Winter Fashion: A touch of the old in a new look

Comfortable to wear in winter with shawl, sweater, muffler before going to work or sitting at home. This winter seems to have given rise to boredom with clothes and trends. It’s as if you’re going through a busy time in winter, right? However, thinking of giving yourself a little fashionable look. What is the trend going on this winter, want to know?! What’s in store for you in your trendy and fashionable look this winter, know now!!

 A touch of the old in a new way? Let’s say that first!! Year after year we often see the repetition of 90s designs and fashions. Sometimes 90’s hand drawn blouses, sometimes loose plazos, printed shirts – these are like new to us. Similarly, this season’s winter wear includes loose winter wear, shawl variations with an old touch, and more fashion.

Jacket: Denim jeans have already received a lot of attention in the fashion world. Both men and women prefer denim jeans for comfort and trendy look. Bleached wash or white wash denim jackets are trending in this winter season just like in western regions. These denim jeans give a casual look to your regular outfit. Now almost in view of the demand of blue denim, the demand of other colors of denim is also increasing. The color combination of denim is very great to match with long shirts, tops, daily outfits of young people. Also, indifference to sneakers with a denim jacket is just plain stupid when it comes to choosing a trendy outfit this winter.

As always, there is a demand for leather jackets, but synthetic leather jackets are responding well. Needless to say, the leather jacket’s specialty is light to carry. In no time, young women can wear leather jackets in their workplace or casual look. Chocolate or dark red suits all dresses! Did I say it right? Don’t try it!!

Being light and comfortable, the track jacket made of Parachute fabric retains the unique aspect of fit. A parachute jacket goes really well with a full sleeve genji or shirt.

Denim is followed by corduroy jackets at the top of everyone’s wish list. The feeling of being cold for some time and then being hot again and again is the cause of our discomfort. Therefore, don’t forget to choose a cord jacket as an outfit for relative lightness and comfort in this winter!

Also, you will find different types of jackets at your fingertips in the showrooms of fashion houses and shopping malls.

Hoodies: The day-to-day journey Hoodies are considered as a winter wear accessory for teenagers. At home, school, university, as well as hanging out with friends, hoodie fashion is successful in keeping its place. There are different brands of hoodies in the market! Thinking about the cold weather and fashion, nothing can stop its market price.


Basically, this overcoat or long coat has grabbed the attention and interest of young people this winter. Belt system is close to it. To keep up with the times or to present yourself a little differently, the demand for overcoats along with blazers is high. An overcoat can be worn with any outfit. There are several types of overcoats available in the market today. They are usually made of blazer fabric. But cotton, woolen, soft leather etc. are also used. Along with blazer fabrics, mixed wool stripe overcoats are preferred by girls.

In this case, apart from black, white, pressed white, ash, gray, yellow, green, red, pink, blue etc., stripes or other dark colors are more prominent. Overcoats go well with jeans. If you wear a little thick cloth tops or T-shirt inside, you can wear the overcoat leaving the chest part open. If you want, you can wear all the buttons and fitting with the body. Both styles are trending now. If you go to the office, you can wear an ash or black overcoat with a bright colored shirt. A khaki or yellow coat can be worn with a white shirt or a deep blue coat with a maroon shirt. Wear appropriate shoes.

Where to find:

You can get this dress of your choice by visiting various shopping complexes of Elephant Road, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani and Uttara in the capital. This time Ecstasy, Cat’s Eye, Infinity, Westax, Trends, Yellow, Artist, Richman, Infinity, Smartex, Bang, Plus Point and other fashion houses have brought a lot of variety in the field of overcoats. Overcoats of various colors and styles are available in all houses. So, if you want to buy the clothes of your choice, you can go to any house.

Cap: New Outlook can give a triangular cap on the dress. A hint of wool on the velvet  silver is perfectly adjustable as a winter outfit.

Also, light weight wool sweaters give a new fashion look every time. Sweaters are very popular for children, adults, and adults alike. Innovations in neck and arm designs keep fashion alive. Choose a loose jacket and sweater to add a new twist to your everyday fashion.

Not only fashion, but winter Choose your winter outfit today keeping in mind comfort as well as wear ability.

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