Dublar Char: Breathtaking tourist spot

Dublar Char is a breathtaking destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Situated to the southeast of Hiran Point and the southwest of Kotka Sea Beach, it is located in the southern region of the Sundarbans. This holy site is called Punna Sanan, Rasmela, and Deer Sanctuary in Hinduism. Dublar Char is a peninsula that is geographically isolated and is positioned between the Kunga and Pasur rivers. The historical foundation of Durlar Char is as a fishing community. This community’s principal economic pursuits are fish processing and dehydration.

Following the capture of hilsa fish during the monsoon season, many fishermen from various regions converge to produce shutki, a traditional dried fish product. The individuals in question originate from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, and Satkhira districts. They commenced their residence at this location for four months. Fishermen engaged in fishing in the sea, departing from Dubla Char and returning to this location upon completing their fishing activities after each day. Fishermen typically reside in regions such as Meherali Khal, Alorkol, Midher Chor, Office Fort, Narikel Bariya, Manik Khali, Chhafra Khali, and Shalar Chor.

The local fishermen reside in this location for four months, engaging in the labour-intensive activity of fish drying. The wholesale distribution of dried fish is conducted in the Asadganj market of Chittagong. The fisherman was granted permission by the Bagerhat district headquarters to proceed to Dubla Char. The government derives consistent money from the Dublar Char business.

In general, fishermen remit revenue to the government. Including the Boat Licence Certificate (BLC) and Daily Fuel Composition (DFC), among other factors, is noteworthy.
Consequently, they were granted authorization to access the Sundarbans region. However, when completing the drying process of the fish and proceeding to sell it, the government imposes a regular income tax based on the fish’s weight.

Annually, during the Bengali month of Kartik, which falls in November, the island’s inhabitants observe Rash Mela and Purna Sanan, significant events within the Hindu community. While there is a claim that the Rash Mela has a history of 200 years, it is widely acknowledged that the Haribandha Tagore Mela was established in 1923 by an individual named Harivajan, a devout follower of the forest.

Many adherents visit this location to commemorate the observance of Rasa Purnima and engage in the ritual of Samudrassana, which involves immersing oneself in the waters of the sea. After observing the sunrise at Dubla Char, adherents commit to dipping the fruit in seawater. Several individuals play musical instruments and sing religious hymns, specifically Bhojan-Kirtan, generating a remarkable celebratory ambience in the vicinity of Dublar Char. Individuals from many regions throughout the country and international tourists actively engage in the traditional Rush Mela event. The three-day event attracts diverse visitors, including foreign tourists, renowned individuals, and local inhabitants.

The Dubla pastures are home to several avian species, such as the halcyon, egret, and deer. If one desires to experience a serene and immersive encounter with nature, this location might be an ideal choice.


Sakura Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, Meghna Paribahan, Parjotak Paribahan, and other bus services operate from Gabtali or Syedabad bus terminals in Dhaka to Khulna Bagerhat. One can rent a launch boat or an engine boat from Mongla Port in Bagerhat to get to Dublar Char.

Syedabad offers superior bus services in comparison to other alternatives. From here, you will get a direct bus to Mangala. The cost of a non-air-conditioned unit ranges from 500 BDT to 600 BDT. The price range for an air-conditioned bus ticket is from 900 BDT to 1200 BDT.

Where to stay

Visitors to Dublar Char can be accommodated via a tourist launch or an engine boat. Alternatively, one can locate the Nilkomal Rest House at Heron Point, the Tiger Point at Kanchikhali, and the Cuttack Forest Division Rest House. The accommodation cost at the rest home is subject to variation, contingent upon factors such as the type of visitor (local or foreign).

In the locality of Nilkomal in Heronpoint, the price of a single room is 3000 BDT, while the cost of four rooms amounts to 12000 BDT. In the Tiger Point Kanchikhali area, the cost of a single room is Bdt 3000, while the cost of four rooms is Bdt 10000. In the Cuttack Forest Division, the accommodation rates for foreign tourists are as follows: a single room is priced at BDT 2000, while two rooms are priced at BDT 4000—the accommodation rates at Nilkomal, located at Heron Point, range from BDT 2000 to Bdt 5000. At Tiger Point in Kanchikhali, the accommodation rates range from BDT 5000 to BDT 15000. Lastly, in the Kotka Forest Division, the accommodation rates vary from Bdt 5000 to BDT 10000.

In addition to the Sundarbans, the district of Satkhira and its metropolitan regions boast a selection of high-quality hotels and rest homes. Various cost-effective lodging options are available for individuals seeking accommodations for themselves and their companions, such as relatives or friends.

If one desires to reside in Mangala, accommodations are available through the Tourism Corporation. Poshur Port is home to several frequently encountered hotels. In Khulna, there are several hotels of varying grades, such as Hotel Royal, Salam Castle, Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel West Inn, Hotel City Inn, and Hotel Millennium.

Dublar Char is an ideal destination for group or family excursions. The aesthetic appeal of Char’s appearance is likely to evoke a profound sense of delight and satisfaction. Simultaneously, one can return from this experience with a significantly enhanced cognitive state. It is hoped that Dublar Char can be developed within a limited financial framework.

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