Puja makeover to get most attractive look

On the occasion of the autumn Durga Puja, the festival mood is spreading among Sanatan religious followers. May there be no end to these five days from Shashti to Dasami. Everyone wants to look their most attractive these days.

The dress should be perfect on such a happy day. Everyone will come out dressed according to tradition, culture, habit, and taste. But first, you have to decide how you will dress.

Dress of the day in Puja:

The dress of puja basically starts on Shashti day. Because from sixth to tenth, you can dress up as you like. New clothes should be trendy as well as comfortable. You can start the morning of Shashti and Saptami with a light outfit. During puja, the daytime outfit is quite bright, but it is better to keep light beige makeup. Because while offering Anjali in the temple during the day, care should be taken to keep the face soft.

Usually, during this time of puja, one does not go out much. Time is given to one’s family. In this case, you can buy cotton salwar kameez or sarees from local boutique houses. You can make a mask by matching the clothes. In the case of makeup, you can use BB or CC cream without using foundation. It will have a natural look.

How to make up:

Do not forget to apply sunscreen before applying BB cream. Then you can set it with face powder. It can produce a light peach or pinkish brown blush. You can apply mascara, eyeliner, or kajal without using eyeshadow. You can apply lipstick, coral, or any nude colour lipstick to match the colour of the dress. You can wear matching light jewellery around your ears.

Ashtami and Navami:

The outfit for this period will be completely different. But it is important to keep the normality in the day dress. You can prefer dark-coloured clothes. Red, maroon, magenta, or sea green color. Light clothing is best at the start of the day. You can apply moisturiser after cleaning your face and applying sunscreen cream. You can apply the foundation after applying the primer and waiting for a few minutes.

Then apply concealer and set makeup with compact powder. You can decorate the eyes with light-coloured eyeshadow. You can also apply eyeliner and mascara. Lips may have nude lipstick. By combing your hair, you can plant flowers. Jhumko can be read in the ear, along with bangles. Be unique. Then go out with friends or family.

Puja Night Dress:

After the evening, many people go to Pandal. Then you can decorate yourself a little darker. So a little heavy makeup is better. Wash your face thoroughly. Then apply moisturizer. If there are spots around the eyes, concealer can be combined with the skin tone to cover them.

Then apply the foundation by matching the skin shade. Apply beige makeup with a beauty blender or sponge. You can add dark eyeshadow to the eyebrows. False eyelashes can be applied to the eyes. Take eyeliner and mascara with you. Blush and contouring can then be highlighted. Lips can take dark lipstick.

In the case of a saree, you can choose a native silk or muslin saree. If the blouse has heavy work, you can choose light jewelry. If the blouse is light, then heavy metal jewellery will be good. You can tie your hair neatly. Jhumka can be braided on long hair. Also, don’t forget to wear a tip on your forehead.


Dasami means the goddess’s birthday. Dashami is the main attraction of Sharidiya Puja. The dress of this day means a white saree with a red border and a white saree. Or a red saree or a white jamdani. You can bring variety to the blouse. You can make blouses with sleeveless, circular cup, butterfly, or rollup designs. Women of all ages can choose these colors. Many can dress themselves up like idols. You can decorate your eyes with dark, kajal-drawn eyeliner. Red lipstick light outfit. On this day, apart from teaching Tagore vermilion, they also enjoyed playing vermilion. If one does not want to wear a saree exclusively, then wear a red shirt and pyjamas.

But at the end of the day, you have to keep in mind that you have to go home and remove the makeup. For that, you must use a good makeup remover. Hygiene rules must be followed during puja.

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