Embark on an Expedition: Visit Boga Lake Sanctuary

Boga Lake, also known as Bogakain Lake, is a natural lake located in the Bandarban district of Bangladesh. It is approximately 17 km from Ruma Upazila. Additionally, the phenomenon is said to have occurred spontaneously some two thousand years ago, either by the collapse of a dormant volcanic cone or the sinking of a volcanic crater. Furthermore, it is situated in the Keokradong Highlands, located at around 1,200 feet above sea level.


Many people refer to Boga Lake as Dragon Lake, a famous moniker for this natural wonder. Furthermore, regardless of the time of day, the diverse features of the site consistently fascinate travelers, thus making it a trendy destination. Additionally, Boga Lake offers a unique experience to tourists by providing a peaceful refuge in a 15-acre region surrounded by sky, hills, and water. Moreover, the serene waters of the lake immediately alleviate any fatigue.

How to go Boga Lake

Certain circles also know Boga Lake as Dragon Lake. Furthermore, many people widely recognize it as Boga Lake. Moreover, the site’s many features consistently fascinate travelers, making it a popular destination regardless of the time of day. Additionally, Boga Lake offers tourists a distinctive experience by creating a peaceful sanctuary within a 15-acre area surrounded by water, hills, and the sky. Furthermore, the tranquil lake waters quickly relieve any sense of fatigue.

Transport of Boga lake

The bus fares vary from Tk. 800 to Tk. 1000 for non-AC buses and from Tk. 1200 to Tk. 1800 for AC buses. The bus journey from Dhaka to Bandarban usually lasts eight to 10 hours.

Trains like the Paharika Express, Cox’s Bazar Express, Sonar Bangla, Subarna Express, Turna Nishita, Mahanagar Godhuli, and others can transport you from Dhaka to Chittagong if you prefer train travel. The fare might vary from Tk. 345 to Tk. 1179, depending on the class. One can also fly directly from Dhaka to Chittagong, departing from the capital city.

You can go to Bandarban by using either the Purbali or the Purbani bus, both of which leave from Boddarhat in Chittagong. Passengers would pay around Tk 250 for the bus fare. At the Dampara bus terminal in Chittagong, you can get a bus to Bandarban for a fare ranging from Tk 300 to Tk 400.

Bandarban to Boga Lake

Bogalake is around 48 kilometres from Bandarban; thus, you must first journey to Ruma Bazaar. For conveyance, you may reach Ruma Bazaar using local buses or Chandergari jeeps. Travellers who want to use the bus should go to the Ruma bus station in Bandarban. A bus leaves for Ruma from that point every hour. The cost is 120 taka per person, and the journey lasts around three hours.

If you choose, you can arrange for a jeep or chandergari to transport you to Ruma Bazaar. Each car has a capacity of 10 to fifteen passengers. To rent a jeep, you need to pay between Tk. 4000-5000 at the jeep station in Bandarban city. The journey in a jeep lasts over two hours.

Hire a Tour Guid

Upon reaching Ruma Bazaar, it is necessary to have a tour guide accompany you before proceeding to Bogalake. A guide must be present at all times. You can arrange to meet with registered guides and request their services. Before travelling from Ruma Bazaar to Bogalake, you must obtain authorization before leaving. Each participant must provide their identifying data in written form for the trip. You can achieve these tasks with the help of the lesson. They prohibit visiting Bogalake after 4 p.m.

The distance from Ruma Bazaar to Bogalake is 17 kilometres. To access Bogalake, you can rent a Chandergari or a Land Cruiser jeep once you have permission. Each jeep can transport a minimum of eight passengers and a maximum of fifteen passengers. You might get assistance from the handbook for these preparations.

Chandergari Price

The reservation price for a Chandergari is Tk. 2500, and the Land Cruiser fee to Bogalake is Tk. 2200.
You may share a car with another group if your organisation is small. When you buy a ticket for a local bus, you can use it as a substitute. The fare for the local bus to Bogalake is Tk. 100 per person.

The text must be rewritten. It is currently possible to drive from Ruma Bazaar to Bogalake. Inclement road conditions in the wet season may hinder direct access to Bogalake by auto.

Accommodation and Food in Boga Lake

Aside from the dining arrangements, the facilities at Bogalake do not have any hotels or resorts for lodging. The indigenous population owns several humble cottages. You must stay in one of these cottages.

The cottages are situated in the native habitat of the indigenous population, with each cottage having the capacity to house five to six individuals. The cost per person for staying in the cottages varies from two hundred to three hundred taka. Separate cabins can be arranged for couples or females.

It is advisable to inform the guide of your preferred cottage before arrival or give them sufficient notice. Indigenous people dine in their homes. A food package typically includes rice, eggs, mashed potatoes, and mountain chicken and can be purchased for a price ranging from 150 to 250 taka.

Prior knowledge of the exact number of individuals and their dietary preferences is crucial. Notify the guide of your desire to have a meal upon your arrival. Furthermore, the cottages are furnished with BBQ capabilities, providing the opportunity to enjoy mountain chicken in a unique setting beside the lake.

When travelling to Bogalakes, be aware that there is no electricity, but there are intentions to implement solar power. You can carry a power bank to charge your cell phone. Not all clients have access to all cell networks at Bogalake.

The user can only access the networks of Robi and Teletalk. It is advisable to carry at least one of these SIM cards. Exercise caution when bathing at Bogalake due to past tragedies. Avoiding actions that may be perceived as insulting to Indigenous people is crucial due to the unique nature of their lifestyle compared to others living on the plains. Before taking images of the indigenous people, ensure that you have obtained their consent.


They may not appreciate being shot without their permission. Travelling from Bandarban to Bogalake involves navigating a challenging and winding uphill road; thus, it is crucial to exercise caution. It is advisable to always have a duplicate of your national identity card with you for security purposes. Prior authorization is necessary to journey to Bogalake from the army camp, and it is mandatory to provide a report once you return.

These recommendations help ensure the safety and enjoyment of your journey to Bogalake. They will allow you to admire the natural beauty of Bogalake while demonstrating respect for the local culture and ecology.

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