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 Anika was a very bubbly girl; she was the only daughter of Mr Shafiq Ahmed. Anika has grown up under the care of Shafiq Ahmed since she was four years old. However, after her mother’s death, her father, Shafiq Ahmed, did not get married; he did not want to raise Anika under the care of a stepmother. 

 Time passed; Anika grew up like a beautiful blooming flower because she was raised by a great father whose only focus was to look after his loving daughter instead of his life. 

 Suddenly, Anika got married to the son of her father’s childhood friend. Anika’s husband’s name was Zawad. Anika had known Zawad since she was a little girl. Mostly Anika used to meet Zawad at different parties. Anika was shy; Zawad was the opposite. 

 Jawad was beautiful, so Anika was! As Anika was timid, that is why whenever she used to meet Zawad, their conversations never continued. They only used to greet each other’s to maintain courtesy! As Zawad was older than Anika, so he used to welcome her first. Anika was not very comfortable communicating with others. She was pleased only with her father and Roma auntie. 

After finishing university in Bangladesh, Zawad went to the USA for higher education. He returned to Bangladesh to get married when he got a decent job at Boston University after finishing his PhD. So, Zawad’s parents have sent the proposal to Shafiq Ahmed, asking for Anika’s hand for their son Zawad. Since they have known Anika since she was born, they have considered Anika the perfect match for Zawad. 

 After getting the proposal, Shafiq Ahmed was confused because he never wanted to send his only daughter Anika far away from him. After the death of Anika’s mother, Shafiq Ahmed became too attached to Anika and could not breathe without seeing Anika! Anika was his oxygen! Anika also felt the same for her father, Shafiq Ahmed! 

 Surprisingly, when Shafiq Ahmed informed Anika about the proposal, Anika said yes. Shafiq Ahmed got upset when Anika expressed concern and thought Anika would say no. Instead, Anika did not take much time to say yes because she wanted to see her father and Roma auntie as husband and wife. 

Shafiq Ahmed did not get married to give his only daughter Anika good care. Still, he used to spend quality time with an elegant lady who was Anika’s Roma auntie. Anika knew Roma’s auntie and her father had been in love for a long time. She wanted them to get married since she knew Roma. Since then, Anika kept on requesting her father and Roma auntie to get married to give their relations a name! However, both of them have always ignored her request. Roma knew why Shafiq Ahmed never wanted to get married! Roma was different, and her priority was to keep a good relationship with Shafiq Ahmed and Anika. 

 When Roma and Shafiq Ahmed met, Roma felt Shafiq Ahmed was her perfect match. Roma fell in love with Anika too, because Anika was so lovable! After a few meetings, when Shafiqul Ahmed cleared Roma why he did not want to get married, Roma understood; she liked the honesty of Shafiq Ahmed. After that, she started respecting him more. She became a great fan of Shafiq Ahmed to see his unconditional love towards his only daughter Anika. 

 Roma’s childhood was not so good. She had a stepmother, and her experiences with her stepmother were so bitter. Roma was nine years old when her mother passed away. A few months later, Roma’s father got married. When her stepmother was making her life hell, she moved to her maternal grand parent’s house. There she got outstanding care and good education. Today she became a diplomat because she wanted to be an independent lady. 

Anika always considered Roma her comfort zone; that is why she used to share all her secrets with her favourite Roma auntie. When Anika had a period for the first time, she got scared because she had no idea about menstruation. Anika got frightened during her first period; without hesitation called Roma and cried like a little girl. Roma was brilliant; she understood what had happened to Anika! Within a short time, she went to Anika’s place and described everything about the period; Roma also informed Anika that period was natural. Every lucky girl has to experience this issue once in their lifetime. Roma congratulated Anika with a big smile and a tight hug. That evening Roma took Anika to a fine dinette to welcome her special day! After that, Anika started considering Roma the kindest person in the world! 

 Zawad and Anika both had a gorgeous wedding. Shafiq Ahmed and Roma have tried their best to make the wedding memorable. Zawada’s family did the same. After the wedding, Anika heard that all her friends got very jealous seeing the handsome groom and the gorgeous wedding. Zawad was very attractive! 

 Anika left Bangladesh for the USA a few months after getting married. Her heart was broken when she was leaving Shafiq Ahmed and Roma’s auntie. Before leaving, Anika requested both of them to get married as soon as possible. Roma and Shafiq Ahmed both have agreed to get married soon.

After migrating to the USA, Anika found a different Zawad. The latter never talked much with Anika and never took her for a nice dinner. Even on holiday, he never took her out. Nevertheless, Anika was free to go anywhere she wished. Zawad was a different person in bed, and sometimes he asked Anika to do weird things. The irony was that Anika was looking for a life partner, not a sick sex partner. So Anika started considering Zawad a pervert! She tried to know through the internet how to deal with a guy like Zawad. So, Anika did not get any satisfactory answer. She might have informed Roma’s auntie, but she did not. Anika thought if she told Roma, an auntie. Roma’s auntie would share her situation with her father. Then her father would be sick and never marry Roma auntie. Anika wanted her father to be settled with Roma’s auntie. 

 Every other evening after dinner, Zawad used to ask Anika to take off all her clothes and ramp like a model in front of him. Zawad used to sit on a chair and watch nude Anika ramping. After nude ramping, Zawad used to make love with her. Anika has never enjoyed making love with Zawad because she thought Zawad was insulting her for forcing her to do nude ramping. So day by day, Anika was becoming sick of the sick acts of Zawad. 

Anika is no more because she committed suicide! One fine morning when Zawad went to university, Anika called Roma, and she talked to her for a long time. She also informed Roma that she had left her mother’s jewellery in the locker. So Anika said, “I want you to put on that jewellery when you sign the paper as my father’s wedded wife! After that, she called her father and informed him how much she was thankful to him and how much she loved him! 

 Anika would never commit suicide if Zawad did not ask her to have a nude dance. That evening Anika lost her temper and refused to do the nude dance. She was screaming and kept on calling him a pervert. Zawad also got mad when Anika called him a pervert. He started saying with a loud voice, “how dare you are! You are supposed to obey all my orders according to Islamic laws !” That evening Zawad forcefully took off all her clothes and raped her. When Zawad was having sex with Anika, Anika replied with the same tone, “you are a rapist, you are a rapist, you are a rapist.” After the sex, in reply, Zawad kept saying, “I am your wedded husband; all Muslim husbands can have sex with their wives whenever they want.” 

 Anika had no idea what Islam said. Anika was born in a Muslim family and was proud of her religion. She experienced how her father treated her! Anika knew Shafiq Ahmed was so friendly with her mother. She never experienced any Muslim extremism in her family! She became devastated when Zawad was screaming and telling her loudly that Anika had to listen to whatever he ordered. That night Zawad went to bed in a calm mood like nothing wrong had happened! Anika could not sleep; she had searched online about what Islam says in this situation. She found Zawad was right! 

 The next day, when Zawad came home, he found a breathless Anika; after that, he called 911 and informed her father! After the postmortem, police returned Anika’s dead body. Shafiq Ahmed and Roma have come to Boston to take Anika back to her motherland! 

 A few months later, Zawad went to Bangladesh to get married! Anika’s friend Shanta who was jealous of Anika now getting married to Zawad, the most eligible bachelor! Maybe Shanta would be happy with Zawad! Perhaps she would never consider Zawad, a pervert!
 No one knew why Anika committed suicide! 

 Sylvia Pandit

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