Mandarbaria Sea Beach

Coastal areas with sandy shores are precious assets for any country. A beach’s existence positively impacts the economic growth of a country’s tourism industry. Beaches are a major draw for tourists worldwide, including those from the United States. Bangladesh is primarily a riverine country, but it is essential to mention that there are also several beaches located in the southern region, particularly near the Bay of Bengal. Mandarbari Beach is a notable beach in the Satkhira district, located approximately 120 km from the central area.

The area is located near the Bay of Bengal and is adjacent to the Hariabhanga River, which serves as a boundary between India and Bangladesh.

I recommend visiting Mandarbaria Beach to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of this newly developed coastal area. It is important to inform everyone about a coastal region in Bangladesh, particularly Mandarbaria. This beach is not well-known to most people because it is located in a remote desert with stunning natural views. For those who want to fully experience the beauty of sunlight, the sunrise, and the captivating desert scenery without being in crowded places, Mandarbaria Beach is the perfect destination for their vacation.

Mandarbaria Beach is a remarkable coastal destination in the Satkhira district, right on the beautiful Bay of Bengal. Located in Mandarbaria, this region is known for its extraordinary natural wonders. One of these is the lush arboreal vegetation that beautifully lines the banks of the Hariyabhanga River. The region also offers a picturesque sandy shoreline stretching along the Bay of Bengal.

Mandarbaria Beach, which stretches for approximately 8 km, provides a distinct experience for adventurous tourists willing to embrace the constant and breathtaking sound of the enormous waves from the Bay of Bengal. Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf, Ukhia, Inani, and St. Martin are some notable beaches in the Bay of Bengal that one might consider visiting.

Most people are surprised when they see the vast beach in the Sundarbans. During the journey, you can witness the Sundarbans on both river banks, characterised by their evergreen vegetation. Just like how the presence of greenery can impact the size of the eyes, The area in question contains a vast woodland characterised by various tree species, including Sundari, Keora, Bain, Pasur, Garan, Golpata, Singra, Hetal, Khalsi, and Gewa.

Mandarbaria Beach stands out significantly when compared to other beaches. The geographical setting is incredibly breathtaking. At the back, you can enjoy the exhilarating experience of observing tigers. Simultaneously, visitors are mesmerised by the enchanting allure of the ocean, vast beaches, and lush forests veiled in unfamiliarity.

A unique sensation greets visitors to this serene beach as they immerse themselves in nostalgic experiences. If you come across the footprints of tigers and deer on the beach, it can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your hypnosis. To have their names added to the roster of recent arrivals, individuals can visit Mandarbaria, a secluded coastal area within the country.


During the winter season, from October to February, people use various types of watercraft to transport between Burigoalini’s Nildumur Naughat and Mandarbaria Beach. These include steamers, speedboats, and engine boats. Hence, winter is an ideal time to visit Mandarbaria Beach because of its relatively mild climate.

The distance between Dhaka and Satkhira is approximately 300 kilometres. Dhaka provides a wide range of bus options, including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses, for travellers looking to depart from the city. The buses mentioned above start their journeys from various locations, such as Gabtali, Savar, Nabinagar, Shyamoli, Kalabagan, Kalyanpur, and Savar. There are several accessible bus companies available, including S.P. Golden Line, A.K. Travels, Green Line, Mamun Enterprises, Eagle Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan, Satkhira Express, and Shyamoli Paribahan. The cost of each bus ticket will range from BDT 700 to BDT 1500.

Satkhira Sadar is about 60 miles away from Burigoalini. Various watercraft options are available for transportation from Nildumur Ghat, near Burigoalini, to Mandarbaria Beach. The available options include steamers, speed boats, and power boats. Depending on the mode of transportation, the beach trip can last anywhere from six to seven hours. A speedboat can reach Mandarbaria in just two and a half hours.


Satkhira offers a range of residential hotels that specifically cater to overnight guests. The establishments mentioned are Hotel Sangram, Hotel Samrat, Hotel Simanto, Mozaffar Garden, Hotel Mohana, and Hotel Uttara lodgings.


The Satkhira district is well-known for its exceptional products, which include pure honey, mangoes, ol kochu, and shellfish. Sweet shops in Bangladesh, such as Satkhira Ghosh Diaries, enjoy immense popularity. Participants can savour the famous Sandesh dessert

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