Changing the Way, You Think

The quality of our lives is determined by the character of our thoughts, which can be sad, happy, or contented. Comfortable, optimistic, and positive people have a zing in their bodies, making their blood flow freely and their hearts beat joyfully.

While shifting one’s perspective is not easy, having an open and optimistic mindset is a game-changer. They invigorate our steps and motivate us to act. Any individual’s decisions regarding their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are inspired by their progress.

Changing the Way, You Think
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Even something as basic as shifting his perspective can significantly impact his life. Let us recall the age-old adage that the mind—thoughts—can move mountains. Pessimistic, sorrowful, and gloomy ideas, on the other hand, produce lethargy and keep us confined to our beds. So, what happens when someone changes their thinking? Our behaviours are tangible representations of our thoughts.

Thus, to achieve happiness and fulfilment in our lives, we must modify how we think. One of the advantages of our brain is that it readily accepts any modifications in the thinking patterns that we make.

Changing the way, we think about things is one of the simplest methods to relieve tension and improve our self-confidence. A positive attitude enables a person to make positive changes in their lives because it demonstrates that they are aware of their surroundings and confident in their ability to take advantage of them. However, if we wallow in negative thoughts and allow our surroundings to make us sad or depressed, we may never find the motivation to pursue our dreams.

Shifted from “What’s Wrong?”  to “What’s Right?”

Looking at a scenario and recognizing the negative features, or the “What’s Wrong” side, is one of the first things that might damage a positive attitude. Because the major objective of appreciative inquiry is to be positive and goal-oriented, a gloomy outlook will not get you very far. When faced with a difficulty, take a few minutes to consider both sides of the issue. Before going over the wrong parts of the scenario, make a mental list of all that is good about it. When we focus on the positive aspects first, we’ll see that it’s not as horrible as we imagine.

  • We should avoid “all or nothing” thinking while deciding a situation — there are only two sides to a situation.
  • We have to recognize the distinction between being correct and being pleased.
  • We have to avoid overgeneralizing a problem; instead, concentrate on the specifics.

Positive words can change people’s mindset:         

Since childhood, we’ve been taught that positive language has a more significant impact than negative language. We usually find ourselves correct when we tell ourselves, “I can’t do that” or “I’ll never finish this.” However, when we use more positive and persuasive statements and language, we feel better, more self-assured and prepared to deal with any scenario. Positive phrases aid positive thinking. 

So, it is important to increase vocabulary with phrases like “I can…” and “I’m fantastic!”   & We shouldn’t be afraid to spread positivity. We should not hesitate to tell others about it and encourage them to think positively. Therefore, we should use Positive language usage. 

  • We can avoid negative words like “can’t” and “won’t.”
  • We need to boost our confidence and remind ourselves of our capabilities.
  • We have to Compliment ourselves like – “Way to go” and “Way to go.”

It’s Not Eliminating Mistakes, It’s Impeding Success 

A common misconception is that being positive or progressive means not making mistakes or flaws. Of course, this is not the case. Errors happen all the time, and while they can be avoided in some cases, they cannot be avoided entirely. The idea is to learn from your failures and focus on your subsequent triumphs. When a youngster falls from their bike before learning to ride one, we ignore how many times they lose, but we rejoice when they walk alone on the sidewalk. Being positive does not imply eradicating faults or issues; instead, it means learning to focus on the outcomes. When we focus on the positive, our success breeds more success.

Ride the crest of the wave

Thoughts are simply a collection of ideas generated by our brain. They are devoid of emotion and have no inherent meaning. We created them, giving them significance by how you understand and respond to them. Some thoughts are as strong as ocean waves, while others are as faint. We have to teach ourselves to comprehend that our thoughts are independent of who we are and allow them to come and go as they choose. 

We should not try to hold on to unhelpful thoughts and fight them; they’ll drown us. So, the next time a giant notion comes crashing at us, don’t let it draw us out to sea. Instead, “surf the wave. “Not only will the view be excellent, but it may also assist anyone in seeing the overall picture.”

Take a step back and look at the issue from the outside

By looking at the scenario from the outside, one may remove himself from the situation. This will allow him to see what’s going on from various perspectives. He can also inquire of himself, “What would I think if I were in the same situation as someone else? What would I say to them if I were in their shoes?” Looking in from the outside can sometimes help anyone put some distance between the situation and his emotions while also assisting him in finding the best potential solution.

Sift through the dirt to locate the gold

We have to challenge ourselves to see beyond the doom and gloom to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Just like a gold miner, we may have to sift through a lot of dirt to get that priceless small nugget. Don’t let negative ideas cause us to miss out on a great opportunity.

When we start to feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, attempt to reframe the situation, we have to look at that from a different perspective. We’ll most likely find ourselves in a better psychological state if we do. Reframing is a technique that can completely alter the way we think.

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