I am a victim of my own house

Women and violence are prevalent across all strata of contemporary society. In modern society, women are often subjected to neglect, desire, and ridicule. Where is the woman’s house located? Numerous individuals harbour uncertainties. Some believe that the grave serves as the physical dwelling of a deceased woman, representing her legitimate address. Individuals who employ this expression do not express it with much delight. The woman responded by stating that her precise location was the cemetery due to her inability to locate any valuable items within this civilization. Now, let us adopt a little alternative perspective in addressing this matter. A common belief is that a woman’s address refers to the residence she resided in before her marriage and the residence she lived in after her marriage. Why is it permissible for a father to commit rape against his daughter after she has given birth? It is seen as inappropriate for women to be present in one’s household.

Following her decision to remain in her husband’s residence for the subsequent three-quarters of her life, the woman departed from her father’s domicile and relocated to her husband’s dwelling. What are the advantages of visiting that location? Various forms of neglect are prevalent, including but not limited to dishonesty, dowry torture, verbal abuse on petty matters, and physical assaults. If a woman were to claim ownership of one of these residential properties, which house would she be considered the legitimate owner of?

Upon entering your residence, directing your attention towards the surrounding environment is advisable. Five years ago, I frequently acknowledged that I had consented to eve-teasing while commuting to school. At present, we have made significant progress. Although it is not limited to eve-teasing, it is relatively light work. Currently, certain individuals within this society exhibit such a lack of courage that they fail to spare even the most vulnerable child. They have subsequently elevated things to a higher degree. You can attack, kill, or escape as you like. Moreover, contemporary women in society endure sexual assault, sexual oppression, child marriage, familial violence, acid attacks, rape threats, dowry, and various other forms of abuse daily.

Indeed, it is a verifiable reality that women exist within contemporary society; nonetheless, their lack of security persists despite the inherent association between the concepts of women and security. Women need more security in various aspects of contemporary life, such as their residences, workplaces, judicial systems, educational establishments, medical facilities, and medical centres. It is surprising that both men and women in contemporary society experience a lack of safety while interacting with some women.

In terms of the extent of violence perpetrated against women, it is anticipated that every other nation will be surpassed. Nevertheless, despite its numerous other lessons, Corona has failed to impart the values of empathy and acceptance towards women. The highest number of photographs exhibiting violence against women were observed during the reign of Corona. During the period spanning from January to November 2020, a cumulative count of 21,713 women and children fell prey to acts of violence.

According to a survey conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Bangladesh is rated eighth globally and has the highest incidence of adolescent violence. The data reveals that approximately one woman is victimised by violence in Bangladesh every hour. Based on data from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), around 87 percent of women in Bangladesh have encountered familial violence at some stage in their lives. What factors contribute to the elevated prevalence of violence against women? This inquiry pertains to the matter at hand. What types of cognitive processes are effective in an individual? As a consequence, women are consistently exposed to the risk of experiencing such acts of violence.

The prevalence of patriarchy within this cultural context, characterised by male dominance, serves as the fundamental catalyst for the perpetration of violence against women. For millennia, this culture has upheld numerous norms and conditions that exhibit prejudice towards women. Divya’s silent tolerance towards those females marks the inception of her family. In this context, we observe a state of tranquilly. Conversely, when women initiated activism due to their inability to comply with these norms and conditions (such as child marriage, dowry, and unspeakable torture), it was already too late to employ violence. We believe that quiet is the only way peace can be accepted. The stigma connected with divorce is the occurrence of abuse and physical assaults perpetrated by the husband. The girl who has been divorced is subjected to derogatory language, starting with her father’s residence and extending to the homes of her neighbours. He exited the residence, bid farewell to the world, and departed permanently due to his inability to endure it. This culture is accountable for the debilitation and confinement of women through the infliction of harm upon religious sentiments.

Additionally, a diverse range of pornographic websites and Indian serials are inadvertently fostering the potential for sexual assault within the male psyche. The subconscious mind of males embraces and becomes captivated by the actual implementation of specific ideas. Males with a deceitful mindset are presenting logical justifications for sexually assaulting women by describing their clothing, physical attractiveness, and other physical attributes. What is the reason for the lack of protection against lust for the female who is not wearing a veil?

Modern culture accords no genuine worth to a woman who promptly engages in tasks such as preparing hot meals, tidying the household, and performing other household duties. Women actively participate in many sectors, such as the textile industry, corporate and judicial settings, healthcare facilities, aviation, the armed forces, and the naval forces. Furthermore, women are responsible for performing physically strenuous duties inside the community throughout the harvest season.

Women, along with men, actively and indirectly contributed to the liberation war aimed at emancipating this nation. The country’s persistent oppression of women is responsible for this phenomenon. During the liberation struggle, around three hundred young women received instruction in weapon usage under the leadership of Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury and the BLF. Taraman BB in Sector No. 11 and Kankan BB in Sector No. 5 engaged in direct combat and provided intelligence through covert espionage operations.

Approximately 460,000 women fell prey to sexual assault during the liberation fight. What is the reason behind the ongoing torture of women, even after they have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country? Does the individual engaging in the act of torturing the victim, as well as the broader society, ever contemplate this notion?

Stringent enforcement of legislation is a viable approach to eliminating violence against women, promoting the empowerment of women, and ensuring its appropriate implementation. It is imperative to have a compassionate and inclusive demeanour towards women. We have a responsibility to spread knowledge of religious teachings. The Islamic faith grants women the highest level of reverence. An apprehension about the afterlife has the power to eradicate the mindset of violence against women.

The eradication of violence against women necessitates a coordinated effort between social workers and politicians. A definitive differentiation between justice and injustice should commence within the familial context. The state’s educational system also requires significant modifications. It is imperative to remove Indian pornographic websites and serials. The implementation of policy education should be prioritised.

The present moment necessitates a state of mindfulness. Failure to do so will result in the downfall of individuals, society, and the nation. Across all strata of society, starting from the paternal household, it is incumbent upon us to guarantee the security of women. Assume that a female individual experiences mistreatment within the confines of her domestic environment, encompassing the dwelling of her paternal, marital, sibling, or paternal uncle. This scenario lowers the perception of women’s worth among individuals in the global community. To eliminate violence against women, it is imperative for people at many levels, including the family, society, and the state, to be aware of the problem and implement stringent measures.

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