Youthful Eid fashion

It is commonly believed that youths are fashion-conscious. They are primarily interested in the latest fashion trends. Upon visiting the Eid market, it was seen that there was a vast assortment of clothing developed specifically for them.

This Eid, the majority of fashion houses have designed and coloured their clothing in accordance with the themes that they have chosen for themselves. However, because it is so hot, every fashion brand has taken into consideration the comfort factor when designing outfits. Because of this, breathable and pleasant textiles such as cotton, linen, silk, and the like are recommended.

Young women’s fashion

The saree and salwar kameez are popular, but young ladies love wearing western styles. Women’s kurtas, shirts, etc., have seen a style evolution in terms of both cut and design. Kameez is characterised by its many layers. Again this year, the long partan kameez is the most popular choice for Eid attire. Girls typically pair short kameezes or shirts with loose pants like harem pants, palazzos, or dhoti pyjamas.

This time the demand for Kurtis and tops is high. Besides, gown-style kameez, long patterned frocks and kameez are also preferred by many.

A market tour saw fashion houses designing kameez, Kurtis and tops with hand embroidery, machine embroidery, skin print and thread work. Moreover, the use of Jamdani motifs is also seen.

There is also a difference in the design of kameez sleeves for girls. Fringed sleeves, tulip sleeves, bell sleeves, circular flan sleeves, drop shoulders, cold shoulders, and tie sleeves have captured the hearts of buyers.

The fashion houses have also emphasised the sleeves of the garment. In this case, the rest of the clothing is kept quite simple. However, the frill design sleeve is the most eye-catching.

  No one wears salwar kameez as much now. Tops with skirts, dhoti style trousers, tops with pants are trending.’

This time several clothes have been made in a mix of domestic and international styles. For girls, there are gipsies, short tops, chained salwar kameez etc. On the occasion of Eid, some fashion houses have created Lawn Formal. They look like long coats. But the price is a bit high. They are available for 10 thousand to 12 thousand takas.

Most young women prefer bright and bold colors in their clothes during Eid. This is because so many fashion houses have prioritised bright colors this summer’s Eid.

Cotton and linen collection is more in fashion houses this time. K Craft said, “Considering comfort in summer, light colors and cotton fabrics are preferred.” Cotton sarees, single kameezes and tops are sold here for between 1,500 to 5,000 Taka.

It is hot, and rain is possible, so many young women do not want to wear a saree this Eid. But there is no way to ignore the words ‘women in sarees’. So if you can’t buy a saree on Eid, many people think that ‘clothes haven’t been bought’.

Eid fashion in colourful sarees;

Talking to a few fashion houses, it is known that the demand for handmade muslin sarees is high at this time. Katan saree is also on the list of many people’s choices. Many people also buy Silk Katan, Chennai Katan, and Banarasi Katan. Many people buy embroidered, skin-printed linen or cotton, keeping summer in mind. Many people are also buying sarees dyed in jamdani and tissue cloth.

Many girls want to buy sarees on Eid. Now muslin, narrow border fabrics are trending more. But everyone prefers more work in a blouse. That’s why there are many types of designs in the blouse. Loose blouses, jacket styles, hand cut, handkerchief cut or narrow border blouses are popular now.

Depending on the type of saree, sarees are being sold from Tk 1,500 to Tk 19,500 in fashion houses.

The symbol of whiteness is white. I don’t want to wear white clothes on Eid, though. However, some buyers are impressed by the hand-designed saree with white muslin cloth and thread. Bubli bought such a saree. He said Sada is already very dear to him. But, after seeing the white muslin saree, he couldn’t handle the temptation.

Youth clothing;

Punjabi is the top choice of young people in Eid clothes. This Eid brings variety in silk, endy, and cotton Punjabi. The demand for Punjabi from a mixture of western and native genres is high. Yarn work, embroidery, cotton, silk, and all types of Punjabi cloth have come into the market. Kabli Punjabi is also available in the general budget. It can be bought for 3 thousand Taka.

A salesperson at La Rive Fashion House said Punjabi buyers prefer cottiers or Twins. But, as the heat is high, many people buy t-shirts, half-sleeve shirts, fotua, and Punjabi with jeans or gabardine pants. Some are also buying printed pants. Checks on casual shirts have also been seen more in this Eid fashion.

This time a change has been made to the Punjabi button on Eid. The use of oyster buttons in Punjabi was seen at the fashion house Anjans. Designs that look old-fashioned but add a new dimension to fashion. Many are also showing interest in viscose fatwa.

Lipi Khandkar said, ‘Punjabi is the main dress of boys on Eid. So comfortable and always wearable Punjabi boys are preferred now. Boys are now liking contrast and different types of crafts in Punjabi.

Some fashion houses have used natural colors in boys’ clothing. Besides, Jamdani Motif Bahari Punjabi and Kantha Stitch Punjabi have also gained popularity among buyers. Boys’ clothes have used natural colors such as pomegranate peel, turmeric, haritaki, onion, etc.

In fashion houses, the price will be 1 thousand to 4 thousand Taka depending on the type of Punjabi.

Eid fashion for teenagers

Teenagers want to dress in their own style or match the current fashion. Keeping teenagers in mind, fashion houses have created different types of clothing. For example, the sleeves and the shirt’s length and circumference have changed. As Eid is the most flamboyant occasion, dark colors are used in teenagers’ clothes.

In addition to the fashion houses, the various shopping centres of the city have arranged colorful Eid clothes. However, if you want to buy clothes at a slightly lower price, the shopping centres in the city like Newmarket, Gauchia, Aziz Super Market, Mouchak, and Malibagh have opened their stores of Eid clothes. Depending on the type of clothing, Punjabi is available from 800 to 2000 taka, single kameez and tops from 500 to 1 thousand 500 takas, saree from 500 to 5 thousand takas, three pieces from 1 thousand to 4 thousand takas.

Eid comes every year with a message of joy. Everyone wants new clothes regardless of age. However, young people are more interested in new clothes for Eid. So let this Eid be filled with comfortable clothes of a new design.

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