Native bird of Bangladesh


Flowers, as well as the graceful flight of butterflies and birds, captivate us. The beauty and grace of birds capture our attention for more than just their physical appearance. The song of birds brings endless joy. Moreover, they play a significant role in maintaining the balance of our natural environment. Finding animals as lovely as vernal birds is quite a challenge anywhere else on the planet. Watching birds of various shapes, colours, and patterns soar in the clear blue sky with their wings spread wide is genuinely delightful.

Approximately 10,000 bird species inhabit various regions across the globe. The total number of different bird species is estimated to range from 20 to 40 thousand crores. Over 1200 bird species inhabit the Indian subcontinent. The data shows around 722 species have been documented in Bangladesh’s bird list.

Research indicates that over two hundred bird species have vanished in recent centuries, with approximately 1200 species currently at risk due to various factors. They could disappear from the planet at any point in the near or distant future.

Bangladesh is categorised into seven regions based on the presence of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. As an illustration, 1. The North-West Region includes the Rajshahi and Rangpur Divisions. 2. Located in the Northern Region within the Mymensingh Division. 3. Located in the North Eastern Region within the Sylhet Division. 4. Central Region: Greater Dhaka, Comilla, and Tangail Districts. 5. South-East Region: Greater Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts. The southern region includes Greater Noakhali District and Barisal Division. 7. Located in the southwestern region, this area includes Khulna Division and Greater Faridpur District.

Out of the 722 bird species on the list of birds in Bangladesh, around 340 are permanent residents. These birds remain in the country year-round, laying eggs and raising their young. Here are the native birds of this nation. Other species migrate, meaning they come to this country at a specific time of the year, stay for a while, and then return to their original habitat.

Among the 722 bird species listed in Bangladesh, approximately 340 are permanent residents. The birds stay in the country all year, laying eggs, caring for their offspring, and presenting the native birds of this nation. Various species migrate, arriving in this country during a particular season, residing for a period, and eventually returning to their native environment.

Our resident birds come in various sizes, weights, and colours, each with its own unique lifestyle, habitat, diet, and behaviour. Resident birds include marsh or beach birds, along with local and forest birds. These birds are not typically observed together or in consistent quantities, varying by location and season. Additionally, out of 93 tribes, no birds from 18 tribes are native to this country. Cranes, various species of teabirds, khwajas, ramthengi, warblers, rosefinch, and bunting are notable.

There are several beautiful resident bird species in this country, including the Red-headed Trogon, Paradise Flycatcher, Leafbird, Scarlet Minivet, Purple-rumped Sunbird, Neeltuni, Shwetakshi (Oriental White-eye), and Lal Munya (Red Avadavat). However, some individuals might need clarification about which is more aesthetically pleasing. Determining the most stunning bird in the animal kingdom is quite a challenge. Every bird is unique. Exquisite. Every bird could be seen as beautiful by someone. Anyone will never find a truly beautiful bird to be unattractive.

Regarding beauty, the male Nilatuni, or Durgatuntuni, stands out as the finest in the country. Even though the male peacock (now extinct) and Dudhraja are also incredibly stunning, Lal Munia is equally as beautiful.

Let’s discuss this country’s most significant and minor resident birds. Madantak (Lesser Adjutant Stork) is currently the biggest resident bird in this country, measuring 115–120 cm in height, 87–93 cm in length, and weighing 4.5 kg. The pale-billed flower pecker is the smallest bird, measuring just 8 cm in length and weighing a mere 6.3 grammes. The world’s most giant bird is the ostrich, measuring 275 cm in length and weighing 100–115 kg. In contrast, the smallest bird is the bee hummingbird, with a height of only 5–6 cm and a weight of 1.9–5.60 grammes.

The native birds in this country encompass a variety of habitats, such as rivers, swamps, beaches, forests, fields, grasslands, reeds, and thickets. Certain bird species are exclusively found in forest habitats, including the Red Jungle Fowl, Kalij Pheasant, Grey Peacock Pheasant, Hornbill, Black Baza, Oriental Dollarbird, and Madana. Tia (red-breasted parakeet), etc. How much more? Certain birds exclusively inhabit human habitations, like the House Sparrow, Tailor Bird, Common Myna, House Crow, and more.

Certain birds are exclusive to canals, rivers, and various water bodies. These include different species of ducks, herons, storks, black-headed ibises, and divers. Some birds exclusively inhabit the Sundarbans, including the Masked Finfoot, Mangrove Pitta, Ruddy Kingfisher, White-bellied Sea Eagle, and more.

Various birds can be observed in different environments like forests, localities, or mangrove forests, including different species of green pigeon, spotted dove, and dove.

Magpie Robin, Bulbul, Bluebird, Flowerpeckers, and more. Field or farm birds such as lapwings, Indian thick-knees, rollers, shrikes, drongos, larks, etc.

Grassland birds such as the Barred Buttonquail, Striated Grassbird, Munia, Zitting Cisticola, and Black-breasted Weaver can be found in these habitats. Bush birds, such as coucals and tuntuns, are found in the area. It’s important to note that different bird species are found in various locations and seasons, and their populations vary.

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