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The experience of receiving new garments during Eid varies. But the current circumstances are not advantageous to us. The epidemic has resulted in a transformation in the perception of the familiar world. The primary obstacle lies in the present moment. There is no alternative to maintaining good health. There is a reduced likelihood of visiting the market and purchasing Eid attire. To mitigate the risk, you can buy your preferred garments online from the convenience of your residence. Domestic fashion businesses have introduced novel arrangements for the celebration of Eid. This inquiry pertains to arranging Eid, which encompasses both delight and new clothing. In Cat’s Eye Eid, adolescent fashion and contemporary trend clothing exhibit heightened vibrancy. During the hot season, clothing and colours hold significant significance. Tasteful and fashionable garments, characterised by diverse patterns and a mix of Desi styles, have been introduced. Printed intelligent casual shirts, long tops, formal shirts, polo shirts, and trousers are available. The utilisation of colours achieves softness, whereas the nightly festive outfit exhibits the opposite effect. A significant transformation has occurred in the attire of Punjabi women for the occasion of Eid, accompanied by the introduction of a distinctive Kabali collection. Receive a 20% reduction on online orders to guarantee secure shopping from the comfort of your own home. The virtual store for Eid shopping can be accessed at www.catseye.com.bd.


Anjan arranges unique costumes every year to enhance Eid’s joyous and vibrant atmosphere. Anjan orchestrates the current Eid iteration with a fusion of traditional and modern elements, reflecting contemporary trends. This time, various geometric and floral designs, including Islamic, Jamdani, Kantha, Kalka, Phulkari, and others, are arranged in an organised manner. The prevailing fashion trends at the soirée produce the garments. In the case of kameez, various dress styles such as straight cut, front slit, cape, jacket, high low, and asymmetric are employed. Additionally, neck patterns such as boat, halter, square, V-shaped, round, shirt neck and bell, cape, circular flow, kimono, and petal are utilised.

This year’s Eid event features sarees, salwar-kameez, veils, and various women’s tops. Punjabi attire for boys includes pyjamas, shirts, t-shirts, and sherwanis. Multiple types of attire are available for children and teenagers, including sarees, salwar-kameez, frocks, punjabi, shirts, and fatwas. In addition to garments, this festival offers a diverse range of jewellery, home textiles, and gift goods. This design focuses on youth and features garments crafted using innovative weaving techniques such as cotton, linen cotton, georgette, silk, and endicott. The Eid celebration has incorporated a range of fashionable hues, such as French blue, rust, marigold, green ash, mint, raspberry sorbet, ultimate grey, buttercream, willow, and dessert mist. Anjanes offers Eid arrangements at all of its outlets. Aside from physical locations, you can also purchase this collection online at www.anjans.com, where you can find a wide range of stylish options and the latest trends.


Eid symbolizes delight and contentment, immersing oneself in the vibrant hues of the celebration. The anticipation for new garments on Eid is widespread. Eid Biswarang has introduced novel and fashionable designs catering to individuals with a keen sense of style. Bahari has showcased diverse designs and styles in Eid decorations by blending global trends with indigenous customs. Changes have occurred in the design of garments. The gowns incorporate a variety of textiles, such as Dhupian silk, Jai silk, Tasar silk, soft silk, katan, bellbet, and other embellished fabrics. Ensure moderation in using colours, encompassing off-white, white, scarlet, maroon, royal blue, green, and golden hues. Embroidery, zardozi, rigging, cutwork, screen printing, and numerous mixed media techniques emerged as mediums of work.

All the things available in the showroom may be conveniently purchased online at www.bishworang.com or through the Bishworang fan club on Facebook.


Fashion House Megh has introduced a diverse range of garments catering to adult and child demographics throughout the festive season of Eid. The clothing options include boys’ Punjabi, T-shirts, girls’ Salwar-Kameez, single kameez, unstitched, and kid’s fatwa, Punjabi, rock, and T-shirts. In addition, uniform garments of identical colour and pattern are available for both families and couples. These garments are available for purchase both in wholesale and retail settings. It can also be acquired through internet retail. The location is Aziz Super Market, on the ground floor of Shahbagh, Dhaka. According to the website facebook.com/meghfashionbd ,


In the summer season, the domestic fashion brand ‘Nipun’ has expanded its collection of clothing options to cater to customers during Eid. Nipun’s product portfolio mainly consists of cotton, linen, joystick, and woven cotton fabrics, focusing on ensuring client comfort and ease. Floral, native royal, and Islamic themes are the prevailing motifs. Eid attire typically includes a saree, salwar kameez, kurti, single piece, Punjabi shirt, and fatwa for boys. There is also a selection of apparel for children. You can purchase Eid attire from the comfort of your own home at the following URL: https://www.facebook.com/nipuncraft.


The affiliate brand ‘Shraddha’ by Bishwarang has introduced new initiatives for the Shraddhabhajan family members. ‘Shraddha’ clothing is characterised by loose and graceful patterns on native materials and pastel colours instead of vivid colours. The available attire options include sarees, three-piece suits, kameez, Punjabis, fatwas, shirts, t-shirts, and other garments. Textiles such as cotton, linen, and woven fabrics have been preferred as clothing materials due to their thermal properties. This circumstance necessitates the use of various textiles like silk, muslin, satin, georgette, among others, to evoke the ambience of the celebration. The artists employed a variety of artistic techniques such as needlework, zardozi, manipulation, cutwork, screen print, and mixed media—multiple strategies—as their mediums.

You can conveniently purchase the showroom items online through the website www.bishworang.com or the Facebook page bishworangfanclub.

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