Divorce rate rose in the city

Rokeya and Afzal (both pseudonyms) went to school together. They also shared romantic feelings for one another. The ultimate goal was to pass the BCS exam, land a secure government position, and start a family. Jobs for Rocare Administration Trainees at BCS. But Afzal was unable to find work.

Nonetheless, Rokey pushed for the couple to tie the knot, and they did so. Rokeya stood by his partner and family, bearing the weight alone through tough times. After that, Afzal sat in BCS once more. He also joined the police force’s ranks. However, Rokey’s fortunes are red hot at the moment. Afzal has decided he can’t continue to share a house with her. When both parties agree, it’s the end of a relationship. There are numerous broken-up loving families, like Rokeya and Afzal’s.

Victims and concerned parties believe that the proportion of women in the workforce has increased since the past. This is because women place self-respect above sociality and humiliation in public. Therefore, they are opting for separation rather than conflict within the family.

It is common knowledge that Dhaka’s divorce rate has increased alarmingly over the past decade. In this instance, more educated, independent women are filing for divorce. More women than men are filing for divorce in Dhaka North City Corporation and the Dhaka South City Corporation. According to the survey results, 70.85% of women and only 29.15% of males are filing for divorce. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Bangladesh’s divorce rate in 2006 was 6.6 per thousand. This rate has currently increased to 1.5 individuals. Among those who have completed high school, 1.7% of petitioners for divorce are high school graduates. And this rate is 0.5 per thousand among the uneducated.

According to the Shalisi Parishad’s annual report, wives filed for divorce in the capital 66.16 per cent over the past five years, while husbands filed for divorce 33.84 per cent of the time. Dhaka South City Corporation reports that as of the end of June, 198 divorce petitions had been filed. Women accounted for 142% of the notices. A study by North City Corporation found that women experience a considerably greater divorce rate than men. Because of advancements in their careers, shifting socio-economic standing, and rising social prestige, they are more self-aware than ever before. As a result, women today are less likely to make concessions out of fear of social disgrace. Instead, they seek separation to forestall conflict.

Divorce rates have increased in the last decade because of problems—Professor of Sociology at Dhaka University. However, there are situations in which separation is not only necessary but desirable for the well-being of the kid and the prevention of crimes like murder. According to Zeenat Huda, women’s economic empowerment means they can now contribute to household income. Therefore, many women today place a higher value on their careers than on their relationships. And women are increasingly opting to divorce due to psychological shifts and financial independence.

Now let’s come to why the divorce of educated girls is increasing. A learned woman has higher self-esteem than an uneducated woman and is more willing to participate in family decision-making. She wants his opinion to be heard and accepted in various cases.

But men with all the authority in the family and society undermine that right. He cannot accept his disagreement with his wife as usual. Then there is chaos in the family.

Men don’t want to give importance to educated women’s desire to give their opinion and increase their self-esteem in many cases. Uneducated women consider their husbands as gods.

  Educated women want husbands as friends. A friend accepts another friend’s opinion. Take decisions jointly. Let her husband do the same.

This is what educated women desire to understand their rights. In a family where the free opinion of a learned woman is respected, no spouse has the power to break up the household. Instead, the structure of this family’s married existence is more robust.

Observe one object. Historically, females received no formal education. A boy from the same family has completed his Master’s degree, but it is uncertain whether the daughter has completed her SSC. People have evolved to recognise the significance of education over time. The institution educates both males and girls.

There is a disparity between lower-class boys and girls in getting an education. But upper- or middle-class families do not discriminate much between boys and girls. On the contrary, parents try hard to educate their talented children.

Now is the time for girls to fight for self-reliance. Now girls don’t have to say anything to get an education. Educated girls marry after understanding the importance of education. But a son usually does not want his wife to work or do business. Let him become independent. They want the wife to be busy with her family and children only. So God created the division of labour between men and women. Although there is no religious restriction on women earning money if needed.

But because of money income, most men’s injustice dominates. It is challenging to accept educated women. Since men have all the authority only to earn money, they are also becoming interested in earning money.

In our society, brothers desire their sister’s labour. As if her husband had wronged her, she can exist independently. However, this brother wants to keep his wife from delivering. Because she will want to participate in decision-making if she works, several instances cannot be approved. Even if employed, no one wishes to grant the ability to participate in decision-making. Does not recognise their wife’s viewpoint.

So we can say that educated men and women are responsible for avoiding divorce. Man’s responsibility is to treat women as independent beings. She was ensuring his participation in decision-making. Not expecting his wife to always accept her husband’s sole dominance and decisions like her own mother lived her life.

Participate in joint decision-making. Easy acceptance of disagreements with one another. On the other hand, the responsibility of women is not to go on the path of selfishness because of earning money. Tactfully encourage the husband to take joint decisions. We participate in decision-making and provide feedback by analysing men’s mental states.

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