Patchwork shawl in winter fashion

As winter approaches, the value of the winter clothes that have been stored in the wardrobe for a while suddenly increases. Winter is a favourite season for fashion enthusiasts because it offers a variety of opportunities to style different types of clothing in unique and creative ways.

Over the years, winter fashion trends have come and gone, but one timeless garment has consistently remained popular: the shawl. Shawls, regardless of gender, are commonly used during the winter season, even though their design and materials may vary.

Whether it’s a harsh or mild winter, there is no better accessory than a shawl to help you brave the cold. In the past, it was common to find wool in the hands of grandmothers and grandfathers as they prepared for the arrival of winter. In their spare time, they would knit woollen shawls and mufflers. This scene is rarely observed. Shawls are no longer commonly woven for personal or practical purposes, and the trend of using thick woollen shawls has recently diminished. Dhaka experiences a mild winter.

Currently, a thin shawl is the top preference for everyone. People of all ages embrace wearing shawls as a fashionable accessory to complement their outfits. A shawl can serve as a practical and fashionable accessory during the winter. It helps shield you from the cold wind and adds a stylish touch to your outfit when you step out of the house for any winter activity. Shawl designs accentuate your unique style, personality, and elegance.

  Winter shawl

The shawl types, materials, and designs have all been updated. Shawls made from cotton, khadi, pashmina, tasar, velvet, and Manipuri fabrics are in high demand. In addition to this, patchwork shawls have gained significant popularity.

Patchwork shawls are created by repurposing leftover fabric scraps from other sewing projects. We offer a variety of shawls with tiedye patchwork, including full patchwork shawls and shawls with partial patchwork designs. In addition to patchwork, block and handwork shawls are available this season.

They are introducing Kagaba Katha, a beloved shawl that has made its debut and captured the hearts of many. The border of this white shawl features intricate handiwork.

The poles offer a variety of shawls, including wax batik, block, handwork, complete patchwork, and single-colour natural dyed shawls.

The way people wear shawls has changed recently. Nowadays, individuals of all age groups find it comfortable to wear shawls. There is a growing trend of wearing shawls with Western-style clothes and their traditional use with native attire. Young people are wearing shawls as scarves.

In addition to its primary purpose, a scarf can be used in various ways. You can select your favourite shawl for your daily classes, office, or grand occasion. For special events, you can choose embroidered shawls made of velvet.

Looking for a shawl

Different local fashion houses offer a variety of shawls for you to choose from. Arang, Khot, Pater Bibi, La Rive, Biswarang, and Desi Das shawls are available at different prices. The starting price for Arangay viscose material shawls is Tk 450. Here, you will find a variety of shawls priced at 4,500 taka or below.

You can purchase cotton and viscose shawls at 1000 taka and 50 taka, as well as 1000 taka and 200 taka, respectively. The price of the patchwork shawl is 2,200 taka.

In addition to patchwork, we offer a variety of shawls at different price points, starting at Tk 1,300. In addition to that, you can find a variety of affordable shawls in Newmarket.

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