Breast cancer signs and treatment


This particular ailment is currently prevalent as one of the most frequently occurring forms of cancer. The prevalence of this condition is observed in 1 out of every 15 women in our nation. Therefore, it is of utmost significance to engage in a discussion regarding this matter. In several instances, many female individuals lack comprehension regarding the initial phase of ailment manifestation. Therefore, this ailment does not possess an adequate remedy. Gradually, the progression of this malignancy advances to its final state. It is vital to remain vigilant while observing any signs outlined subsequently. It is advisable to seek guidance from a reputable gynecologist. To render it non-functional at the outset.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

– An early symptom of breast cancer is a lumpy feeling in the breast. Not all lumps in the breast can be a sign of cancer. But it should be shown by the doctor. If you feel an unusual lump or lump in your breast, it could be a sign of breast cancer.

– Bleeding from the nipple of the breast It can be a sign of breast cancer.

– One of the two breasts is enlarged. It can also be a sign of cancer.

– If a lump breaks out on the skin with sores on the upper skin of the breast, it can be a sign of breast cancer.

– If you have breast cancer, your nipples will turn inward. And will not go out.

-The skin of the breast that has cancer will shrivel. =

– If the itching in the breast occurs more than once. And the skin of the breast will become very red due to itching.

-Another significant symptom of breast cancer is a lump under the armpit.

-Cancer occurs in the lungs when cancer spreads to the lungs. Back pain is caused by:

– When breast cancer spreads to the back bone, the patient has severe back pain.

– When breast cancer spreads to the brain, the patient may suddenly become unconscious. Besides, severe headache, vomiting may occur.

Before knowing the treatment method of breast cancer, the first things that need to be known is how old the cancer is, how long ago it started. Which in medical language is called stage or grade.

What is the staging and grading of breast cancer?

Treatment of any cancer depends on its staging and grading. It is very important for the patient to know this. If staging and grading cannot be determined, treatment cannot be performed properly. Staging and grading indicate the stage of breast cancer. There are total four stages of breast cancer. If the symptoms appear above the breast, then it is called stage 1.

If the disease has spread from above to the underlying glands, it is called stage 2. A little more than that is called stage 3. And finally, if the breast cancer remains in someone’s body for a long time, it can spread to the liver or other organs. Then it is called stage 4.

If caught in the early stages i.e. Grade-A or Stage-1, the cure rate is more than 90%. Now if it is caught in grade-B or stage-2 then there is more than 80% recovery. And if caught in grade-C or stage-3, the recovery rate is 60 to 70%. And if it goes to the last stage, i.e. grade-D or stage-4, the recovery rate is 30%.

Breast cancer treatment

One should see a cancer surgeon or doctor when symptoms first appear. Or go to a good gynecologist.

If everything is OK ie the staging is clear, then a doctor thinks about surgery or chemotherapy.

Those who have primary condition are directly operated on and decide on therapy. He has to complete a course of chemotherapy first. Where six to eight chemo is given. After that, the patient was treated with surgery.

It is wrong to think that surgery or chemotherapy will cure you completely. Healthy is considered only if internal tumor condition and all treatments are done completely. Otherwise, the cancer may come back again.

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