The Majestic Madhab kunda Waterfall

A Must-Visit Spot in Moulvibazar District

Are you feeling adventurous and looking for an unforgettable experience? Then explore the hidden gem of the Madhabkunda Waterfall in Moulvibazar District, Bangladesh.

This breathtaking natural wonder will take your breath away with its towering cascading waters surrounded by lush greenery. So take a plunge and swim beneath one of Earth’s greatest wonders, all while receiving gorgeous glimpses of amazing local sights on this unique journey. Not only is it a great physical activity to enjoy, but it’s also an extraordinary way to connect with nature and discover Bangladeshi culture firsthand.

Whether you are travelling solo or want to spend quality time with friends or family, present yourself with Madhabkunda Waterfall – quite possibly your best travel experience in Bangladesh thus far. So, read on to learn more about this majestic destination.

Let’s Explore the Height, Area and Location of This Wonder in the Moulvibazar District

Madhabkunda Ecopark is a one-of-a-kind destination sure to captivate nature lovers. Founded in 2001, this eco-park spans 27 acres of the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and is home to a restaurant and resthouse, the perfect oasis for visitors. However, those seeking an even more remarkable experience just need to trek half a kilometre from the entrance to observe the majestic Madhabkunda waterfall. With its rich flora, fauna, and breathtaking water feature, Madhabkund Ecopark is sure to be on every traveller’s must-see list.

Madhabkunda Waterfall stands majestically at a staggering height of 200 ft. or 61 m, making it the highest waterfall in Bangladesh. Located in the Barlekha Upazila, in the Moulvibazar district of Sylhet Division, Bangladesh, it is the largest waterfall of its kind in all of Bangladesh. Approximately five km away from Dakshinbagh railway station on the Kulaura-Shabajpur track and 350 km away from Dhaka city – it’s definitely not a place to miss.

Exploration of the Madhabkunda Natural Landscape – Contains Primitive Forests, Rare Species of Plants & Animals, and Picturesque Landscapes

Exploration of the Madhabkunda Natural Landscape is an experience like no other. Its captivating beauty and unique features make it a special destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In addition, the Madhabkunda area contains primitive forests that are home to rare species of plants and animals, so exploring the landscape can be both educational and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the region also boasts a range of picturesque landscapes featuring cascading waterfalls, lush green meadows, towering trees, and deep rivers winding through the valley – all providing stunning views from every angle.

For those looking for something more exciting than just admiring nature’s beauty – Madhabkunda offers numerous opportunities for recreational activities such as trekking or camping. With its rich biodiversity and breathtaking scenery – Madhabkunda Natural Landscape undoubtedly provides a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Magnificent View from the Top of Madhabkunda Falls, The Beauty of its Surroundings, and its Cooling Breezes 

The best way to experience Madhbakunda Falls is by taking an aerial view. The top of this waterfall is accessible via a hiking path that winds through lush greenery and pristine riverside vegetation. Once you reach the top, you can take in a panoramic view of cascading water that gushes below, creating a beautiful rainbow-coloured mist all around. You can also spot wildlife in the area that increases the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Apart from its majestic view from above, Madhabkunda also has many other attractive features, including its cooling breezes, crystal clear water and spectacular rock formations. Even during scorching summer days in Bangladesh, standing near this magnificent waterfall brings a delightful chill that instantly refreshes your body and spirit. So it’s no wonder locals flock here for picnics and sightseeing excursions – because being at Madhbakunda feels like being transported entirely into another realm.

Historical Context of Madhabkunda Waterfall

Madhabkunda waterfall is an inspiring natural wonder with a deep-rooted history. Approximately 800 years ago, during a hunting expedition in the Patharia hills, Raja Govardhan Gour (reigned 1250–1260) wished to establish a resting place for the benefit of travellers. He came across a monk by the name of Madhabeshwar meditating under a waterfall and, immediately impressed by its beauty and serenity, decided to construct a nearby temple and bestow this site with due respect, which remains ever-revered today.

To honour the monk’s presence at this spot forever, he named it Madhabkunda after his own beloved deity Madhabdev. The waterfall has since then become one of Bangladesh’s most visited tourist sites offering an idyllic, serene atmosphere to restore harmony, peace and spirituality.

Popular Activities at Madhabkunda Waterfall For Tourists:

One of the most popular activities at Madhabkunda Waterfall is swimming and bathing in the natural pools that form at the base of the falls. While there are no lifeguards on duty, visitors can take advantage of their safety precautions, such as wearing a life vest or having a friend or family member accompany them while taking a dip. However, it’s also important to remember that some areas may be closed off due to varying water levels, so it’s best to check with local guides before swimming or bathing.

Hiking is another great activity that visitors can do at Madhabkunda Waterfall. Trek through dense forests to discover hidden gems in this untouched part of Bangladesh. Along the way, you will be enthralled by the stunning views of cascading water, exotic wildlife and lush greenery.

The area around Madhabkunda Waterfall also offers lots more attractions for those who wish to explore further. So whether you’re looking for a tranquil retreat or an exciting adventure, this hidden gem has something to offer everyone.

Providing Comfortable Stays For Tourists as Well as Delicious Cuisines to Sample

Visitors can take advantage of various restaurants and shops located near Madhabkunda Waterfall. These establishments offer travellers a chance to sample the delicious local cuisine while immersing themselves deeper into Bangladeshi culture.

From traditional dishes such as Biryani and Phuchka to more contemporary offerings like burgers and fries, there’s something for everyone here. And if you’re looking for souvenirs, there are plenty of shops where you can pick up unique items ranging from jewellery and clothing to pottery and hand-crafted art pieces.

Where to Eat At Madhabkunda Waterfalls

You’ll have plenty of options if you’re looking for great food to enjoy during your visit to the Madhabkunda Waterfalls. The nearest city, Moulvibazar – also known as Sreemangal – has various eateries, ranging from small snacks at the market to more upscale restaurants like the local Palanquin one. You could even experience all the unique flavours the Sylhet Zindabazar area has to offer.

With around 30 different kinds of food, your palettes will be dancing delightfully. Prices tend to be quite high, though, but you won’t regret indulging in these tasty treats. Make sure you bring back something sweet as a souvenir – after all, memories last a lifetime!

Perfect Time to Visit Madhabkunda Waterfall

The best time to visit Madhabkunda Waterfall is during the monsoon season. The rainy season brings a beautiful cascade of water, and the surrounding landscape is lush and green. During that time, the waterfall is at its fullest, with a greater volume of water flowing through it. While winter is also a good time to visit, it can be chilly and foggy. Also, water levels tend to be much lower in the winter season. That’s why it’s best to plan your trip for the monsoon season.

Visitors can enjoy swimming in the shallow pools underneath the cascading water or walk along its winding pathways for an unforgettable view of nature. Picnics and camping trips are also popular activities here since there are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the scenery.

In addition to experiencing the beauty of Madhabkunda Waterfall, visitors should remember that safety must always come first. It’s essential to stay on designated trails while exploring this area, as many sections can become slippery when wet. It’s also important to wear proper clothing.

Travelling Guide – How To Go To  Madhabkunda Waterfall

Here’s how you can get to Madhabkunda Waterfall:

Madhabkund Waterfall From Moulvibazar:

Travellers looking to get to Madhabkund from Moulvibazar have two main options. The first option is to reserve a CNG or a Microbus, which can be done through any local service provider.

The second option is to take a local bus from Moulvibazar towards Baralekha and then take a local or reserved CNG from Kulaura to Kanthaltali Bazaar, which is located before Baralekha. From there, travellers can either book a reserved CNG or hop on a local CNG towards Madhabkund.

Madhabkund From Sylhet:

Another way to access Madhabkund is by travelling from the Kadamtali bus station in Sylhet. Take the local bus to Kulaura and then switch over to Baralekha. From here, travellers can board either a reserved or local CNG that will take them directly to Kathaltali Bazaar and Madhabkund itself. Those looking for an even more immersive experience may opt to walk part of the way, taking in the sights and sounds of rural Bangladesh along the way.

From Sreemangal to Madhabkund:

Several different routes are available from Sreemangal to Madhabkunda, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh. The easiest and fastest route is taking a shuttle from Baralekha and getting off at Kanthaltali Bazaar before reaching Baralekha. You can reserve a CNG or Jeep in advance or hire one locally to reach Madhabkund Ecopark. The journey takes around an hour and fifteen minutes along winding mountain roads, with breathtaking views of rolling hills and lush greenery all throughout the ride.

The last stretch of road leading up to Madhabkunda is especially narrow. Still, it offers some incredible panoramic views of nature at its finest – sheer cliffs covered in thick green vegetation, small villages tucked away on rocky hilltops and gentle streams that cut right through the mountainside like ribbons of silver. Once you arrive at Madhabkunda Ecopark, you can make your way down to see the majestic waterfall, surrounded by evergreen trees that bask in its glorious beauty. A visit here is sure to leave you entranced by nature’s magnificence.

Madhabkund from Dhaka:

Suppose you are travelling via bus from Dhaka. In that case, the simplest route is to take a direct route to Beanibazar via Shyamoli Paribahan or ENA Paribahan and go directly to Kathaltali Bazar. From there, you can hire a reserve CNG (150-160) Taka or a locally-owned CNG at Madhabkund. However, if you prefer to make the journey by train, there are numerous intercity trains that travel towards Sylhet via Moulvibazar. This would require taking one of the Parbat, Upoban, and Jayantika Express trains which will cost approximately Tk. 300-650, depending on the type of train and will take between 6-7 hours.

Once at Kulaura station in Moulvibazar, travellers can then proceed towards Madhabkund by way of Kathaltali Bazar. A reserve CNG can be hired for around 400-600 taka from this point, and it also allows visitors to explore the Kathaltali market to purchase any local souvenirs or snacks they may have their eye on before making their way to Madhabkund waterfall itself.

During the journey, travellers should make sure to stop off at some of the spectacular sights along the way, such as tea gardens, lush green hills and rubber plantations that offer stunning views of the area’s natural beauty. Once at Madhabkunda waterfall travellers can marvel at its grandeur amidst the surrounding forest and wildlife that inhabit the area – an unforgettable experience not soon be forgotten!

Whilst making your way to Madhabkunda, be sure to be mindful of all the local customs and traditions as much as possible. Observe the locals with respect and always keep a smile on your face no matter how challenging the course may be. This will grant you more access to the country’s culture and the amazing people that inhabit it.

Travel Tips And Warnings For Visiting Madhabkunda Waterfall:

  • If you’re looking to visit Madhabkund waterfall at a minimal cost, it is possible to travel via train or local CNGs. In addition, it is possible to travel in groups to lower the cost; however, the number of people must be based on the capacity of the CNG.
  • For those who wish to make this a day trip, you can go in the morning, explore and leave early in the evening, and return to your hotel at night.
  • Depending on when you are travelling, CNG and Jeep fares may be slightly more expensive during the summer season and weekends.
  • During the rainy season, it is the best time for visitors as this is when you witness a spectacular view of Madhabkunda Waterfall with its magnificent rumbling shape that makes it look alluring. The environment around Madhabkunda waterfall can be quite slippery due to the rocks surrounding it, so visitors must take caution while walking around the fountain area.
  • There’s also a board with instructions on what not to do near the area, so make sure you read them before visiting.
  • Furthermore, visitors should be aware of how deep the waterfall is before jumping in because accidents could occur if they are not careful enough.
  • All in all, taking into account all safety precautions while exploring Madhabkunda Waterfall will help ensure a pleasant journey full of amazing memories that will last forever.

The Bottom Line – No Doubt, This Hidden Gem is  Worth Visiting

Madhabkunda Waterfall is definitely a must-visit spot that should not be missed if you’re in the Moulvibazar district. This hidden gem offers travellers a unique experience as they explore and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

It is undoubtedly an unforgettable journey full of adventure, excitement and an opportunity to learn more about the country’s culture and inhabitants.

So why wait? Pack your bags, make sure you adhere to all the safety precautions and head over to the Moulvibazar district for a unique experience that will be worth remembering forever.

Happy Travelling & Exploring!!!

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