Eid-ul-Azha makeover & outfit

There is a significant difference between the preparations for Eid al-Fitr and those for Eid al-Adha. This is mainly because, on Qurbani Eid, everyone is busy cutting, separating, preserving, preparing, and entertaining guests from the morning until virtually the afternoon.

The makeup and clothes you wear on Eid morning should be as comfortable and familiar as possible. Because it is currently hot, the rainy season has returned. It could likely rain at this time, but it is also possible that it will be a bright and sunny day.

Therefore, for this Eid, one had to exercise extreme caution about garments and attire. Make sure your Eid attire is appropriate for the weather and conditions.

morning outfit

On Eid morning, take a bath and dress in loose-fitting light-colored garments. The kaftan and salwar kameez combination might be the most appropriate option in this scenario.

It’s normal to sweat in the heat, so use some ice on your face before applying makeup. This will prevent excessive sweating and ensure the makeup remains intact for an extended period.

Next, apply moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer to the face. Use BB or CC cream in the morning to get a natural look. Do not use any heavy foundation at this time.

Now use loose powder. Draw eyebrows lightly. Instead of putting kajal on the eyes, use eyeliner for morning makeup. Apply the mask gently.

A small tip on the forehead will make you look great. And wear light-coloured lipstick. Avoid leaving your hair messy in the morning, and tie it neatly as you wish.

Afternoon outfit

On Eid al-Adha, everyone is busy with various activities from morning to afternoon. However, after finishing all the work, many people plan to go out in the afternoon.

Many times, relatives and friends come to visit in the afternoon. In that case, the evening dress should have a soft glow.

Wear comfortable clothes if you are staying at home. Wear a new salwar kameez. You can also wear a saree if you want. If you are going out, you can opt for slightly heavier clothing.

At this time, dress in accordance with the clothing. You can use full-coverage foundation with bright eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, and dark lipstick as desired. But definitely don’t overdress.

It can rain at times, so use waterproof makeup when going to Boer. This will ensure that the makeup remains intact even if it becomes wet in the rain.

Night dress

During Eid night, many people attend various gatherings or make preparations for unique celebrations. When choosing your evening attire, feel free to wear bright and slightly elegant clothing. There’s no harm in dressing up brightly for the occasion.

When it comes to makeup, avoid going overboard. Start with your eyes and eyebrows, then use highlighter, blush, contouring, and the lipstick of your choice, such as dark red or pink.

If you have long hair, consider styling it in ponytails or braids. You can also accessorise with headbands.

Choose jewellery that complements your outfit. Lighter jewelry works well with elaborate ensembles, but you can also accessorize plain clothing with jewelry, chori, and other accessories of your choice.

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