned to the ground by studying the shortcomings of this movement.

How to establish a new movement. Despite the cessation of British governance, the enthusiasm of the movement persisted. The intense heat has had a significant impact on the Pakistani government.

We achieved independence. In the early 2010s, the emergence of organised movements advocating for the execution of war criminals, as well as movements for safer roads and quota versions, brought these issues to our attention.

By keeping a laser-like focus on the goal, one can make progress. It can be arranged. Now, what is the advantage of the organisation? They consistently experience failure, leading to a lack of trust from others. The claims are accurate.

 Every point is valid. However, impromptu motions can offer a resolution to the current predicament. However, it is not possible to alter the system. Practical organisation is crucial for conducting a systematic investigation and presenting compelling arguments for and against a movement before its establishment among the populace. The historical movements do not serve as rulers but rather as examples.

Conversely, the system has transformed. Behind him lay the organisation’s arduous and enduring efforts, toil, and sacrifice. Hence, the organisation holds the utmost significance.

What impact will young people’s political divergence have on our future?

The straightforward explanation is that it will result in Bangladesh transitioning towards a society characterised by unchallenged acceptance or adaptation. The younger generation shouldn’t have a strong dislike for or resistance to facing challenges and difficulties.

They will discover their political future through persistent effort and hardship. Patriotism, equality, and responsibility are long-standing values that can instill faith and confidence in youth. However, these individuals must overcome internal crises and embrace new energy and enthusiasm to do this.

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