Hemante skin care

Hemant conveyed the arrival of the winter season. A sudden onset of frigid wind commenced. The passage of time has a detrimental effect on the skin’s condition. During this period, those with oily skin may experience dryness, whereas those with pre-existing dry skin may not be affected. Therefore, it is imperative to use additional caution. This article provides an overview of the recommended and discouraged practices for skincare during the current period.

No to soap

After a long and eventful day, it is recommended to return to one’s residence and cleanse oneself with a scented soap or foam gel. Resisting such temptations undoubtedly presents significant challenges, yet it is imperative to refrain from indulging in them to maintain skin health. Due to the current circumstances, you shouldn’t partake in a leisurely bath. It is important to note that applying soap lye might exacerbate skin dryness. Instead of using shower soap or soap gel, it is advisable to opt for a high-quality soap-free cleanser. This alternative will assist in maintaining the skin’s moisture levels.

Say yes to sunscreen

Observing, the current solar radiation levels have somewhat increased. I am unable to expose myself to direct sunlight. It is imperative to remember to apply sunscreen sufficiently in advance before venturing outdoors during this period. It is important to note that increased sun exposure correlates with higher levels of skin moisture loss. If one embarks outdoors during daylight hours, it is advisable to wear sunglasses.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol is a common ingredient found in beauty products produced by different companies available on the market. These substances harm the skin. The use of such beauty items has been observed to contribute to increased skin dryness. It is advisable to conduct a thorough examination of the ingredients contained in a beauty product before making a purchase. It is advisable to refrain from consuming alcohol in the given circumstances. Use skincare products such as cleansing milk.

Use moisturizer

The act of moisturising holds significant importance during this period. To enhance the bathing experience, it is recommended to incorporate a small quantity of glycerin into the bath water. This product can maintain the moisture levels of your skin. Additionally, it is recommended to cleanse your hands and face upon arriving home, followed by using a gentle moisturiser on the hands, face, and feet. It is advisable to refrain from applying a dense moisturiser before leaving the premises.

Use oil-based scrubs

During this period, the combination of solar radiation and chlorine exposure induces a harsh and dehydrated state in the skin. Oil-based exfoliants have demonstrated high efficacy in the removal of rough skin. Exfoliation is an effective method for eliminating superficial dead skin cells, thereby promoting the health and radiance of the skin. It is recommended to engage in comprehensive body exfoliation rather than limiting the process solely to facial exfoliation. Oil-based scrubs are highly effective at exfoliating the skin while also providing moisturization.

Use cream

During the Hemant season, a significant number of individuals engage in the purchase of lotions in response to the onset of cool breezes. However, this should be different. It is advised to refrain from using water-based lotions during this period. It is vital to acquire a heavy cream formulation that effectively safeguards the skin against dryness while avoiding excessive oiliness. When purchasing a cream, it is advisable to apply a small amount to the hand and gently massage it to determine the most suitable option for one’s skin.

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