Farmers’ families smile after haor paddy harvest


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The farmers successfully gathered the harvest before the rain and flooding arrived. Under intense heat and sunlight, the Boro season has nearly completed its harvest.

The aroma of freshly harvested crops and the peaceful expression of satisfaction on farmers’ faces accompany Haor Baisakh. The storm has once again subsided, and the morning air is now filled with the aroma of golden rice. The rice is mature, and with renewed optimism, the farmers have harvested the paddy in the new year.

The current paddy harvest has yielded satisfactory results. If the Haorar harvest proceeds without any obstacles, it will produce rice worth Rs. 4,110 crore in Sunamganj.

The Haor in Sunamganj hosts a unique event throughout the month of Boishakh, celebrating the culmination of the farmers’ hard work in harvesting the valuable rice crop. Every member of the farmer’s family, regardless of age or gender, participates in this festival. Even students from schools, colleges, and universities who are not from the village hurry to assist other family members. The entire family’s sustenance for a year, including all costs related to food, marriage, and children’s education, depends solely on cultivating this paddy. The farmers of Haorpar achieve affluence solely through the cultivation of this particular variety of rice. If the paddy fails to meet the goal, the area becomes inundated with distress. In a rural family, hardships are boundless.

“They are not always able to protect their rice fields. They still remember the devastating 2017 Haor disaster, when they had to leave without any belongings. However, last year they were able to successfully grow rice without any problems, despite at least 20 hectares of crops failing. There is a risk of heavy rain in Sunamganj and Cherrapunji, which are located upstream. This can cause early flooding due to the steep hills. The intense rain and steep hills can cause dams intended to protect crops to break or overflow, submerging the fields.

Once again, heavy rains at the end of March and the beginning of April caused widespread panic.

The excessive rain flooded many rice fields temporarily, affecting local farmers. However, the absence of rain in the past few days has brought some relief.”

During the peak of haor paddy harvesting, labourers from all over the country migrated to take part. However, this practice has significantly decreased in recent times. There is a need to involve local workers in the process. As a result, we rely on local rice harvesters. However, when water is present in the machine while cutting the paddy, a problem arises.

Farming households exclusively reserve the entire Baisakh haor for themselves. These households carry out all tasks, including harvesting, threshing, and drying, smoothly and without issue. The production of the ‘Khala’ takes place at a high altitude in the lofty location of Haor. Many people have built temporary homes in Haorpara and resettled there with their families. We appropriately refer to them as “Jirati.”

Sunamganj has farmed a total of 137 small and large boro paddy fields, according to data provided by the district agricultural department. This time, the district has planted Boro paddy on a total of 223,407 hectares of land. The rice production target is approximately 1,370,200 metric tons. The district has a total of 850 combined harvesters specifically designed for paddy harvesting and threshing. Automated machinery will be responsible for harvesting 55 percent of the land, while human workers will be responsible for harvesting the remaining 45 percent.

The farmers achieved the anticipated crop production. We expect the Boro crop this year to surpass the set target.

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