Winter Fashion: Old meets new

It’s perfect for winter wear, whether you’re heading to work or staying at home, thanks to its cosy design that pairs well with shawls, sweaters, and mufflers. The current winter has seemingly resulted in a sense of boredom towards clothing and fashion trends. You are experiencing a hectic period during the winter season, correct? Nevertheless, contemplating the idea of adorning oneself with a stylish appearance. Please provide information on the current winter trend. Discover the upcoming fashion trends for your winter outfit.

How about incorporating a touch of nostalgia in a novel and innovative manner? Firstly, let’s initiate a discussion about the matter.

Designs and trends from the 1990s are often replicated and reoccur annually. Occasionally, we don hand-drawn blouses from the 1990s, while other times, we choose loose pants and printed shirts. The current collection of winter attire features loose garments and shawls with vintage elements and other fashionable trends.

Jacket: Denim jeans have garnered significant acclaim in the realm of fashion. Both genders favour denim jeans for their comfort and fashionable appearance. Denim jackets with bleached or whitewash are currently prevalent in winter, similar to their popularity in Western countries. These denim jeans add a relaxed appearance to your everyday attire. As the need for blue denim becomes more apparent, the demand for denim in other colours also rises. The colour palette of denim is highly versatile and complements long shirts, tops, and everyday attire preferred by young individuals. Moreover, disregarding the combination of trainers with a denim jacket is foolish when selecting a fashionable ensemble for the winter season. Leather jackets continue to be in high demand. However, synthetic leather jackets also perform favourably. Unquestionably, the leather jacket excels at being lightweight. Young women can quickly incorporate leather jackets into their business or casual attire. Chocolate or dark crimson complements any attire. Is my pronunciation accurate? Refrain from attempting it!

The track jacket, made of Parachute fabric, is lightweight and comfortable while maintaining its unique fit. A parachute jacket pairs nicely with a long-sleeved Genji or shirt.

Corduroy jackets are highly sought-after and often top everyone’s wish list, right after denim. The repeated cycle of feeling cold and then hot again is what causes our discomfort. Remember to choose a cord jacket as an outfit option this winter for its relative lightness and comfort!

You will have various jackets readily available in the showrooms of fashion houses and shopping malls.

Hoodies: A Journey Through Everyday Life Hoodies are commonly considered a fashionable winter accessory among teenagers. Hoodie fashion continues to be popular in various settings, including at home, school, university, and socialising with friends. There are multiple brands of hoodies available on the market. The market price is unstoppable when it comes to the intersection of cold weather and fashion.


This winter, the overcoat or long coat has become incredibly popular among young people, capturing their attention and interest. The belt system is similar to it.

The demand for overcoats and blazers is high as people strive to stay current and uniquely present themselves. An overcoat is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with any outfit. Today, the market offers a wide variety of overcoats to choose from.

Blazer fabric is typically used to make them. In addition to cotton, other materials, such as wool and soft leather, are also commonly used. Girls prefer mixed wool stripe overcoats in addition to blazer fabrics.

In this case, besides the colours black, white, pressed white, ash, grey, yellow, green, red, pink, and blue, stripes or other dark colours stand out more prominently. Overcoats complement jeans nicely. You can wear a thin cloth top or T-shirt underneath your overcoat to keep your chest area exposed.

If you’d like, you can wear all the buttons to ensure they fit well with your body. Both styles are currently trending.

When going to the office, it is appropriate to wear an ash or black overcoat paired with a brightly coloured shirt. You can pair a khaki or yellow coat with a white shirt or a deep blue jacket with a maroon shirt. Please make sure to wear suitable footwear.

Where to find:

You can visit several shopping complexes on Elephant Road, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, and Uttara in the capital city to find the dress you choose. This season, fashion houses like Ecstasy, Cat’s Eye, Infinity, Westax, Trends, Yellow, Artist, Richman, Infinity, Smartex, Bang, Plus Point, and others have introduced a wide range of overcoats, offering plenty of variety in the fashion industry. All houses offer a wide selection of coats in different colours and styles. If you want to purchase clothes of your choice, you can visit any store.

The New Outlook dress can be accessorised with a triangular cap. Adding a touch of wool to the silver velvet outfit makes it perfectly suitable for winter.

Lightweight wool sweaters offer a fresh and fashionable look with each wear. Sweaters are a popular choice for both children and adults alike. Fashion remains vibrant and dynamic thanks to continuous innovations in neck and arm designs. Opt for a loose jacket and jumper to inject a fresh twist into your everyday fashion.

Winter is not only about fashion but also about other aspects. Today, select your winter outfit while considering both comfort and wearability.

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