New Eid-ul-Azha soundtrack

Theatres worldwide will showcase five exciting new films this Eid-ul-Azha, providing diverse entertainment options beyond the traditional big-screen experience. Streaming platforms will introduce new movies and TV shows to improve viewers’ viewing experiences.

Furthermore, the dynamic music scene is unveiling fresh releases, with the song “Uradhura” from the film “Toofan” drawing widespread acclaim and delighting audiences across the globe.

‘The Last Don’

Famous singer Asif Akbar has released a new music video titled “The Last Don.” He previously collaborated with Saikat Nasir on the 2017 track “Agun” music video. In this new video, Asif not only lends his voice but also portrays the role of a don. Asif conceived the plot of the song, which centres on a young man’s struggle against injustice. The musical film, directed by Javed Ahmed Kislu and written by Suhrid Sufian, made its debut on Asif Akbar’s YouTube channel on Eid afternoon.

Habib and Antara’s first duet

Antara Kotha and Habib Wahid have come together for their debut collaboration, presenting the melodious duet “Bhabini Kokhono.” Habib Wahid, a renowned musician, composed and arranged the music for this song, which features heartfelt lyrics penned by Suhrid Sufian. As of its release, the track is exclusively available on Habib Wahid’s official YouTube channel for fans to enjoy.

Mila’s ‘Tona Tuni’

Mila has made a comeback with her latest musical composition, “Tona Tuni,” after a significant period of absence. Mila is responsible for writing, composing, and arranging this record. The music video, directed by Ilazar Islam and distributed by G-Series, features Maruf Chowdhury Omi as a prominent artist.

Kona/Ayon’s ‘Jonmo Jonmo’

Ahmed Rizvi’s latest single, “Jonmo Jonmo,” features vocalists Kona and Ayon Chaklader. Saikat Reza directed the music video for this song, which Natai Music released. Notably, the video stars model Kajol. Ayon Chaklader and MMP Roni deserve recognition for their composition.

‘Premoboti’ by Fazlur Rahman Babu

“Premoboti” is the newest musical composition revealed by Fazlur Rahman Babu. Khairul Wasi is responsible for the music, while Minhaj Jewel is in charge of the arrangement. Soundtek’s YouTube channel will release the music video, which features Sumona Arfin and Sakin Ahmed under the direction of MH Rizvi.

‘Ei Duti Chokhe’ Porshi

Porshi’s latest track, “Ei Duti Chokhe,” composed by Jewel Morshed and written by Sudip Kumar, is out now on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Watch out for the upcoming Sohel Raj-directed music video on Porshi’s YouTube channel.

Liza’s ‘Purnima Chand’

We will release the film “Purnima Chand” on Eid. Raj Biswas Shankar directed it, while Film Venture produced it. Nakib Khan is responsible for composing the music, while Shoaib Ahmed is accountable for writing the lyrics. Fuad Naser Babu is in charge of the musical arrangement.

Samina and Bappa

Samina Chowdhury and Bappa Mazumder have joined forces to create the mesmerising duet “Rimjhim Rimjhim,” which features evocative lyrics penned by Asif Iqbal and beautiful music composed by the talented Kishore Das. The eagerly awaited music video, skillfully directed by the renowned Zakaria Hasan Munna, is set to be showcased on Ganchil Music’s official YouTube channel, promising to captivate audiences with its melodic charm and visual splendour.

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