Visit Madhabpur Lake this monsoon

Now the rainy season is going on. Sylhet’s Madhavpur Lake can be a favourite place to visit this monsoon.

Small and big hills surround Madhavpur Lake. And there is a beautiful tea garden on the mountain. Madhavpur Lake is located in Section 11 of Madhavpur Tea Estate, owned by the National Tea Company. White and blue lotus flowers adorn this lake. Many guest birds also visit this lake during winter.

Location of Madhavpur Lake:

Location of Madhavpur Lake in Patrakhala Tea Garden in Madhavpur Union of Kamalganj Upazila. It is located 40 km south of Moulvibazar City and 10 km east of Srimangal.

This is the road to the lake through the tea garden road. The sparkling water of Madhavpur Lake, the shadowy environment, and the presence of water lilies create a mesmerizing feeling. The path through the mountains with ten bends. Flocks of visiting birds visit this lake in winter. In the lake’s water, the blue water lily is blooming in the gaps between the leaves. Tea trees spread in the hills on both sides of the lake.

The tea garden authorities have made a narrow path for walking along the banks of the lake under the tea garden hills. There are straw tents on the hill. Madhavpur Lake has water, mountains, and tea plantations together – a wild solitude. But you have to leave that place before six in the evening. That is the order of the Madhavpur tea garden authorities. The distance of Bir Shrestha Sepahi Hamidur Rahman memorial is about five-six kilometres from Madhavpur Lake. An essential part of the history of the liberation war and a beautiful place to visit in one go. Apart from this, Kamalganj has the second-highest Hamham fountain in Bangladesh.

How to go:

To go to Madhavpur Lake, you must first come to Srimangal or Kamalganj by train or bus. Srimangal can be reached by rail and road from Dhaka. Intercity train Parabat Express departs from Dhaka’s Kamalapur every day of the week except Tuesday at 6:40 AM. Jayantika Express departs daily at 2 PM. Upaban Express departs every day of the week at 10 pm except Wednesday. Rent from 115 taka to 765 taka.

Besides, Paharika Express departs from Chittagong every morning except Monday at 8:30 AM. Udayan Express leaves at 9pm every day except Saturday. Rent from Tk 140 to Tk 943.

From Dhaka’s Syedabad, Kamalapur, Arambagh, Hanif, Shyamoli, Mamun, Unique, etc. or by train from Kamalapur railway station to Sylhet, Srimangal should be descended.

Then from Bhanugach Chaumohana in Kamalganj to Madhavpur Lake. You can go there by private car or bus or CNG. You can also hire CNG from the Srimangal tea garden side if you want.

place to stay

The best place to stay in Srimangal is on Bhanugach Road. T-Resort. Other accommodations include—Hotel Grand Sultan (Five Star)—

Rain Forest Resort, T Town Rest House, Hotel Plaza,

BTRI etc. These hotels and resorts rent from Tk 500 to Tk 5000.

Besides, two excellent resorts in Radhanagar, Srimangal, are Nisarga Nirav Eco Resort and Nisarga Lichibari Eco Resort. Also, there are some cheap hotels where you can stay, it will cost 500/800 taka.

Where to eat:

There is no provision of food around Madhavpur Lake, so bring some light food on your own if necessary

Besides, we have to go back to Srimangal town to eat. There are various types of restaurants in Srimangal. Panshi, and among them

Panch bhai restaurant is very popular. You can eat various types of food, including bharta bhaji, in these restaurants

100-500 Taka.

Things to keep in mind while travelling

– Do not litter where it can have a detrimental effect on biodiversity.

• Be careful of leeches and snakes when travelling outside of winter.

• If you want to travel cheaply, you can travel by local CNG or bus on the Srimangal-Bhanugach road without a reserved vehicle.

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To be updated with all the latest news, offers and special announcements.