Visit Sylhet Utmashara

Happy Eid has come. Thinking of spending the Eid holidays with family and friends? Go to Sylhet. Leave the mechanical noise of bricks and stones and get lost in the murmur of water fountains. The natural beauty of Sylhet tourism is at your fingertips.

 Jaflong, known as the queen of Sylhet’s natural forms, Bedikandi of clear water touching the rocks, Panthumai waterfall known as ‘Mini Niagara’ playing on the chest of the hill, Swamp Forest Ratargul. It doesn’t feel good, either..? Step on the green carpet of the cool carpet tea garden.

Walking along the narrow paths of the high and low mountains and the foot of the hills will fill anyone’s heart. Or, Lalakhal, famous for the Nile River, or Hakaluki, nicknamed Mini Cox’s Bazar, will stir your mind. And these are only in Sylhet. So, yes, Sylhet tourism is calling you.

Rows of mountains. A layer of dark sandstone on the mountain’s chest. The chest of the mountain is cracking cool, clear water. Stones scattered everywhere. Shades of blue in the sky. This description matches going with one of Sylhet’s most attractive tourist centres, Bichnakandi! but no.

It is not a description of Bichnakkandi! This is the description of Utmachara. That place is new to Sylhet Called ‘Bichanakandi’, It is a field of the immense beauty of nature Utmachara in North Ranikhai Union of Companiganj Upazila of Sylhet, whose location The hypnotizing beauty has adorned the beauty of youth. mechanical

There is no alternative to Utmachara for the companionship of a secluded forest free from noise. There is water, and birds chirping. There is no way not to be impressed!

Utmachara from Sylhet

To go directly to CNG autorickshaw from Ambarkhana point in Sylhet city. It will be 30 kilometres away in Dayarbazar. This is because the condition of the road is not so good. The amount is 150-180 taka per person if you multiply the amount to cross the road. From Dayarbazar. Again we have to go to Chararbazar, which is eight kilometres away by CNG autorickshaw. For this, the fare will be 25-30 taka per person. About 10 minutes from Chararbazar.

You will get a glimpse of Utmachara. Or walk from Bichanaktandi along the border to Utmachara. You can go It will take one hour.

Where will you stay

You don’t have to worry about staying because it doesn’t take time to come and go. There are many hotels to stay in Sylhet, depending on your needs and abilities. According to any type of hotel can. Some of the famous hotels are – Hotel Hill. Town, Gulshan, Dargah Gate, Surma, Kaykobad etc. Less in Lala Brazzar area. There are many quality rest houses on rent. Hotel Anurag – A single room is 600 taka (two people can stay comfortably), and three bedrooms are 700 takas (normally four people can stay). Various quality residential hotels on Darga Road for overnight stay

Room rent is from Tk 500/- to Tk 5000/-.

Where to eat

Eating There are three good eating hotels in Sylhet’s Zindabazar. the hotel. They are Peach Bhai, Panshi and Palki. They have about 29 types of fillings.

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To be updated with all the latest news, offers and special announcements.