Language of youth

Language has a rhythm. Language is ever-changing. Evidently, the younger generation plays a significant role in language evolution. It’s astonishing how young people or teenagers suddenly use a flurry of new words! The inclusion of the term ‘Ajib’ in young people’s everyday lives is a result of Khudebarta’s influence. Words were often abbreviated and shortened to write SMS messages. These words have become widely used. Many new words are making their way into the vocabulary of young people, often originating from popular films or viral trends on social media.

Many young people strongly object to this unfamiliar term, while the previous generation may not share the same sentiment. This generation has undergone a significant shift in its logic. There has been a great deal of debate. In the language of young people, we must say, ‘Relax, dude’. The English word chill refers to a rather unpleasant sensation. In the dictionary of youth, this word means to become less severe or to relax. On the campus, one can hear a multitude of words in the lively conversations of the youth.

Now, let’s examine a few words. Ajib-Ajab Kul: This means odd but is used to refer to something remarkable. Everyone in this generation, from friends to tong shop owners, has taken on the role of a caring figure. Ask Again: Is it to inquire once more or provide consent?

Leaving implies a lack of concern or agreement. A thing refers to something remarkable. Rox: Excellent, superb. Assam’s is truly exceptional. Indifferent to the absence of bail. Please refrain from continuing with that, sarcastically asking to stop. Mashrafe bin Mortuza, the national cricket team captain, is widely admired. This is what happened—what a remarkable occurrence! What are you doing, Yorkie? Lose the fun.

A Facebook meme has gained widespread popularity thanks to a page—great Amare Myrala: A profound sense of astonishment. Impeccably disconcerting—to convey something remarkable.

Chill Spot is a place for carefree young people to hang out. Hey there! How’s everything in the world of news? It’s amusing how some people can be so unpredictable and eccentric in their thinking. The play will be meant to provoke a sarcastic or contemptuous reaction. Crash: falling in love with someone. Uradhura signifies a disorganised shuffle.

Purai Tashki—a captivating tale from the heavens! Take your time, Nai. There’s no need to hurry. Language distortion or language dynamics? Is Bengal losing its regal status? Language is often compared to a flowing stream by linguists. Certain words and elements may be lost in the stream, while others will endure. There is no paragraph. Only time will reveal the fate of the generational dictionary.

What are the thoughts of the younger generation? Syed Manzoor Morshed, a science writer, said language, like life itself, undergoes transformation and evolution as time progresses. A language that remains stagnant is a language that has lost its vitality. An illustration of this can be seen in the Sadhu language.

Grammar and rules alone cannot fully encapsulate the essence of a language. However, in the current era of globalisation, the pace of language change is more significant than ever before. Social media and FM radio play a substantial role in this phenomenon. As university students, we have started incorporating a blend of Bengali, English, and Hindi words into our language.

There are countless examples of expressing my admiration for a song by calling it excellent or addressing my brother or friend as “bro.” As always, this change cannot be imposed. It’s important to acknowledge that languages and people are constantly evolving. As human depth diminishes, the significance of words also diminishes.

It’s important to reflect on whether this shift in language reflects a significant transformation within ourselves. Mumu Ahmed was a student at Jahangirnagar University when I was in the third grade. A relative is asking her 2-year-old son if he wants some chicken. How about having some fish for a meal? It was a bit uncomfortable. In this era of intense competition, children are expected to learn English alongside their regular studies. These young individuals are the future, destined to carry the torch of language.

The beauty of language is its fluidity. Attempting to exert control over it is pointless. An interesting example is the previous century’s clash between saints and vernaculars. Ultimately, the language should be effortless to speak, write, and comprehend. When attempting to convey a message to a less experienced colleague, I found myself using English words without providing any Bengali translations. Interestingly, Bengali has incorporated certain foreign words to facilitate speaking English from Bengali.

For instance, could I have effectively conveyed the original meaning using words like junior, younger, or lower without explicitly stating it in the previous sentence? However, the situation prevents rural students from learning Bengali, leading to unfortunate language loss in the ongoing struggle for caste upliftment among urban students.

Striking a balance is crucial right now. “Strange.” “Let everything be.” Young people need to remember that ‘Ajab’ is a pure language and should strive to speak it without incorporating too many English words.

It’s important to acknowledge that crying is a natural response, but it’s equally important to recognise that it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. It is essential to preserve Bengal’s inherent beauty without sacrificing the integrity of the language in an attempt to appear overly modern.

There is more to consider than just the Bengali language! English is rich with a variety of regional words. The term is used to uphold the language’s fluidity or stay current with the times. We have also introduced numerous words in Bengali. The language used is sometimes acceptable, but it becomes excessive. The Bengali language is losing its prestige.

The loss of the royalty of the language is genuinely heartbreaking, considering the immense sacrifices made to preserve it. Maintaining the fluidity of language is crucial to ensuring clarity and accuracy.

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