Lalakhal is the beauty land of Sylhet

A land with its own unique charm is Sylhet. For various reasons, Sylhet is the most popular destination among travellers. One of the many attractions that Sylhet offers, Lalakhal, may be found there. It takes 35 kilometres to get to the Jaipur Upazila from the city. In India, the region of Lalakhal may be found directly below that of Cherrapunji. This river begins in the Cherrapunji Hills and travels through Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal. Because of this, the location is ideal for getting an up-close and personal experience with nature.

The beauty of Lalakhal

Lalakhal has dense green forests on the hills, rivers, tea gardens, and many different kinds of trees. If you can go on a full moon, the Jyotsna Dhwa river will look like something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The Lalakhal River goes around many turns. Every corner is a beautiful sight. When you look at the mountains, it seems like each one was put there by a different person. Here, clouds gather on the hills. So you can get a better look at it. The clouds meet on the hill and stop there. It can sometimes get lost between two mountains where no one can see it.

The area of Lalakhal near Tamabil Road is called Sari Nadi. The most exciting thing about this canal is that the water is different colours. Different colours on different parts of the channel. Like blue, green, and pure water. You can go to Lalakhal by boat or speedboat on the river’s clear water. After 45 minutes, you will reach Lalakhal tea garden factory ghat. At this time, you will be amazed by the water of the river. What a beautiful blue, all the way down. Lalakhal is just below Cherrapunji in India. This Lalakhal is full of all the beauty of the night.

How to go:

It is located near Jaintapur Upazila of Sylhet District. There is no tourist accommodation in the Lalakhal area. And quite far from Sylhet city. There are no boats on the river in the evening, so the tour or sightseeing has to be completed by evening. It is best to travel by renting a boat. The pre-dawn moment around Lalakhal is even more unforgettable. To go to Lalakhal, from the front of Osmani Shishu Udyan (Shishu Park) on the south side of Dhopadidhi of Sylhet city, you have to take a microbus, Laguna or Jaflong bus to Alright. So 35 km road has to be passed. On the way back from here, you can return to Sylhet city by bus or any vehicle of your choice, including Tempus.

Within easy driving distance of Sylhet District’s Jaintapur Upazila. Travellers should not expect to find any places to stay in the Lalakhal region. And a considerable distance from Sylhet itself. Because no boats are operating on the river after dark, any sightseeing activities must end at that time. Renting a boat is a great way to see the world. Lalakhal’s early morning is extraordinary because it occurs before dawn. From Sylhet City’s Osmani Shishu Udyan (Shishu Park), located on the south side of Dhopadidhi, you can catch a microbus, Laguna, or Jaflong bus to Sarighat and continue to Lalakhal. So, you’ll have to travel about 35 kilometres. You can catch a bus from here or ride Tempus back to Sylhet city.

Good time to visit Lalakhal The season of winter is ideal for a trip to Lalakhal. During the winter months, the lake will have a stunning blue colour. If this is the case, there will be no monsoon flow. Therefore, the water is still transparent. It appears as though one can see through to the bottom of the river from higher above. It’s hard for me to imagine the water is so transparent. During the monsoon season, the colour of the water fades. During the winter, you will have the opportunity to watch many different species of winter birds.

where will you stay

You may spend the night on the banks of Lalakhal if you so choose. Northern Resort is the resort’s own transportation system.

Another accommodation system is Nazimgarh Resorts, located in Khadimnagar, close to Lalakhal. Better to contact in advance. Otherwise, the room may not be available in the resort. There are three types of accommodation at Nazimgarh Resort. There are huge terraces, small bungalows and big villas. Each one has different fares but is on par with a five-star hotel in terms of modern amenities. There are spas and pools where you can relax your body.

Most importantly, each establishment is located on the edge of a wooded hill. Sitting on the balcony of a villa, terrace or bungalow, you can feel the touch of greenery just by raising your hand. The cost of staying in Nazimgarh will seem slightly higher than the usual hotel cottage. The cheapest ‘Premier’ room for one night will cost about 7 thousand takas, and the presidential suite will cost about 15 thousand takas. A maximum of 3 people can stay in one room, but children below 8 years are free of charge. You will get breakfast for two in this fare.

Alternatively, you can stay the night in the city of Sylhet and explore Lalakhal in a single day. The afternoon excursion may also be coupled with either Bichnakandi or Jaflong. Since Sylhet is relatively remote from the city, no boats are on the river at night. Thus, travel or wandering should be concluded by nightfall. Renting a boat is the finest way to go.


From Sylhet city, only for Lalakhal, the micro rent will be between 2000 to 3000 taka. The fare will be between 1500 to 2000 taka if you take a car. Suppose the whole day plans to leave Sylhet early in the morning. You can also go to Sarighat by bus or Laguna for 40 to 60 taka. There, the rent of an engine-powered boat is from 800 to 1,500 taka; if you want to go by speedboat, the rent can be from 1,500 to 2,000 taka. The boat seats at least 15 to 20 people, and the fare is the same.

Be careful

Avoiding mishaps is essential for the uninterrupted enjoyment of any trip. Extra caution is required when going to Lalakhal, surrounded by strange blue water and dense forest. Take care when going down in the water. What is the depth of the water? A guide or accompanying person can be consulted if needed. And in the case of minor children, take extra precautions! It is better not to put them in the water before or after the evening. According to the locals, many children have to be speech-impaired. Sometimes various diseases also occur as a result of not taking precautions. It may not always be safe to cross secluded areas by the river in the evening. Be careful about this.

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