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Dinajpur district, located in the Rangpur division, has long been a custodian of North Bengal’s history and culture. The Punarbhaba River serves as the main waterway in the Sadar Upazila, located 413 miles north of the city. Rangpur and Nilphamari are located east of the district. West Bengal in India forms the district’s boundaries, along with Thakurgaon and Panchagarh in the north, and Jaipurhat and Gaibandha districts in the south. The city of Dinajpur, founded in 1786, provides insight into the area’s physical location and serves as an entry point to the region’s history. Each brick and wall in the city has a distinct hue, conveying a narrative of historical events and providing an introduction to the forebears of the town’s current residents.

Ramsagar Dighi

The largest dam in Bangladesh is the reservoir, commonly known as Ramsagar. Before the Palashi revolt, King Ramnath built it to meet the state’s water needs. Over time, the lake acquired the name of the monarch who had governed it. According to the Dinajpur Tourism Department, it is presently under their control.

Spending a leisurely day walking around this lake, which has a depth of ten metres and a surface area of around 437,492 square metres, is a wonderful way to enjoy your time. Swimming is also an option at this location. During the Purnima festival, Ramsagar is a popular camping site.

To reach Ramsagar National Park from the city centre, you can hire an autorickshaw, which takes thirty to forty minutes to complete the journey.

Kantji temple

The Navratna Mandir, an internationally acclaimed building created in Bangladesh around the 18th century, is located in Kantnagar alongside the Dhepa River. Maharaja Prananath Ray initiated the temple’s construction, as stated in the temple’s inscription. After his father’s passing in 1722, Maharaja Ramnath Roy completed the construction in 1752.

Originally, the temple’s height was seventy feet. However, an earthquake in 1897 caused a vertical displacement of fifty feet. The external walls of the temple house contain around 15,000 square clay tablets depicting legendary narratives such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Visitors can take an autorickshaw from the city to reach the Kantji temple.

How to go from Dhaka to Dinajpur

You can access Dinajpur buses from various locations in Dhaka, including the Uttara and Gabtali routes. In these places, the rent ranges from 500 to 900 taka.

If you prefer to travel by train, you can purchase tickets from Kamalapur at 7:40 PM or 9:50 AM. The seat’s cost can range from 185 to 897 Tk, depending on its type.

where will you stay

Tourist motels in Dinajpur are known for their exceptional quality. Additionally, you can make reservations at the motel by visiting the main tourism office. The Dinajpur Tourism Motel charges 1600 taka for the AC double bedroom, and 2000 taka for the AC double bed deluxe room. There are also many conventional hotels in Dinajpur offering overnight accommodations, with costs varying from 100 to 1200 taka. For example, Hotel Diamond in Maldah Patti, Hotel Al in Nimtala, Hotel Navin, Hotel Rehana, and New Hotel are some of the conventional hotels available.

Additionally, you have the option of staying in centrally located bungalows scattered across Ramsagar. To stay in this place, you need to obtain authorization from the local forest department. The construction consists of three communal spaces and a single air-conditioned room, which is limited to one level. Standard rooms rent for 500 taka per night, while air-conditioned rooms cost 1000 taka per night. Guests are responsible for their own meals. If you choose to stay here, you will have the chance to enjoy a beautiful evening along the shores of Ramsagar Dighi.

where to eat

The five-star Dilshad Hotel in Dinajpur offers amenities such as beef roast, kathi kebab, and Dilshad Restaurant.

The grass snake is edible. The Abul Hotel in the Pulahat Bisik area offers various options, including rice, pork, and chicken.

To complete the diet, incorporate vegetables, beans, and meat into your meals.

Visiting any of the tourist attractions in the Dinajpur area can be an exceptionally unforgettable experience in one’s lifetime. However, every unexpected accident can instantly ruin that enjoyment. Hence, take utmost vigilance during your travels. Ensuring proper luggage maintenance is crucial for facilitating ease of transportation, particularly in winter, after selecting suitable clothing and footwear for the trip. It is crucial to store food that is uncontaminated with water. When sampling the local cuisine, it is crucial to exhibit prudence. If one’s health is not in fantastic condition, it may be imperative to prematurely terminate the vacation. It is advisable to possess a first-aid kit that includes potable water and essential medications to handle any emergency.

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