Gamsa (weaving towel) in Fashion

Fashion is ever-changing and diverse. As a result, new dimensions are constantly being added to Fashion. And the unique addition to this dimension is the Gamsa ( Weaving towel). There was a time when Gamsa ( Weaving towels) were used only for wiping the body. But nowadays, sarees, salwar-kameez, veils, tops, skirts, fatuas, Punjabis, etc., are being made from Gamsa ( Weaving towels)s. Bengali tradition emerges in these clothes. Match Bengali weaving industry.

Many designers create fusion by adding Gamsa ( Weaving towel) fabric with different fabric types. Gamsa ( Weaving towels)s have also added a new dimension to boys’ Fashion. Panjabi, shirts, fatwa and various clothes, including pants, are being made. Not just in clothes; Gamsa ( Weaving towels)s are also used in jewellery, home decor, purses and sandals. These things made of Gamsa ( Weaving towels)s are very popular among fashionistas nowadays.

The man who contributed the most to bringing the Gamsa ( Weaving towel) to the international fashion world; is fashion designer Bibi Russell. This man brought this tradition of Bengal to the world anew. In 1974, he went to London to study fashion design. Courtesy of Bibi Russell, our native industry has long since made its place in the international fashion arena.

Gamcha clothing provides comfort in summer or winter. The fabric is comfortable and thin so you can wear it anywhere all day long. Gamcha dresses have a variety of dresses in a mix of different cuts and patterns.

Nowadays, many young fashion designers are working with traditional Gamsa ( Weaving towel) fabric. Gamsa ( Weaving towel) fabrics and patterns have created a separate fashion world. Gamsa ( Weaving towel)s have also taken place in the Fashion of teenagers and middle-aged people. Now a wide variety of combinations are seen in the color of Gamsa ( Weaving towel). Gaumcha cloth dresses are very eye-catching due to their bright colors. Keeping the characteristics of traditional Gamsa ( Weaving towel)s of Pabna and Sirajganj intact, contemporary clothes are being made. The most eye-catching aspect of the Gamsa ( Weaving towel) is the bright colors and eye-catching checks. The beauty of the Gamsa ( Weaving towel) is striking because of the colors and checks. There are small, big, long, and crosswise checks like Gamsa ( Weaving towel) and different colors. Sometimes white with red, blue with pink, red with yellow. Sometimes the rainbow is painted in seven colors.

This garment is very comfortable during the hot season as the Gamsa ( Weaving towel) fabric is thin and soft. So, starting from daily activities in summer, Gamsa ( Weaving towel) clothes and jewellery are suitable for different festival clothes. To make a difference in the combination of tradition and modern Fashion, you can keep Gamsa ( Weaving towel) cloth clothes in the list of favourites in different festivals of Bengaliana. Gamsa ( Weaving towel) fabric is in high demand in summer. Apart from the simple weave, the fabric has various motifs and regional touches.

 Gamsa ( Weaving towel) are made keeping in mind the current generation. Various garments like shawl jackets, shrugs, tunics, short tops, and long tops are being made. Gamsa ( Weaving towel) scarves are also popular in summer.

Gamsa saree

Go for Gamsa ( Weaving towel) check saree now. At the same time, the fusion sarees made with a combination of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) and other fabrics have gained popularity. It includes block and screen print work. Again you can wear Gamsa ( Weaving towel) check blouse in contrast with any block color cotton or khadi saree. You can make a blouse with a saree and a Gamsa ( Weaving towel) to your heart’s desire. It will go well with sarees.

The use of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) is now not limited to domestic clothing. Western-style clothes are also made from Gamsa ( Weaving towel). A patchwork of Gamsa ( Weaving towel)s is used in this type of clothing. The combination of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) with other fabrics enhances the beauty of the garment in many ways. Which includes gowns, waistcoats, jackets, shrugs, tunics, skirt tops, short tops, and long tops.

There are various clothes for boys, including Punjabi, Fatwa, Pants, Shirts, and Blazers. Pair these dresses to present yourself differently and carry the native culture and tradition. Not just clothes. Many things made of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) are now available. It can be jewellery or everyday accessories like bags. The use of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) can also be seen in furniture.

Today, Gamsa ( Weaving towel) are not limited to clothing. A variety of exciting jewellery is made from Gamsa ( Weaving towel). Many things are available, from bangles to necklaces, earrings, and rings. Jute, cord, cloth, yarn etc., are used in these ornaments along with Gamsa ( Weaving towel). This jewellery made of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) can bring sophistication and innovation to your decor.

Today, along with Fashion, the use of Gamsa ( Weaving towel) is not far behind in home furnishings. Bedcovers, pillows, cushion covers, curtains, runners, placemats, sofa covers, floor mats, etc., are now being made from Gamsa ( Weaving towel)s. They add a unique dimension to the home decor due to the weaving style and colourful colours. Survival of our indigenous industry has become difficult in modern times. As a result, native traditions and culture are under threat. We should come forward to protect our country, tradition and culture. Using local clothes and local products as much as possible.

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