Working parents

Many couples are both working. They spend most of the day outside the house for work or livelihood. In this case, the parents whose children are younger are worried.

In most cases, women have to leave their jobs and stay home. After becoming mothers, mothers get paid maternity leave from work. After that, you can take unpaid leave for a few more days. But mothers are worried about what will happen next.

In this situation, many parents are looking for domestic help. There is no end to the worries of keeping the child with the housemaid. Did the child eat properly? Isn’t there any danger? You may want to raise your child in another way. But for work’s sake, the young child must be left at home with the housemaid.

Maybe you somehow get a housekeeper and focus on your work, leaving the child with him. Can you feel at ease, then? Probably not. Some may live in a joint family. Earlier, in joint families, grandparents used to look after the children. But especially in urban areas, many families do not have this opportunity.

Many working mothers leave their children at the daycare centre to work. But daycare centres are still inadequate compared to needs. So again, working women in Bangladesh are still reluctant to keep their children in daycare centres. Moreover, many daycare centres are designed for business purposes only, so there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. A good quality daycare must be government-approved.

2. All daycare caregivers must be adequately trained.

3. You will be given a list of what the child will eat and play with throughout the day and what activities they will have.

4. Must have a CCTV camera system.

5. Arrangements should be made to talk to or meet the child in a video call at any time.

6. Stay connected to one or more physicians so that if children have any problems, then you can solve that problem immediately.

7. The daycare centre has to ensure 100% safety of the children.

From child to child, when adolescence comes. Even then, the parents became more worried. During adolescence, children often cannot distinguish between right and wrong. As a result, they often sit down and do something that makes everyone think. Whether a child is on the right track or moving forward in a certain emotional state depends on their temperament and hub. According to experts, parents should be careful if the child has the following symptoms.

Be very careful if the following symptoms appear.

Mood swing

This is a very common occurrence. Hormones cause these changes as we age. It is important to keep a close eye on your child if they suddenly become depressed and reassured in a few moments. If the child suffers from depression for no reason, it is a cause for concern. Talk lovingly with the kids at this time want to know and discuss the reasons for such changes in their use.

Not being interested in anything

Not all babies get along well with everyone, but that doesn’t mean they have problems. But if your child does not show interest in a task or gives up in the middle of a task, it can cause anxiety. Check for signs of fatigue or lack of self-confidence.

Hiding something

Children often do things and hide from their parents. Parents can understand their behaviour. Even though it is a very small reason, such behaviour of children raises doubts in parents’ minds. However, if this problem is not solved at an early stage, it may take great shape in the future. The habit of hiding something can lead to a dangerous event. Kids love to do things like that, or they don’t trust you — these two things make you think.

Backwards in studies

If a child deteriorates rapidly in studies and gets lower marks than normal or normal, then be careful now. There may be a disability in the study, laziness, inability to concentrate or some family reason. Even children may drop out of school due to fatigue or dissatisfaction. Instead of bullying or beating children in such situations, try to learn everything by talking to them.

Change friends

It’s better to make new friends. But children often leave old friends and start hanging out with new ones. In such a situation, parents should know who their child is hanging out with, how they are, and the reason for leaving old friends? There are many complexities that parents need to understand. Your child may also get involved in mischief due to coming out of any trouble or temptation. So keep an eye on their every move.

Changes in personality

Personality changes are very common during adolescence. However, it is very important to keep an eye on it. When too many restless children become calm or frustrated, they must understand that they are going through a difficult time. Maybe the child is hiding from you and doing something against your will, or a kid at school is bothering him. So talk calmly, try to understand their minds.

Clothing changes

A lot of kids try out different looks. But the way they dress now shows how they feel about themselves. For example, they always seem to be trying to hide something because they wear too-big clothes. They wore clothes with long sleeves to hide any marks. When you look at all of these things, it’s clear that they’re not happy with how they look.

In the age of social media, it is impossible to prohibit youngsters from using gadgets, but it may be regulated. If the gadget is in the children’s hands, they can access any site. What games do you currently play? Parents must pay close attention to this. Because it is difficult to determine which youngster joins the site and commits a crime, the site is inaccessible to children. No child’s concerns or mental sickness may be shrugged off. Even parents may have a mental disease that affects their offspring.

Parents have to work together to raise a child. In this situation, the mother has to take the most responsibility. Both parents must take care of the child. Everyone in the family must help the mother, whether she works or not.

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