Kotka Sea Beach, Sundarbans

Located within the expansive Sundarbans, the world’s most extensive mangrove forest, sits a remarkable destination that has consistently enchanted travellers across decades – the esteemed Kotka Sea Beach. This unspoiled coastal area, encompassed by abundant vegetation and diverse fauna, is a distinctive opportunity for individuals in search of both excitement and serenity. This post will explain the attractions of Kotka Sea Beach, discuss the cost of visiting, and offer advice on how to start this life-changing trip to the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans are widely recognised for their remarkable biodiversity, particularly the prominent attraction of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Nevertheless, observing a tiger in its natural habitat can be dangerous. The Katka Sanctuary, primarily renowned for its scenic beauty, provides visitors with a relatively secure opportunity to attend the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. The majority of guests visiting this location are allowed to observe the tiger. Moreover, the gorgeous Chitra deer, diverse bird species, tranquil natural environs, and many animals enhance the region’s charm.

To access the Katka Sanctuary, it is necessary to first journey to the Sundarbans. Indeed, the launch serves as the primary means of transportation to Katka. The commencement of the journey typically involves the presence of sightseers at the Katka Canal. The offices of the forest department are situated on the canal’s western bank. From this vantage point, a narrow pathway will be observable. Subsequently, one will have the capability to observe the ocean from a secure proximity.

It is feasible to observe substantial oceanic waves. The visually appealing sunset can be observed from this specific geographical location. Several small watercourses characterise the surrounding region.

Navigating these aquatic regions via watercraft evokes a feeling of enjoyment. A group of Chitra deer may be noticed near the canal.

Additionally, there are monkeys, leopards, and jungle cocks to see nearby. The aural awareness of the tiger’s vocalisation is sporadically observed in this neighbourhood. During the night, people will be enthralled and intrigued by the sounds of many bioluminescent insects, also referred to as lightning bugs.

Visiting Cost

The day fare for public transport within the sanctuary area is BDT 150 for domestic tourists and BDT 30 for students. The travel cost imposed on international tourists amounts to BDT 1500. The cost of travel from the sanctuary is BDT 70 for domestic tourists and BDT 20 for students. The fee for domestic tourists is set at BDT 20 per person. However, foreigners must pay BDT 300.

In addition to the travel expenses incurred by the forest department, several additional fees are associated with the visit. These prices consist of BDT 500 per day for guide services, BDT 300 for security personnel, BDT 70 for the launch crew, and BDT 200 for telecommunication charges. A fee of BDT 200 is imposed on domestic tourists for video cameras, while foreign tourists must pay BDT 300 for the same privilege.

How to go

The Sundarbans region is home to a substantial network of more than one hundred enterprises actively involved in the tourism sector. A competent travel agency is equipped with the ability to facilitate trips to the Sundarbans. Katka is accessible via several reliable companies.

The primary mode of transportation to Katka is by a watercraft vessel, commonly referred to as a launch. Tourists frequently utilise the launch at Katka Canal for anchoring purposes.

Furthermore, several bus services offer transit options from Gabtali and Sayedabad to Khulna or Bagerhat. The terminal services available in Sayedabad encompass many bus companies, including Meghna Transport and Parjatak Paribahan. Both Sakura Transport and Shohagh Paribahan are located near the Gabtali bus terminal. Furthermore, an alternative transportation method is to go by train from Kamalapur to Khulna. Passengers have the option to board a watercraft travelling from Khulna to reach the destination of Rupsa. Alternatively, individuals may depart via Mongla port in Bagerhat to gain access to the Sundarbans. Additionally, individuals may have the opportunity to lease boats from Bagerhat, specifically Morelganj and Sharankhola, to facilitate their journey to the Sundarbans. The projected fare is anticipated to vary between BDT 800 and BDT 2000.

Stay Near Katka

Accommodations can be found at Kachikhali Tiger Point, Nilkamal of Hiron Point, and the Forest Department Rest House in Katka. The Nilkamal establishment imposes a fee of BDT 3,000 per room for domestic tourists, while foreign visitors are subject to a tax of BDT 5,000. A room at Kachikhali costs BDT 3,000 for local residents and BDT 5,000 for non-local guests. In Kotka, the room accommodation rates are set at BDT 2,000 for domestic guests and BDT 5,000 for international visitors.

Bagerhat is now experiencing a need for more residential hotel accommodations. The Mamtaz Hotel on Rail Road offers exceptional amenities and services. Nevertheless, the cost is excessive. Search for accommodations near the Mamtaz Hotel.

The Tourism Corporation operates a hotel in Mongla. Poshur Hat has a limited selection of moderately priced hotels that cater to the accommodation needs of holidaymakers.

In Satkhira, a limited number of hotels offer a moderate level of quality accommodation.

Khulna City is considered an optimal accommodation location near the Sundarbans. Khulna City is renowned for its highly sought-after residential hotels. The establishments above include Hotel Royal, Castle Salaam, Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel West Inn, Hotel City Inn, and several others.

Visit Kotka Sea Beach

Katka Beach is particularly suitable for a group or family excursion. The remarkable aesthetic appeal of this particular site is bound to render one unable to articulate a response. Simultaneously, one can achieve mental clarity by engaging in a visit to this location. It is possible to visit Katka Sea Beach on a limited budget.

Photos: Adnan

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