Embracing Pohela Falgun with Style

Shahrin Islam Sharno
“It’s Springtime once more. The birds have begun to sing once more. Watch as the blossoms begin to bud. Take a look at the young folks who have fallen in love.”  Spring arrives with a burst of colour and the scent of love. The essence of love and happiness is regenerated when colours are combined. Spring is the last season of the year, and it is divided into two Bengali months, Falgun and Chaitra.

Spring provides colour to nature after the dryness of winter. Birds begin to sing, and flowers bloom. Shimul, Polash, and Krishnochura all begin to blossom simultaneously. They convey the message of Spring’s arrival. Nature adorns itself with new adornments.

Because Falgun is very important in Bengali culture, Bangladeshis celebrate it on the first day of Falgun every year. People of various ages wear traditional clothing. Men wear Punjabi, while ladies wear Sharee. People love to dress in bright colours such as yellow, orange, and green. Young people like to wear red because Valentine’s Day and Pohela Falgun have been celebrated on the same day for the past two years.


During Pohela Falgun, Jamdani and Manipuri are the most popular among women of all ages. However, among the younger generations, personalised sarees are becoming more popular. Laces were fastened using six-yard cords in that circumstance. Sharee has become fashionable. Sarees made of tye-dye or block batik are trendy. A single-colour saree with a patterned blouse is also a good option. Online platforms have further boosted the popularity of single-colour or dual-toned Khadi sarees.

fashion of Pohela Falgun
Make Up-Base:
Eye Make-Up:
Pohela falgun couple style

If you want to keep your hair untie, you can blow dry, straight or spiral, & keep it at one side. You can put flowers with bobby pins on the of your hair. Or you can twist your hair on the front side & secure them with a bobby pin at the back.

If you wear a saree, a hair bun or braid will be the best combination. You can decorate your bun with ‘Bela Gajra’ or garland. You can also trim your hair with tiny orchids. Nowadays, artificial flowers are becoming very popular as they are reusable.


Everything will be incomplete without accessories. You can wear wooden or metal earrings with shsaree, salwar kameez or tops. If you want, you can wear a simple necklace or avoid it. Try to wear hand filled bangles. You can go for wooden, metal or glass bangles. To look more attractive, wear ‘Tip.’ 

Don’t forget to use perfume to keep the freshness alive.

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Remove makeup:

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Cleaner: Use a gentle cleanser to clean your face and neck.

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Dress: Rang Bangladesh Model: Purnima Bristi, Jasmin Jui & Jony Photo: Muntaqim Makeup: Nazrul

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