Why do Bangladeshi youth emigrate?

Many students recently formed a queue in the nation’s capital at a privately owned financial institution. According to a source, this young person intends to enrol in an advanced educational institution abroad. He has arrived at the bank to deposit funds to comply with the required procedure. More and more young people are discussing the idea of embarking on an international trip while waiting in a designated queue. Please provide a detailed explanation of the proposed method. Please provide a detailed explanation of the proposed method. Describe your performance on the IELTS, an examination conducted by the International English Language Testing System. When is the scheduled lecture supposed to begin? Someone inquired about Salim’s plans to return home after he finishes his academic pursuits.

On the other hand, his response was, “I would prefer to take the initial position and then reevaluate the situation at a later time.” In the past, mainly individuals from the upper socioeconomic class wanted to immigrate to another country. However, in recent times, both the upper and lower middle classes have also begun to encounter a similar phenomenon characterised by a widespread desire for success and improvement. Many parents invest resources in relocating their young children to a foreign country.

Why are they leaving the country?

A rising trend among young individuals is participating in group travel experiences on international trips. Due to the ongoing crisis involving the devaluation of the dollar and the resulting collapse of the banking system, individuals are currently facing significant preoccupations that prevent them from devoting enough mental capacity to essential matters. There is a growing trend in higher education where more and more people choose to attend internationally renowned universities. This is mainly because these universities have excellent academic reputations and significant financial resources. Once again, many young people are risking their lives by selling their parents’ remaining possessions, embarking on dangerous sea voyages, or attempting to swim across the Mediterranean Sea. Many people travel internationally to ensure they have a reliable source of food and water, even after enduring challenging journeys through places like the Amazon jungle in Brazil or vast desert regions. What is the underlying reason for their departure from the country in such a manner?

82 percent of young people want to leave the country

In February 2023, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released a poll on youth. It is clear that many young people from South Asia, particularly those from Bangladesh, strongly desire to leave their home country in search of better opportunities for personal development and career advancement. The preferred nations in this case are the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. After analysing the poll results, it is clear that the younger demographic is facing unfavourable conditions in the country. The individuals are expressing concerns about their prospects. Many young individuals aspire to build a future outside their country’s borders. Many students enrolled in English-medium education often express their desire to pursue international opportunities after completing their ‘A’ level studies. On the other hand, students studying in Bengali-medium education often aspire to opportunities abroad once they have completed their honors degree.


Turned away from BCS!

The majority of young people chose BCS as their primary career choice. Numerous children eagerly took part in the BCS examination, hoping to achieve the prestigious role of a high-ranking government official. However, many individuals still need to consider pursuing a career in BCS. Individuals who are preparing for the BCS examination must also have a good understanding of the complex mathematics involved in quota calculations. A remarkable 56 percent of students can secure employment by implementing a quota system, which is considered the country’s most significant job placement examination. Given this situation, examining strategies to help prevent talented young individuals from becoming disillusioned about their prospects is crucial.

According to a poll conducted by the World Economic Forum, a substantial portion of young individuals, specifically 47 percent, expressed their primary concern being the disparities in job and economic opportunities. The individuals in question should actively participate in the nation’s political affairs to a greater extent. It is crucial to have a prominent role model in the foreseeable future. Many young individuals feel the nation’s policymakers should consider their generation’s aspirations and expectations.

Expert opinion

Selina Hossain, a renowned author, recently issued a statement to the media expressing her concern regarding the inadequate development of young individuals as competent human resources. Despite putting in my best efforts, I cannot create suitable job opportunities for individuals based on their existing skills and abilities. Within the streets is a substantial community of educated young individuals who are currently unemployed. These individuals are seeking employment by searching for opportunities on the roads.

Besides these causes, several other factors hurt the minds of young people. These include theft, corruption, adopting opportunistic political practices, social decay, and obstructing urban traffic. These variables can significantly influence young individuals who are vulnerable to the influences of their environment. Are young people primarily motivated by their desire for a better quality of life, or are they mainly inspired by the existing conditions in their country, which prompt them to choose to leave, whether legally or illegally? Despite the many negative experiences, what motivates young people to take charge of their lives and embark on adventures abroad? Aligning these accounts is crucial in today’s world.

It’s time to think

Various media platforms have reported several successful cases among young people in other countries. However, it is crucial to prioritise utilising young individuals not pursuing employment, entrepreneurship, or academic studies to enhance the nation’s workforce capabilities. It is now time to decide the legal matter in which they are involved. Throughout a country’s history, a particular generation always stands out for their exceptional qualities, commitment, perseverance, and loyalty, making significant contributions to the nation’s progress.

Ensuring the continued growth of a nation relies heavily on effectively harnessing the capabilities of its youth. We expect that our dependence on technology will persist indefinitely. Effective leadership can be challenging to achieve. This is an opportune moment for the country to leverage the potential of its youthful population, as they are currently undergoing growth and development.

Many nations require assistance to keep their economies functioning because there is a growing need for more people with the necessary qualifications. These individuals with exceptional skills and abilities will no longer exist. Please avoid mentioning the specific nation under discussion. On the other hand, choosing to move to the country in search of employment is optional to participate in these activities. Even outside their native country, individuals can contribute to its growth.

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