Sleevelesses fashionable as well as comfortable in the heat

High temperatures and sporadic rainfall characterize the current weather. When attending professional or academic events, choosing the right outfit requires careful consideration, whether for a specific occasion or daily wear. Given the prevailing weather conditions, it can be challenging to spend prolonged periods outside if you’re dressed in comfortable attire.

So you can choose sleeveless dresses to wear this summer. Any sleeveless dress that suits the current fashion is fashionable as well as comfortable in the heat. But care should be taken to maintain modesty while wearing sleeveless dresses.

Many people are now choosing sleeveless blouses along with sarees to wear on occasion. Contrasting a sleeveless blouse with saree looks very fashionable. And those who want to avoid sarees can wear sleeveless kameez, kurtas or tops.

Despite their popularity, sleeveless tops are still frowned upon by a significant portion of Bangladesh’s population due to traditional social norms. It is imperative to note that wearing sleeveless clothing in crowded areas or using public transportation can leave individuals highly vulnerable.

  In the fifties, ’60s and ’70s, women in our country wore sleeveless. However, it was limited to the elite class of society. Likewise, if an ordinary girl wants to go to university or somewhere else in sleeveless clothes, she might hear a taunt or two. It is entirely a matter of our social outlook.

Anyone can wear sleeveless dresses with confidence. And those who are not used to sleeveless can wear a sleeveless dress with a short neck and wide neck.

  If one wants to wear sleeveless according to the society then he can wear it. A sleeveless look is good on slightly slimmer hands. But for those who have good health, sleeveless is comfortable. Because they need more heat due to physical reasons. But if you adapt to yourself, sleeveless can adapt to anyone.

Short neck is better with sleeveless shirt. It will also make the dress look elegant. Moreover, sleeveless goes well with collared neck styles.

Sleeveless has been in the fashion of our country for quite some time now. But it is very important to pay attention to whether the sleeveless dress suits you. Those with thick arms should avoid sleeveless. Basically, sleeveless is more suitable for narrow and long arms.

Those with broad shoulders can also wear sleeveless. In this case, the shoulder of the shirt can be increased by 1 inch or 1.5 inches. This will make the width of the shoulders seem a little less.

Sleeveless is mainly popular among college and university girls. Being comfortable and fashionable to wear, sleeveless dresses go well with jeans, leggings or palazzos.

However, if you want to wear sleeveless, it is important to pay special attention to the beauty aspect of the hands. Because if you want to wear sleeveless, the whole hand is exposed. And in summer, the heat of the sun causes a lot of damage to the hands. So hands need special care to protect them from sun and make them attractive.

It is very important to maintain cleanliness of hands and armpits while wearing sleeveless clothes. In this case, unwanted hair on the hands and armpits needs to be removed. It can be done at home or in a parlor. If you want to do it at home, there are various products available in the market for hair removal, they can be used. However, this does not clean the hair from the inside, so it leaves dark spots on the skin. Waxing is the most effective in this case. It can completely depilate the skin.”

Mix some flour and granulated sugar with milk, soak your hands in lukewarm water and massage them to remove dead cells and make your hands soft.

After that, mix 1 spoon of Multani soil, 1 spoon of sandalwood powder, 1 spoon of honey, some sour curd and 1 banana and apply it on your hands after scrubbing. If it gets dry after keeping it for a while, wash it off with lukewarm water. It will make the skin of the hands beautiful.

But it is better not to wear sleeveless every day. Because even if you get relief in the heat, the skin of the hands can get burnt due to the heat of the sun. So sometimes wearing a full sleeve or three-quarter sleeve dress will reduce the damage to the skin of the hands.

Also, if you wear sleeveless, you must apply sunscreen to your entire hand shortly before going out in the sun.

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